How to Buy Nancy Drew #34 – Mystery of the Seven Keys!

Dobrý den! We’re ticking away the minutes until we release Nancy’s 34th case, Mystery of the Seven Keys! Nancy invites YOU to Prague, this Tuesday, to join her for the latest mystery featuring history, legends, alchemy, thrills, and more! Here’s how you can buy the game when the time comes.

Tuesday morning any time after 9:34am PST, we’ll update the product page here with the Buy Now buttons, just like on the other game pages. You can choose to add the digital Windows or Mac version to your cart, or both.


Check Your Specs

Make sure to check your computer specs against the minimum and recommended requirements listed on the page. There are different details for both Mac and Windows devices.

If you haven’t already, be sure to watch the Specs and Settings video we released to brush up more on what to expect!

Roo and I take you through some of the settings! Be sure to email with issues!


When you click the Windows or Mac button on the product page, it will automatically take you to the Shopping Cart. You will see Mystery of the Seven Keys listed plus the complimentary strategy guide. Both the game and the strategy guide will be digital downloads.

If you already have a login on our website with Digital River, you’ll be directed to log in. You can create a new account with Digital River on the cart page, or you can check out as a guest. Our secure checkout will require some account info so your download can be delivered, as well as payment and billing information.

Gifting a game: You can also mark a box to automatically email the download to a friend or family member and send it as a gift.



After you purchase, you can immediately access your downloads! Click the yellow “Begin Download” button, then run the download manager and installer. Click “Launch” to run the installer. While you’re waiting, grab your favorite snack, boost your volume, and get ready for another new mystery with Nancy!

Save It

After the game is downloaded, be sure to save your game as Digital River only holds your download on their servers for 30 days. So make sure you save your files onto a physical drive (e.g. external hard drive, USB drive, burned to a disk) or through a cloud-based online drive service. This way, you can access your digital copy through the years.


Engage Online

While you play, be sure to engage with the community online. Many people will be playing, hosting livestreams, reaching out for help, and using the message boards! We’ll have a spoiler-conscious conversation thread for comments and questions on our community Discord channel. But be aware, some other streams out there won’t be spoiler-free! We can’t wait to join in the fun with you this week, ahoj!

– Brighella

33 responses to “How to Buy Nancy Drew #34 – Mystery of the Seven Keys!”

  1. St.Susan says:

    What about physical copies?

  2. Becky says:

    Will it also be available on Steam?

    • Hunter says:

      Yea they posted on socials this summer at some point a limited physical release and steam release will happen at least as of now. But no specific date yet from what I could tell.

  3. JiminysJournal says:

    Certainly, you mean PDT, right? PST ended a couple months ago.

  4. Lauren Foy says:

    You should at the very least have the price listed for the game already. Some people have to plan their purchases.

  5. Izzie says:

    – When is the physical copy being released?
    – What is the price of the game?
    – Is the game going to be released on places like Steam or Big Fish as well? If yes, when?

    This information impacts how/when I will buy the game as I’ve never had luck with downloading it directly from HER’s website. But also, how are we, the fans, supposed to know what to budget for the game or if we can even buy it if you have yet to tell us the price? This is kind of key information that is typically, with almost every other gaming company out there, released prior to release date.

  6. superbonbonbon says:

    I’m excited for the release. I apologize if it’s been answered elsewhere, but when will you have the game available on Steam?

  7. Phi says:

    When will the physical copies be released for purchase? Your download terms are bananas in this day and age of digital gaming, so I’m waiting until the limited physical release and/or until it’s released on a platform like Steam so that I can have guaranteed access to my game. Please let us know a timeline on the physical copies — honestly, I’m willing to pay extra for a physical copy, just please release it ASAP. Thanks 🙂

  8. Erin says:

    Hi, just a question for Indy! This is Erin, from the Nancy Drew convention in Salem! I won a free game download for Mystery of the Seven Keys at the convention, and I just wondered when those codes might be emailed out? I know you have a lot going on right now, not trying to pressure, I’m just so excited to receive my code so I can play the new game! Thank you!

    • Indy says:

      Hi Erin! We sent emails out either late last night or early this morning! I believe Brighella sent you one personally 🙂 If you didn’t get let me know, You definitely deserve one for all your trivia knowledge at the convention. Will I see you at the next convention in Sleepy Hallow, NY? -Indy

      • Erin says:

        I got my code and the game works great! I’m absolutely loving it so far! Unfortunately I won’t be at the convention in Sleepy Hollow. 🙁 Just not enough room in the budget this year. I am planning on going to both conventions next year though, in Toledo and Lancaster! Hopefully I will see you at one or both of those! Thank you again for everything, the code, the bracelets, all of it! It all means so much to me as a Nancy Drew fan and Nancy Drew games fan! <3

        • Indy says:

          Hi Erin! I will let you know if I end up going to either of those next year. I would love to go to Toledo since it is where Mildred Benson lived.
          I am so glad to hear you got the game downloaded and it is running well. 🙂 – Indy

  9. A says:

    When will this be available on Steam? I don’t like that I lose access to games I have purchased so I will not be using this website. Also, it’s not cool that you haven’t posted the price of the game ahead of its release.

  10. felicity18 says:

    Thanks for all of the information. I have a question. When will we be able to buy a physical copy of Mystery of the Seven Keys?

    Thank you in advance,

  11. Phylacterie says:

    Do you have a date for when this will release on Steam?

  12. laura loyborg says:

    I want to be able to buy #34 tomorrow morning and where is the website to initially join herinteractive to make purchases.

  13. laura loyborg says:

    how does one purchase game #34 tomorrow?

  14. Emmilicious says:

    I’ll definitely be streaming the game at launch (check me out at emmilicious96 on YouTube and will obviously be spoilers but this series is my favorite and I can’t wait to play MotSK!

  15. StandingHaiku says:

    When do the physical copies come out?

  16. geenabeena says:

    I will be waiting for hopefully a physical copy of the game. Digital games come with so many problems. Please announce soon when that date will be!

  17. Athena M says:

    When will this game be available on Steam? I purchased Midnight in Salem directly from your website when it came out, but I had issues with the downloader and ended up having to buy it a second time. I bought it on Steam and had a much better experience so I would prefer to buy this game on steam as well.

  18. Christine Woodward says:

    Where is the physical copy!!!!

  19. I would like to have a physical copy

  20. Mia says:

    Can’t wait for the physical copy to be available. Please post an update soon! <3

  21. Susan says:

    I can’t wait till the physical copy comes out!

  22. Kathy Pollard says:

    how can you pay without paypal

  23. Danielle says:

    When is the game coming to Steam? I like that with Stean you can uninstall games when you are finished and still have them to install and play again later allowing to free up space on my laptop 🙂

  24. Sarah Hill says:

    When do they physical copies come out and when will the game be release on Steam? Do you have a price for the physical copies? Thank you!

  25. Nic says:

    I would also like to know when the physical copy will be released.

  26. Joni says:

    Hi any chance you’ll be adding a poster of the cover art for the new game? I see the tin artwork you have but was really wanting a poster I could frame. I’m trying to collect all the games cover artwork and frame it for my house. Also will you be adding more t shirts designs to Amazon? Thanks

    • Veniamin says:

      I also wonder about this! But they never released clean cover arts without any text in original resolution? That’s sad.

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