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Nancy Drew’s 87th Anniversary! (And Weekend Puzzle #339)

Happy 87th Anniversary to our favorite sleuth! You can get these digital games on sale this weekend to celebrate Nancy Drew. Shop for Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock or Nancy Drew: Alibi in Ashes. New podcast episode! Lowell gives some great advice, too. You can watch the video below, or subscribe to the […]

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St. Patrick’s Day 2017

We have so many things today! Where, oh where do I even start?! Well, first off, tonight’s the grand finale night for playing Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy! I hope you can join the party and hang out with us on Twitch! In honor of St. Patrick’s Day (we are playing The Haunting […]

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A Whole Bunch of Stuff!

Hey, guys! We’ve got lots of items to cover today. First, have you guys seen the latest MID character art? This week we’re featuring a familiar face: Deirdre Shannon! Check out our Facebook post about it to see more of her character description AND to find out the name of next week’s feature. Second, it’s National […]

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Codes & Clues Card Game Has Endless Possibilities

Hi guys, it’s Indy.  This past week Tess and I have been working a little bit on making a Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues deck of cards. We had so much fun making it that we just kept adding more  and more cards! The full deck is 28 matches which equals 56 card. We initially […]

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Coloring & Creative Sentences

A fan shared with us a link on Twitter to a printable document of blown-up line art from the classic Nancy Drew books. You can print these out and color them! Click here to see the document. Today we posted another caption contest on Facebook! You only have one day to participate for a chance […]

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Halloween & Prizes Excitement

We are getting into the heart of the Halloween season, with cosplay and pumpkin contests, exciting prizes, and Halloween-themed videos! First of all, we have some new photos of the awesome Charlotte Thornton doll by AY Collective. Take a look at all the photos on the contest page! (Isn’t she gorgeous?!) Also, we have a great […]

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Popular Fan Quotes

Some of the t-shirt design entries that we have received are popular sayings among the fans, including from me. What is your favorite quote?   Also, we still have two and a half weeks for you to submit your t-shirt design in our contest, but don’t forget about it, or else the end of the […]

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Captions, Countdowns and Weekend Puzzle #274

Hey all! we have a new Caption Contest featured on our Facebook page starting today! You have until Monday to participate for a chance to win a KoKo Kringle 4-pack! Head over to our Facebook and keep an eye out for when we post this. The countdown continues! Only 4 days left to pre-order Nancy […]

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A Nancy Celebration

Hey all! Since this week we are celebrating Nancy Drew’s 85th anniversary, I wanted to let you know that I will be in Iowa City tomorrow and Friday, covering some of the activities at the Nancy Drew convention. That location is where Mildred Wirt Benson (one of the writers under the pen name “Carolyn Keene”) […]

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SPY Art and Weekend Puzzle #268

Aaaaaand… Yumi pulls ahead to claim the first position in round #1 of the Nancy Drew March Madness! I’m personally a little upset, because I really like George Fayne better, haha. But the fans have spoken! (It is after all, just for fun, anyways.) Today you vote for Rentaro or Gray on our Facebook page. […]

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