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We love making games that make a difference, and we’re always thrilled to receive feedback from our fans about how our company and Nancy Drew products have made an impression on their lives.

If Her Interactive has impacted your life in a positive way, we want to hear from you! Send us an email at with your story. We will accept both written and video testimonials and can’t wait to share them!

Dear Her Interactive,

I have never once played a Nancy Drew game, but your games have had a profound impact on my life. I met a girl, Hannah Davis, and this girl means the world to me. She’s fun loving, unique, intelligent, and just down-right awesome (not unlike your games). The reason I’m writing this testimonial is to share my girlfriend’s story. I’d tell her to do so, but she’s the kind of person who puts others first, so I’m going to do this for her. She owns all of your games, boxed, and has completed all of them, most multiple times. She played her first game in middle school, and now in college, still loves Nancy Drew!

That right there is a testimony to the essence of these games. They’re more than a CD-Rom, they’re more than a game, they’re a tradition. They’re a part of people, as much as a favorite movie, or memory would be. Nancy Drew still allows her to escape from troubling times, although the troubles may be a bit different from that of middle school. Nancy Drew let her be herself, while solving fantastical crimes. The game grew over time, just as she did. These games gave her hours upon hours of fun and happiness, and that’s exactly what she does for me. That is why I want you, at Her Interactive, to know how grateful I am for these games.

Without them she may not be so keen to explore, to question. Without them she wouldn’t have nostalgic times to look back on every time she looks at one of her discs. Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill Remastered was the first gift I ever gave her. Two of your Dossier series games were part of our first Christmas. So as much as she is tied to Nancy Drew, I am too. Thank you Her Interactive for creating this incredible series that was with my girlfriend from youth. Thank you for the tradition your games have created, and that together we will carry on. The memories made, and yet to come, are more than a reason to “dare to play.”

A grateful fan,

Andrew V.

Dear Her Interactive,

When I was in the second grade I was presented with a book order form and on the back was a small advertisement for Treasure In the Royal Tower. Since the name Nancy Drew was tagged on to it, my curiosity was piqued. I begged my mother to buy me the game and I returned the next day with my book order form. I remember waiting the four weeks for the order to come in, and it felt like ages. I also remember receiving the box, along with a magnifying glass necklace, and I was stoked. I played through the game as fast as I could. I can now close my eyes and relive the sweaty palms and fast heart rate I experienced when breaking into the castle’s library. I learned so much from that first game I played, and I was addicted. I purchased the earlier games and played through them as well, and over the years my cousin has blessed me every Christmas with two new games. It has been about ten years since my first Nancy Drew experience, but I can’t even begin to explain how much the games impacted me.

I am now studying interactive entertainment at the University of Southern California, a dream school for video game design. I never thought I would end up in a field such as this, or a school unite as good, but looking back it makes sense through my avid love of the Nancy Drew games. Now as the rain pours down outside in an uncharacteristically rainy day, I will pick one of my favorite ND games and enjoy my afternoon. Thank you so much for continuing making these wonderful games, and someday I do hope to make it out to the Her Interactive studio!

Warmly from a huge fan,


Dear Her Interactive,

My obsession started when I was about four, when my mom started to read the Nancy Drew books with me; I’ve been a bookworm ever since I started reading! We read every night before I went to sleep, and sometimes had to read a little longer than we’d planned in order to avoid stopping at a “scary” part. One of my brothers worked at Office Depot at the time, and he noticed that there were Nancy Drew computer games there. My sister thought I’d probably like them, so she bought Message in a Haunted Mansion (which was rather new back then) for me. I was a bit concerned when I saw that the label said that it was made for people over twice my age, but I played anyway. I was so afraid that I would go up the wrong staircase that I used to have to ask someone else to play through that part for me as I cautiously peeked out from behind the computer chair.

Since that time, I’ve become fully addicted to these games, and I’ve shared them with a lot of people. I’ve gotten at least four boys I know interested in these games, along with at least ten female friends, my siblings, my cousin, my eight-year-old niece (who also started out reading the books), and even my mom! The first thing I did when I got my own laptop was to install every one of the games onto it. My cell phone is loaded with audio recordings of various f unny quotes from these games, which gives me plenty of opportunities to share my love for Her Interactive. If I get a text, my pocket suddenly says, “Baked potato!” (Curse of Blackmoor Manor) and if someone calls me, Professor Hotchkiss interrupts my conversation with, “Sweet as the smell of fried chicken!” I’ve gotten so used to these sounds that I forget most people have no idea why my phone makes such weird noises!

One of the things I absolutely love about these games is how they’re able to be wholesome, educational, and still really fun. I’m never worried about playing these around little kids or my parents, since I know that there won’t be any crudeness or harsh language. I’ve learned lots of random facts from these games, and I love surprising people with my random tidbits of knowledge whenever the opportunity arises. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve explained to somebody that I learned whatever it was I’d just said in a computer game. Most games that teach you things and are safe for little people are tedious for teenagers to play, but Nancy Drew games are wonderful for any age! There are tutorials for the people who tend to avoid technology, hints for players who haven’t gotten quite enough experience yet, and plenty of Easter eggs for the veteran players to search for.

Whenever someone asks me what I want to do after I’m done with schooling, my immediate response is that I dream of working at Her Interactive someday so that I can be a part of creating the joy that I’ve experienced for almost my whole life. I know that sounds cheesy, but I’m serious. These games always brighten my mood, even if some puzzles can be frustrating. (I’m looking at you, portrait with crossed wires!)

