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Nancy Drew is 92!

Happy April 28th Sleuths! Today is a VERY important day as it is the birthday of the one and only sleuthing queen herself, miss Nancy Drew! 92 years of mysteries, snooping, and more! We are so happy to be able to celebrate today with you all and wanted to share our favorite memories and share […]

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The Curious Life of a Nancy Drew Collector

By Jennifer Fisher It begins in childhood with a spooky mystery. A tale of woe. Dastardly villains. The hunt by intrepid sleuth Nancy Drew for clues. Foibles and baffling events segue to righting wrongs and saving the day and wrapping things up nicely with justice served and order restored. And then comes the teaser – […]

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The Gang Goes on Spring Break

Hello Sleuths! I hope everyone’s April has been going well so far. This month I started my last quarter of classes EVER and I am equally nervous and so excited! Since I have also just finished with my spring break, it had me thinking of what it would be like to go on spring break […]

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Collector’s Month!

Hi ND Fans! We’re celebrating our Collector’s month with tons of happenings! Not only is Nancy Drew 92 years old this month (April 28th!), but we’ve got so many things happening with collectibles. Collector’s Sale First, we have re-released the All-Games Collector’s Bundle sale! It’s our 32-game PC bundle, normally a $450 value, including all […]

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