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Comics, PopSockets, and Camera Day!

New podcast is up! This one features the writer of the new Nancy Drew comics, Anthony Del Col! Watch on the video below or subscribe to iTunes here. Today is National Camera Day! We are celebrating with a sale on Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake! Shop here! We have new PopSocket designs up, […]

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Nancy Drew PopSockets!

Hey all, in case you hadn’t heard, we’ve just started launching Nancy Drew PopSockets on Amazon! These are fun phone and tablet grips that you stick on your phone or phone case. They help you grip the phone with better hand posture, and they also serve as a kickstand to prop up your device on […]

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Jennifer Writes about Millie Benson!

Jennifer Fisher, President of the Nancy Drew fan club, host of the Nancy Drew conventions, and who operates the web site wrote an article about Mildred Wirt Benson. Millie wrote 23 of the first 30 original Nancy Drew books. Check out the full article here! It’s really interesting, especially if you are not familiar […]

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Ice Cream Soda Day 2018

Here in the Pacific Northwest, it’s been really hot for us this week. Today is also National Ice Cream Soda day, so of course we celebrate! Later today we are going out for real some ice cream, but we are also celebrating with 50% off Nancy Drew: Alibi in Ashes because you can order ALL […]

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Summer Contest and Last Twitch Shows

Did you guys see the new contest we launched last week? Check it out on our contest page here! Also, in case you missed Friday’s Twitch party, we recently uploaded the video to YouTube here: -Little Jackalope

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Day 1 Twitch – CRE

Huzzah! It’s the time I look forward to each month! Party time! Tonight we begin playing Nancy Drew: The Creature of Kapu Cave LIVE on Twitch. Join us here. Hope to see you there! Also, in honor of the party, we are having a sale on the game, in English and French. Shop here! -Little […]

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Best Music of 2014

Hey all, we were listed on’s article about their best game music choices of 2014! Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of Lies was listed among other big name games, and it’s really cool to be seen on that list. Huge shout out to Thomas Regin (North by Sound) who composed the score for our game! You […]

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Podcast and Sale!

Hello sleuths! We have a lot happening this weekend. First off, happy National Best Friends day! A big shout out to all the friends who have been supportive, helpful and caring out there, just like Bess and George are to Nancy! In honor of good friends, we have a sale on Nancy Drew: The Shattered […]

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Next Week’s Twitch Party = Hawaii!

Mark your calendars, and be sure to follow us on Twitch to join the live chat as we start playing Nancy Drew: The Creature of Kapu Cave LIVE! -Little Jackalope

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Cast Members in the Nancy Drew Movie

Hey all! Today it was shared who the cast is for the upcoming Nancy Drew movie. Check out the full article here! Here’s a still shot of the director, Katt Shea (left) with Sophia Lillis (center) as Nancy Drew, and Zoe Renee (right) as George. I did a little more picture-hunting for more of the […]

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