Anyway, I’m extremely grateful for all of the work that goes into these wonderful games, and I hope Nancy keeps having adventures, and that I can someday become one of the lucky people who gets to work at Her Interactive! 🙂

Much, much love from a Nancy nerd,

Miriam C.

Dear Her Interactive,

Believe it or not, I am 23 years old and still LOVE to play Nancy Drew Adventure PC games. However, I do not play them alone. My 21 year old sister and I have been playing these games since they first came out in 1999! We call it our “together time” and no matter what we are going through as sisters, we always made time to play the new games with one another. We have loved working together to solve all the puzzles and really bonding, taking the time to relax and play. Not saying that it was always easy to share while we played together; at first we had a hard time making sure that each of us had equal time using the mouse. But over time, we have really learned the importance of team work. Even while I was in college and she was at home we reserved time to play. Or when we both were in college… or now that she is in college and I am married and have a baby, we still make time to play together, counting down the days till a new game comes out!

We have played the games for so long, we have developed some fun traditions while we play. First is, we always make a Nancy Drew note book to take down all our notes while we play. Second is that we name our saved games as something really funny to us, like an inside joke. For example, when we played the game Secret of the Scarlet Hand in 2002, we named the game “combinations” because we were eating the snack Combos and we both realized they were called “Combos” because they combine two things together, like a combination. To this day, we still have that joke between us. One of the other things we always do while playing is that we play in the dark! For every game, no matter how scary it may be, we always play Nancy Drew in a room with all the lights off, it makes it twice as fun!

So, thank you for your games! Thank you for allowing my sister and I to have so many memorable moments together. And thank you for making Nancy Drew part of our family as our third sister 🙂

Big Fans!

Jessie H. and Allie S.

Dear Her Interactive,

I have been playing Nancy Drew games for almost 8 years now. Before I was aware of your games, I read all sorts of Nancy Drew books. I was obsessed with Nancy Drew and looked up to her. She was my idol, and today she still is. When I found out from my parents that Nancy Drew games were being released, I was excited beyond belief! Nancy Drew is very dear to my heart and I was ecstatic to play my first ND game, The Final Scene.

Even though I’ve been playing ND for 8 years, I’ve never tired of the games. I strongly believe that all 25 games, along with the Dossier games, have replay value. I find myself playing games over and over again, and I love it! My personal favorite would have to be Shadow at the Water’s Edge. Your company always provides for me a high-quality gaming experience – I’ve noticed that as time goes on, the graphics have been improved, and are just absolutely stunning. Wow. The voice actors, the plots, and the puzzles are all brilliant.

The thing I love about Nancy Drew games is the educational value that you provide. As the years have gone by, I’ve been learning new things in school, things that I’ve surprisingly learned already from your games! It’s very exciting to me to be able to apply my Nancy Drew knowledge to the real world and on school assignments and tests. Having played these games for so long, I’ve gotten more and more interested in gaming. One day, I’d like to produce a game of my own, or maybe work at Her Interactive as an artist or script writer. I adore these games and Nancy Drew, and I’d love the games to be an active part of my life as I grow older! Thank you for all you do, Hef. Keep up the great work!


Janice M.

Dear Her Interactive,

Thanks to you and Nancy Drew, I have become a Human-fact-lopedia. Yes it’s true, ever since 2004 you guys have enabled me to spew random facts to people. I love that Nancy Drew can be such an adventurous game yet still have educational value. For example, a boy at my school was wearing a shirt with a joke about binary code, and I completely got it because of The Haunting of Castle Malloy. Also, German folklore, specifically Dopplegangers, came up in one of my classes and I was the only one who know what they were. These spectacular games not only allow me to learn but I get to spread the knowledge as well. What you guys are doing for the world is a wonderful thing, tying up fun, humor, and knowledge in one classy, polite little package. Thank you and please continue to contribute to society!


Dear Her Interactive,

My Name is Katey and i am 17 years old. I have been playing Nancy Drew games for a long, long time. I have a lot of the books, too! The first game I played was Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. It was Amazing! My mom and I were at Walmart and we were looking for a new game for me to play. My mom saw Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake and she instantly picked it up. When I saw and read it, I knew from right then and there I was going to love it! I was so excited to go home and play it that I opened it in the car. As soon as we got home I installed it.

When I started playing, I realized it was a game I have been wanting for so long. Everything looked so real, and it was just so darn cool. When I finished the game, I knew these were going to be my cup of tea! Ever since then, I have been playing Nancy Drew games. I ordered all the older ones, played them, and then started playing the new titles when they started coming out. When I have a bad day, I ALWAYS put in a Nancy Drew game and I instantly get so attached and my bad day turns into a good day even if I have already played it before!

I have proudly finished ALL Nancy Drew games, and I hope you guys won’t stop any time soon of making these wonderful games! I am looking forward to seeing the future Nancy Drew Games! Thank you to everyone who creates these awesome games!

A huge fan,


Dear Her Interactive,

Back in the fifth grade I was forced to go to my Grandparent’s house for the break. I immediately knew how bored I would be. Then on my arrival there, my uncle presented me with a wrapped box. He said that he knew I liked Nancy Drew and he had found it in Target. I ripped it open and my heart fluttered with such excitement when I saw that instead of a book, it was actually a game! The Secret of the Old Clock, I read the cover and there were shards of a broken clock. Intrigued by the art on the cover itself, I ran and turned on the computer. The first time I played, I remember how frustrating the puzzles were and how scared I was to use the secret passageway. I remember that my sister and I used to close our eyes because we were so scared!

