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Forecast: Last Sonny Day

The Where’s Sonny? Contest is almost over! Tomorrow (Wednesday), July 31st is the last day to post your travel photos with Sonny to our Facebook page, and we have already seen lots of awesome photos so far. Where have you gone with flat Sonny? I have been to the space needle in Seattle, the Woodland […]

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Early Puzzles from the Archive

I was digging through my really old photos I took from over a year ago. These were from Ghost of Thornton Hall, and they are the early design sketches for some puzzles. Although these have been changed a bit since the early design, can you identify them from the game? As for the weekend puzzle, […]

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Interview with Stuart + Weekend Puzzle #205

We interviewed our CEO Stuart! Watch his video here: Now that you have heard from Stuart, what specific things do you wish to see happen for Nancy Drew in the future? I know I’d certainly like to be able to play a Nancy Drew game on a tablet…! Weekend puzzle! Let’s see if your skills […]

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Prizes from Sonny

Howdy all! Today I am writing today’s blog post from my phone. Why? Because at this very moment my computer is taking full control (so slow!) to render out an Interview video, which will likely go up tomorrow, we’ll see! Have you taken a picture of yourself with flat Sonny? This weekend is the last […]

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Game Timeline: The Silent Spy

There is sooo much secret information about The Silent Spy that I would love to share, but it must remain a mystery, or else it wouldn’t be a mystery. Isn’t that what intrigues Nancy and fellow sleuths? Wanting to know information that is kept hiding; now that is what makes us curious! You know something […]

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Nancy Lives For…..Forever!

Let me jump right into the weekend puzzle solution. To horribly trip you up in solving it was to leave out a missing letter (sorry!). While there are several word combinations that can come from these letters… O E R T L A P S N I E The correct anagram bust is this: [Alien […]

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Videos, Contests, Sonny Joon

So today is filled with a bunch of random notes. First random note: Today’s the last day to post a caption to our Facebook Caption Contest photo (we pick a winner tomorrow). Second Random note: We are working on a new employee interview video for this week. Who do you suppose will get the spotlight […]

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Friday Fun! Plus Weekend Puzzle #204

I love Lickie Loos. Did you know that tomorrow is National Lollipop Day? In honor of this, we are having a sale on the game where Lickie Loo lollipops first appeared and Nancy first tasted them: Trail of the Twister! Head over to our Facebook page to find the secret code to get 50% off […]

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Jackalopes and Secret Meetings

Yesterday we had a top secret meeting. Only a few people in the office even knew about it. I was one of the lucky ones to attend. My job was to write everything up on the whiteboard. Words. Places. Actions. Themes. Sentences half-formed. Lots of “hmmm…”s were said by the attendees. The rest of the […]

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What IS that thing?! Mr. Skinbag.

I have seen many comments and questions about the critter seen in Ghost of Thornton. One of the “scares” in the Showroom is when a ugly-looking creature slides across the floor past you, or even at you. This is a naked mole rat. A giant one. One of our artists, Filmer, had a lot of […]

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