Since then I have played 15 games and each time I recall the first time I played. I’ve learnt so much from these games. Warnings at Waverly Academy has me now reading Poe’s poems and altogether, they have made me smarter and vigilant. My friend’s are jealous of me because I own so many! But all in all, they have had a profound effect on my teenage years! I think I now want to design mystery games when I grow up!

From a huge fan,

Anika A.

Dear Her Interactive,

I just want to say thank you! Your games are so amazing. They have brought me and my mom closer than ever! I first discovered the games at a library. At first I was like ‘ Nah. I don’t like mystery games’. My mom was like ‘Come on Aubrey, let’s try them’. The first one we solved was Message in a Haunted Mansion, then Secrets Can Kill, then we worked our way up. I really got obsessed until Danger by Design. After that I couldn’t stop. I now do everything with Nancy Drew. I write for school about them. I play them, I dream about them, read the books, everything. I started reading the books back in 2010, and I love them! I am now reading The Secret of Red Gate Farm. I just love Nancy Drew and I think I always will. When I get older I’m going to be a detective, and a Vet. Thank you for everything! I know I wouldn’t even know who Nancy Drew was if it wasn’t for you.


PS: I can’t wait for The Tomb of the Lost Queen.

Dear Her Interactive,

When I was twelve, my father had a high school student named Ellen in one of his classes. One day during spirit week, she came to school dressed as Nancy Drew. We soon discovered that we both shared a love for Nancy Drew books and the subsequent series of mystery computer games. We decided to get together at my house to play Secrets Can Kill. It was there that Ellen met my older brother, Nathanael, and it was love at first sight. Eight years later, they’re married, have one son and a daughter on the way, and we STILL play Nancy Drew games together. I can’t wait until my niece is grown up enough to play them with us too!



Dear Her Interactive,

Four years ago, I was walking through the aisles of my local Target with my dad. This was just a week after my mom had died and I was spending some money I had received in her will. I was looking for something to take my mind off of the tragedy, a book, a board game, a craft kit, anything. I was walking by the video games when my dad began laughing. I went over to see what it was that was making him chuckle. When I went over I saw he was laughing at a section called games for girls. He said to me, “Brian, what is this world coming to when they are trying to sell video games to girls.” When I heard this, I became enraged. I went over to the section to see what games were in it. It was then that I saw a game based off of the Nancy Drew book, The Secret of the Old Clock. I became quite intrigued by this and I decided to purchase the game.

For the remainder of the time I was there, my dad was constantly asking, “Are you sure you want to buy this?” Every time he asked this, I just wanted the game even more. When I finally paid the $19.99 for the game, I tore open the package and began reading through all of the manuals, slips of paper, and any other writing I could find. Once home, I did not even bother to take off my coat or shoes when I ran upstairs to install the game. Slowly the progress bar filled and as the green segment of the gauge grew, so did my excitement. As it was loading, I realized there were pictures of other games in the series flashing by, this made me even more excited because I knew that once I finished this game, I could enjoy other games just like it.

After fifteen minutes, it finally loaded. I began playing and my mood was now euphoric. I became mesmerized by the intense music playing on the opening menu. When I finally began to play the game I was in a heavenly state. When I began to talk to Emily and learned that her mom had died as well as Nancy’s, I began to tear, then cry, then sob, and before I knew it, I was in a full on wail. I finally had someone to connect to: Nancy Drew. Nancy seemed to be almost an exact duplicate of me if I was a female. Her wits and brains were comparable to mine as well as her attitude. I love Nancy and it is all because of the heart pounding, intense, and all around fun game you guys at Her made. Nancy saved my life, she kept me sane through the tragedy I was living through and Nancy is still a big part of my life. Because of this, I just want to say thank you Her for bringing Nancy out of the black and white text of the books and into the interactive world if video games.

Your loyal fan,

Brian B.

Dear Her Interactive,

Nancy Drew has always been my hero. Ever since I was in grade school, staying up till all hours, flash light out and eyes wide, to discover the Ghost of Blackwood Hall, or bringing home stacks of yellow-backed books from my library, I have had a special love for the teenage sleuth with her “titian-colored hair”. I will never forget my first experience playing a Nancy Drew game. I was 9 years old and my best friend and had just brought over Message in a Haunted Mansion. I remember the two of us running, screaming in terror from the room every time the ghost walked by the mirror, only to cautiously return to the edge of our seats. Not long after, my Sunday School teacher gave me Secrets Can Kill and from then on, I was hooked. Eventually, my two sisters and brother caught the Nancy Drew bug and we spent many hours crowded in front of the computer, no longer screaming in terror, but in frustration at some puzzle we just could not solve. One day, I got a call from my 65 year old Sunday School teacher. She was in the middle of The White Wolf of Icicle Creek and could not win Fox and Geese after hours and hours of trying. Thus began our family treks over to her house, where all five of us would squeeze into her tiny computer room to help her solve yet another game.

Now, my older sister has moved away, but thanks to the wonders of technology, she still joins us whenever we sit down to rack our brains and shake our heads at one more Nancy Drew game. We are all avid Amateur Sleuth readers, checking nearly every day for the long awaited announcement of the next installment of our favorite games.

Even now, at age 19, Nancy creeps her way into my life at the most unexpected times. Sometimes it’s when a little sibling brings home a plastic slide puzzle from the dentist’s office, or when I go to dial the telephone and Ned’s phone number rushes back to mind. It could be anytime I don’t have a key and that signature phrase “It’s locked.” comes out involuntarily, or when something needs to be organized in such a way that everything fits perfectly – Nancy to the rescue! Once in a while random bits of information will pop into my head when certain historical things are discussed from Marie Antoinette, to Edgar Allen Poe, Hawaiian mythology to local Venetian customs. It might be at the time of a chocolate craving when a Koko Kringle bar sounds like it would just hit the spot, or when imitations of Sonny Joon’s doodles appear mysteriously on my homework sheets. And, of course, whenever an odd machine is discovered, it just has to be by Krolmeister!

Whatever it may be, Nancy Drew always has, and always will hold a special place with me, conjuring up great memories of family, friends and being scared silly. Every time I see those tell-tale yellow covers on a book shelf, or in the hands of a thoroughly engrossed little girl I can’t help but smile and want to go home, curl up on the couch, turn off all the lights, grab my flashlight and get lost in Nancy’s world once again.

Thanks so much for the great games and the greater memories! To all of you wonderful sleuths at HerInteractive: You’re the best!


Dear Her Interactive,

A pounding heart, sweaty palms, barley breathing. All are symptoms of playing an exciting Nancy Drew game. I’ve had this feeling in almost every game at least once. There’s nothing more exciting than cracking some codes, or snooping through a suspects desk or exploring secret passage ways. I’ve also learned countless things from these games. I’ve learned how to notice even the smallest details. I’ve learned teamwork; I’ve played with my sisters and with friends and we’ve learned to listen to what somebody has to say, or an idea they have. I’ve learned some patience. I’ve read all the interviews with Her employees about how they never could get something right, but they kept on trying until they got it not just right, perfect. I’ve gotten more adventurous since I’ve started playing these games, too. I’ve done things that I would have never thought about doing a year ago. When I have kids of my own I have every intention of introducing them to Nancy Drew and the PC games. I want them to have the experience I had, like spying on a suspect and getting all nervous that they’d find your hiding place and piecing together all the endless puzzles, searching for that piece of paper that you had written all your clues on.

I’m learning some computer programming and computer animation in hopes that one day I’ll make the Her Interactive team. Ya’ll have taught me so much, and I’ll never forget any of it. I hope to see you guys at Her later when I get out of college. 🙂

Marissa S.

Dear Her Interactive,

Here’s my fan testimonial! Hope you enjoy!

Someone has locked me in! Water from the sewers fills the room quickly, soaking my clothes and cutting off oxygen. Scanning the room, I see pipes with different water levels and a sign in Italian that says equal water levels will open the door. Filled with determination, I strategically turn wheels corresponding to each pipe, aligning the water levels just in time. As I hear the hiss and squelch of the door swinging open, my face glistens with sweat and satisfaction as I escape the room to chase the villain. Although in reality I’m safe in my room, my chest thumps and my hands tremble with exhilaration as I play The Phantom of Venice, a Nancy Drew computer game.

It all began with the books. When I received a few Nancy Drew books in third grade, I ravenously dug into them. From the very first one, I was entranced: a teenage heroine travels to foreign lands to solve mysteries. Though Nancy is always in danger, her fearlessness and wits persevere, and she solves every case that comes her way. As I read, my eyes raced back and forth, and my hands trembled with anticipation. Nancy Drew, the teenage detective, had become my role model.

When I learned of the computer games, I was absolutely ecstatic. Instead of reading about Nancy Drew, I could be her. My curiosity about faraway lands was heightened; I could experience different cultures without purchasing a plane ticket. Stunning architecture of a German castle, majestic gondolier singing in Italy, and eclectic fashions of France were glimpses of foreign cultures I reveled in. Equally exciting were the intricate puzzles I encountered; I was enamored with putting clues and evidence together to catch a villain. The games’ countless puzzles and vivid representations of different countries were a puzzle lover’s paradise. My love for the whodunit universe of Nancy Drew sparked my interest in taking an Anatomy & Forensics class. I am now learning some of the many skills required to solve real cases. Learning about DNA identification, crime scene etiquette, and facial recognition take Nancy Drew games to the next level. It is refreshing to engage in thoughtful discussions with classmates about the potential killer, compare notes on evidence found in a makeshift crime scene, and work together to digitally recreate a classmate’s face. Now, I peer through a real magnifying glass to find clues and fit pieces of a puzzle together. At last, I am a real detective.


Ashley T.

Dear Her Interactive,

I was in the fifth grade when I discovered the famous heroine Nancy Drew. I read the entire series in a few months (avid reader here) and adored each plot and character in the whole series. I was extremely sad when I finished the series at the end of fifth grade, and re-read them again and again. In 6th grade at the school’s book fair, I went to check out when I saw the game Secret of Shadow Ranch. As soon as I saw the magnifying glass and the words Nancy Drew, I knew I had to have it. I traded in everything I was going to buy for that game. I remember going home and playing it, and having my heart beat go so fast when I was in the ghost town. It was my first real computer game, and stays as my favorite Nancy Drew game to date.

As I began collecting more and more of the games, (by that time many were out) I had a friend grow interest as well. We now play every game together, and make references all the time. Not only has she grown interest, but her brother has, more of my friends have, and my whole family adores all the games now. Nancy Drew is much more than a household name now. She is a figure I want to strive to be like as I grow older, because she is my hero.

Thank you so much HER, for making these games, and changing my life. I owe the company so much, but all I guess I can do now is say, thank you. Thank you so much. And as long as you make the games, you can know that I’ll be there, playing each one, forever.


Dear Her Interactive,

When I was about seven or eight, my sister bought me computer games for Christmas. They were games for girls, including games like Hello Kitty. Of course one of the games was Nancy Drew. I was curious but I decided to play it because it had an orca on it. I am a true animal lover! If you are a Nancy Drew fan you would have no problem guessing what game this is. Danger on Deception Island! I had trouble playing with this game alone so my dad started to play with me. It helped me bond with him since he was always at work. It was hard to cope with my father always being gone.

I was instantly hooked. I love the suspense and entertainment this game brought! My father, my sister, and I played multiple games. We seemed to get closer as a family by this game. I am 13 now and I am still hooked! I replay the games, especially the animal based games.

This game is laying out my future. Since I loved this game and the graphics so much, I am considering studying video game design. I am a nerd who knows computers more than anyone my age! When I’m bored or melancholy, I pop in one of these games and they instantly cheer me up. Thanks for brightening my childhood and bringing my family closer. I never get tired of these games! Keep on going Her Interactive!


Sophia from Florida

Dear Her Interactive,

When I came across Nancy Drew games I was already an adult. I have been a mystery fanatic since 12 though, from Agatha Christie, to Inspector Morse, PD James and dozens of others. Mystery is a passion for me and I like to write them as well- though on is as far as I have gotten for publishing so far. I like to explore and investigate things though I’ve never solved a crime before. I had been looking for a mystery game which was not a hidden object game – there are lots of those types with that kind of theme. I wanted one which was not rated M for mature, either, so not too scary, gory or anything like that.

I came across one of the first Nancy Drew games and instantly liked it. I liked how you can explore places. Where there is a pattern of events to move the story along but you can go where you want to as well just for fun. I have been playing the games for about nine years now. I am married, I like to buy them and pass them on to my nieces who like them also. Two generations of Nancy Drew players! I like how the puzzles are just tricky enough that my husband can help me with them but not too tough it halts me playing the game. I like how they explore different people in Nancy’s life helping her out, like the Hawaiian one and the latest one as well. I thought the last one was especially good because it made so Nancy had to work with her friends who you usually only get to call. Some people might think “You’re how old and you play these?” I confidently say yes, Nancy Drew is just my speed. I have enjoyed the Agatha Christie games, too, but there are not as many to play. I enjoy the different settings Nancy gets to be in as well, there are so many of places she can go. I have traveled a bit myself, some of the places Nancy has been to- Hawaii, Germany, England – I have lived in these places.

Thanks for making great games,

Carly P.

Dear Her Interactive,

I remember getting my first Nancy Drew PC game when I was in the fourth grade. It was my birthday and my mother took me out to get a new video game. Being the mystery lover that I was I picked Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower. I went home and my mother and I were both glued to the computer screen for days. We bought game after game, year after year, and I love them more and more as time goes by. We still have a special notebook that we use to remember clues throughout the games. In high school my best friend and I would spend weekends playing through the games over and over and affectionately referred to ourselves as the Drew crew, secret hand shake and all.

I currently attend University of Tennessee, Knoxville. My mother just sent me a care package and the newest game was included. Even though I am 19 years old I got more excited over that game than anything else she could have sent me. My roommate was also extremely excited and since we have our first weekend off from marching band we are going to spend it inside playing through the Nancy Drew games. Thank you so much for all the years of joy that I’ve had with friends and bonding time I’ve had with my mother thanks to these games. By the way, my mother is in her 40s and still just as excited about the games as I am!

Much thanks,


Dear Her Interactive,

My story isn’t anything special. Just a couple years ago, my mom and I were in our local Toys”R”us. Just like every other story, I happened to peer over on the PC shelf, and sitting on the shelf was The White Wolf of Icicle Creek. I took the game home and my dad installed it. I played it and loved it. I needed all the other games. I eventually managed to get my hands on all the other ones. I loved them all, except one: Legend of the Crystal Skull. I have a TERRIBLE fear of spiders and this game made me scream! I still wince and try not to look when I replay it. I knew that these games were meant for girls, but I don’t care one bit. I still go to Target the day they come out and get them.

So like I said, nothing special. Just like any other story: A kid who stumbles on a game one day and loves it.Thanks again,


P.S. in tomb of the lost queen, please; no spiders!

Dear Her Interactive,

I have been in love with your games ever since I was 8 years old. For my birthday I received a Double Dare combo pack with The Haunted Carousel and Danger on Deception Island. I was so excited to try out the new games. I had never heard of them before but the concept looked promising. When I first started to play the games I immediately fell in love. I loved the excitement and puzzles in the game. (I pretty much love anything that involves a puzzle.) Once I finally finished the games I went over to my friend’s house. When I told her about the games she sounded really excited too! At the time The Curse of Blackmoor Manor had just been released so we ran over to the nearest Target and bought the game.

We were so excited to play it! When we finally started we really started bonding better than we ever had before. The teamwork needed to complete one of the games makes it really fun to play with other people. We had so much fun! I still remember screaming when we looked through the peephole and saw a very hairy Linda reaching for a lotion bottle. 🙂

Along with all the fun involved in playing the games I also have learned a lot too. I cannot even count how many times a day I say “I learned it from a Nancy Drew game”.

Overall, the games are my favorite series so far and I cannot wait to play all the games you have yet to make. One day I hope to be able to join you guys in creating the games.



P.S. I am pretty sure Nancy will always be my role model. 😉

Dear Her Interactive,

My half-sister and I have been video and computer game addicts together since I could first pick up a mouse. She is twenty-eight years older than me, so they are a way we can connect. In third grade, I remember browsing through the library and seeing electric yellow books (how could I miss) and became obsessed with Nancy Drew. So when my sister showed me The Secret of Shadow Ranch, I jumped right in and refused to let her help me. I was hopelessly lost and had to go home the next day, so I didn’t complete it until years later, but it lit the spark for an eternal flame.

A couple years later, she gave birth to her first child and had no time for poor Nancy, so she shipped me all her games, and ever since I’ve gotten the new ones as soon as they come out. Every weekend now I play. It’s my ‘me’ time, a time to both relax and unwind from the harsh week, and to seek the thrills of adventure. My friends and family aren’t really in to her, but that’s okay with me. It’s fun to play solo, that way you can take all the credit! I swear I’ve played every single game (even the Dossier games) at least five times.

I’d like to thank you guys for creating these fantastic games, and I will play as long as they are there.

From a true Nancy Drew lover,


Dear Her Interactive,

I’ve always loved computer games. Since I was little, my mom and I would find the creepiest, newest hidden object game to play. Day after day we’d play them and enjoy them. Then about five years ago, my mom noticed a Nancy Drew game available for download on a different site. We decided to play it. It was Curse of Blackmoor Manor. I loved actually being able to walk around in first person and the puzzles were so tricky and the characters were so unique and the ending was amazing!

There were two more Nancy Drew games on that site, The Haunted Carousel and The White Wolf of Icicle Creek. We quickly played both of them and were eager for more. Over the next few months we had played almost ten other games, one of which was The Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, which is my second favorite!

Not long before we played Blackmoor, I was (and still am) a die-hard Hardy Boys fan. I have most of the original books as well as some of the newer series. At that time, I had only read one Nancy Drew book, the first one. After playing the games, I now have just as many Nancy Drew books as I do Hardy Boys. My first “new” game was Legend of the Crystal Skull. We had found Her Interactive and had ordered the game. When it arrived, we waited until dark and installed it. When it told us the game would best be played in the dark, we shrieked. It is now my all-time favorite game.

Now we’ve played all the games including Secrets Can Kill Remastered, Alibi in Ashes, and both Dossiers. I can tell you all of the character’s names and I still replay games daily looking for their little secrets. I’m still finding new stuff I never noticed before. And I still love the mysteries!

In fact, the Nancy Drew games are what inspired me to write my own books and mysteries, and turns out, I’m great at it! My lifelong dream is to write my own book series, or maybe computer games… 😉 So, basically, the games have been fun, inspirational, educational, and the best! I hope you keep making games for years to come.

Fellow mystery lover,

Andrew H.

Dear Her Interactive,

I was 10 years old when I played my first Nancy Drew game, about a year or so before I had just moved to a new state. I had been having trouble making new friends. Then one day I had finished a Nancy Drew book when I saw an ad in the back for Secret of the old Clock ( The Game). I was amazed and immediately knew I wanted to try it. The first game I ever played was Legend of the Crystal Skull. It was more than I ever could have imagined. The detail in the graphics, the characters and the story line was exquisite. As soon as I finished, I knew I had to play more. The more games I played, the more I fell in love with the series. I could explore the world, from Hawaii to Germany to Japan without ever leaving my home, plus I could fix my fatal mistakes with a click of the mouse.

I’ve only been playing Nancy Drew games for about 2 years but it feels like a lifetime of fun, adventure and intrigue. Her Interactive, thanks and keep it up!



Dear Her Interactive,

I can’t say my love for Nancy Drew started when I was really young, but more like five years ago. My family and I saw an ad somewhere about goats and we immediately wanted them. When we went over to the people’s house, their teen age daughter came out of the house to show her Mom her book. I asked her what it was and she said it was Nancy Drew. I began to think: I remember having a box of books in our basement and that they might be Nancy Drews. When I told her and she said she’d love them, but said I should read them first. I gave her my address and I gladly accepted hers. When I found the books I wrote to her, only to find out she already had them. The Secret of the Old Clock was intriguing. I read the first chapter, and then the next. Next thing I knew I was borrowing some from my new friend. Together, we collected and exchanged.

My room is full of Nancy Drew books. Information I gather from the books and games help me to be an amateur sleuth. Although I can’t pick a lock with a bobby-pin yet, or investigate in the dark corners of the unknown, Nancy’s adventures always excite me as if I were really there. The games thrill me in a way I can’t explain. They make me feel like I am a detective, even if it means sitting at a computer. Thanks to all of you at Her Interactive for awesome games for years to come. Keep up the good work. 🙂

Yours Truly,


Dear Her Interactive,

I grew up on a farm, in the middle of Australia, and there wasn’t much to do out there, but my mum loved to take us to the library. One day, when I was 10 years old, we came across Message in a Haunted Mansion. We took it home and we barely stopped playing until we had it finished. We found and finished the previous games together and eagerly awaited new ones.

We moved to the city not long after, but our love of Nancy Drew came with us. I eventually became old enough to play by myself, but we both are still huge fans to this day. Always asking each other for hints, and “Have you seen this part?!” I am 20 years old now and pregnant with my first child. Nancy Drew has been an amazing distraction and has gotten me through the first half of my pregnancy, the horrible sickness and sleepless nights. I know she will get me through the next half. I cannot wait to share these wonderful games with my child when he or she is old enough. Anyway, my husband will be home soon, asking “Is that Nancy Drew AGAIN?!”, so I best get back to playing MHM for what feels like the thousandth time.

Thank you, Her Interactive!


Dear Her Interactive,

I remember the first time I saw a Nancy Drew book! My mum had suggested me reading them as she had read them as a kid. Before I knew I was hooked and had read all of the ones in the library and even some of the old ones my friend owned! Then one day I was browsing the PC game selection at the library and I saw ‘Nancy Drew and the Secret of the Old Clock!’ I quickly issued it and then as soon as I got home, I was on the computer installing it. Unfortunately it wouldn’t work. Then the next time a scholastic book order came round I eagerly looked through, when I spotted ‘the ultimate detective kit’!! It came with ‘Secret of the Scarlet Hand’, ‘Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon’ a detective poster, magnifying glass, finger print powder, and a whole lot more! Mum allowed me to buy it!

I waited for it to come and throughout the next week, I began to play them. It took me a while to finally figure out how to play them, and figure out the puzzles and things, but after a while I had finally completed them both! I was always on the lookout for new ones and my boy cousin and I used to race to complete them and we still help each other out, when stuck! That was 6 years ago and I still love them, and my mind is a much better thinker than before too! Keep making these treasures Her Interactive! Thanks!


Bex 13

Dear amazing employees at Her Interactive,

My name is Rachel, and I’m a 13 year old in the eighth grade. It was a summer day in 2008; I had almost turned 10, when I was at my local library. I was looking at the computer games, when I saw a black plastic case with purple lettering and a picture of a young woman in a brown cloak. Me being my inquisitive self, I asked my mom if I could bring it home (Note: I had no idea who Nancy Drew was at the time). I distinctly remember her saying, “Sure! You could always use a bit more mystery in your life!”

I rushed home to install Curse of Blackmoor Manor, and as soon as I heard the cockney taxi driver, I was hooked! The enticing atmospheres, the thrills, the mysteries! All so well developed an amazing! Although, because it was my first game, I turned off the monitor when Nancy had the “scary dreams”, I was permanently in love with Nancy Drew. I also remember bringing home Treasure in a Royal Tower a short 3 weeks after that. That game is still one of my favorites. I also remember buying The Haunting of Castle Malloy as my mother’s Christmas present that year, and I too got her hooked! Now my sister, my mother and I are officially Nancy Drew geeks.

But, the entertainment aspect wasn’t all; it was the skills it taught me along the way. I had become able to pay attention to little details because of the series, which came in handy when I had my first real-life Nancy moment. I was at my local grocery store with my family a few months ago when I saw a young man with dark aviator style shades on. He looked suspicious, so my younger sister and I kept an eye on him. Then, when we were in the deli aisle, he snatched a lady’s purse! My sister called upon him and helped stopped the thief. Afterwards, the police asked us for a description of the man. Because of Her teaching us how to have a “keen” eye, my sister and I gave he officer a full description. Because of Nancy Drew, we helped the police catch a criminal.

That was extensive, wasn’t it? Well, after the three years and 26 games I’ve played, you have another devoted gamer on your side. So in closing, let me just say these simple words. Thank you for everything! I wouldn’t be who I am today without Nancy. Keep up the great work!

Forever a fan,


P.S: I just finished playing ASH on Saturday… I LOVED IT! An amazing way to mark a new era in HerInteractive history. I love you guys! 😀

Dear Her Interactive,

When I was about 10, my sister was really into the Nancy Drew books and tried to get me to read them, but I never did for some strange reason. Several friends of ours had invited us over after church one Sunday to play Danger on Deception Island with them and that’s what got me hooked on the games. Throughout the next several years, I bought all of the games made up unto that point, asking for them for Christmas and birthdays.

Nancy Drew appealed to me because she stuck with her guns. Everything she did had a solid point behind it and she stuck with until the end because she knew exactly what she believed in. No matter if everyone thought she was crazy for what she thought to be true or if they “knew” that evidence pointed in a different direction. She taught me that you should be strong enough in what you believe to not let those around you sway you into every which direction.

The message that the books and the games teach is strong and isn’t just an “Oh, that was just a good game or a good book”, it has a message behind it. A lesson like that can be used in every situation in life! She’s a role model for everyone, boy or girl. Nancy Drew isn’t like the role models today, saying that you have o look a certain way or be famous and popular to make a difference. She was just an ordinary girl with a knack for solving mysteries.

Possibly Your Biggest Fan (EVER.),

Hannah W.

Dear Her Interactive,

Well, it all started on my 10th birthday when I got a Wal-Mart gift card for 10 dollars. My dad took me to the store and I happened to come upon the Secret of the Scarlet Hand in the computer games section. I had never heard of the games before then, but I decided to buy it because it looked interesting. I got home and my sister and I played it for hours. It took us forever to get to the end (we had no knowledge of the hints and tips board then), but every perilous situation, every puzzle, and every clue we found had us completely enthralled. I immediately went looking for more and found a collection of the older games (games 1 through 5). I played through those one after the other. All of my other computer games were left on the shelf to collect dust. I remember one time when I accidentally left out the CD for Secrets Can Kill when I was getting so close to the end, and my dog got a hold of it and chewed it to bits. It was a tragic day. However, one of my friends let me borrow hers, so I eventually did finish it. 🙂

I am now an 18 year old college student, and I have played through every single game countless times. I own every single game (they are all lined up on the shelf in my closet where no dogs can reach them :), and I am currently in the process of playing all of them in order until I get to number 25. My sister is a 22-year-old college graduate, and she still plays them. I have a little brother who is 11 now, and I even have him playing them. His favorite is Curse of Blackmoor Manor.

I can’t even begin to express my gratitude to you for making these games. They were such a wonderful part of my childhood, and I hope you will continue to make them. When I have children of my own, these are the games I want them to be playing.

Thank you again and again!

Katie S.

Dear HerInteractive,

Hi! While reading Little Jackalope’s weekend puzzle, I could not help look at the fan testimonials, which reminded me of my first experience playing Nancy Drew. After the first game, like many other fans, I was hooked! My first experience playing Nancy Drew was 10 years ago! I didn’t know who she was or even that she was a character in book. But then again I was only 5-years-old (sorry for overlooking your age requirements.) I played Secrets Can Kill at my cousin’s house. The gun was a little intense, but I still got the Nancy Drew “bug” and still have it today. Playing Nancy Drew in a dark room with pillows and blankets is now my ritual with my older sister and cousin.

We have had a lot of scary moments my top 3 were:

3.) Curse of Blackmoor Manor: (My personal favorite game) My scary moment happened when Ethel catches you coming out of the Chinese Room my sister totally flipped out. (She does that a lot while playing Nancy Drew… Hilarious!) I still tease her about it.

2.) Shadow at the Water’s Edge: The first time when you go into the bathroom and the “ghost” breaks the mirror…we didn’t scream but we did have to take a break and get a glass of water to calm ourselves down from the intenseness (is that even a word??)

1.) Message in a Haunted Mansion: This incident scared me, my sister and my cousin. We were in my computer room, pillows and blankets in hand, and while passing the Beethoven portrait he said, “I see you.” With those three words we all screamed bloody murder in sync, and sprinted to my parents in the family room. My mom didn’t let us play until morning.

This may sound kind of corny but Her Interactive, you are all my heroes! You also are making me think of going to a game design school and moving out west to Washington to work with you permanently because it would be like my DREAM job! Keep up with the good work and as long as you keep making Nancy Drew games I will always be the freak running into Wal-Mart and Target in the morning waiting for them to put it on the shelf!

Erin K.

P.S. If you need any ideas I have got loads of them ;D

Dear Her Interactive,

Starting college is one of the most exciting, but terrifying times of one’s life. Being in a place with thousands of people, and not knowing anyone is enough to make even the most confident person feel alone.

When we started at SUNY Geneseo last fall, we were no exception to this fear. After tearful goodbyes to our families, we were two unacquainted roommates, alone in a dorm, eager to begin this new chapter of our lives.

We started by talking about neutral subjects, such as TV shows or favorite foods, but found our backgrounds were quite different having grown up in communities over 8 hours apart. After a night of getting to know each other, we knew we were compatible as roommates, but we still felt uneasy about the new situation we were put in.

Then, somehow, the next day, a conversation sparked about Nancy Drew. And at the same time, both of us blurted out “You play too?! I LOVE Nancy Drew!” From that moment on, we knew we were more than roommates, we were best friends. Having both grown up addicted to these games, it formed a bond built with inside jokes, mutual understanding, and a shared appreciation for the entire series. It was a little common ground, but still managed to give us something solid to talk about, like a reminder of childhood and home.

Now, in our second year as roommates, our dedication to all things Drew has not changed. Both of our birthdays featured perfect gifts (“Shadow at the Water’s Edge” for Cassi and a giant all-about Nancy book for Lauren), and we still spend work-free evenings playing games. Even more recently, we were ecstatic to find we would be studying the Maya in our Art History course, and found a sneaky way to “study” by playing “Secret of the Scarlet Hand” (which DID help us on an exam question asking where King Pacal was from ;]) It’s easy to say that Nancy Drew has shaped our childhoods. But now, it’s even more evident the impact it’s had over our lives as young adults. Who would have thought what started out as a fun gaming hobby, would end up forming the foundation for a great friendship?

Love your biggest fans and two best friends,

Lauren and Cassi

Dear Her Interactive,

Hello! I thought I would share with you my own Nancy Drew testimonial. I am currently a sophomore at the University of Notre Dame and I wrote this for my personal statement as part of my application process over 2 years ago:

The gum and the magic wand! We need to fasten the gum to the end of the wand then cautiously reach over the edge of the precarious theatre balcony, stretching until we make contact with the shiny, metal object which has been taunting us from the ledge below for days. This makeshift innovation should extend our reach just enough to make the final gear (needed to repair the machine in the boiler room) hold fast to the gum, allowing us to pull the elusive mechanism into our grasp. That must be it! Ignoring the minor detail that the clock on my nightstand read 1:57AM, I scurried out of bed, immediately waking my mother and two sisters to share my ingenious epiphany. Groggy and quite perturbed, my family demanded the reason for my early morning commotion and, trying to contain my effusive excitement, I anxiously flitted about the room while explaining my revelation. As soon as the idea left my lips, the mood in the room transformed in an instant. Suddenly they were all as wide awake as I was, making a mad dash for the computer room, eager to test my theory. We could hardly contain ourselves (much to the chagrin of my poor, sleepy father) as the familiar theme song of our favorite computer game series filled the room once more. Nancy Drew: The Final Scene.

For as long as I can remember, Nancy Drew, the 18 year old fictitious sleuth, has been a part of my life. My sisters and I were introduced to reading at an early age thanks to nightly story hour, a family tradition encouraged by my mother. The Nancy Drew series quickly became a bedtime favorite. I grew particularly fond of the adventures of the young detective and as soon as I could, began to read the books for myself. Soon enough, I almost felt as though I knew the recurring characters on a personal level. George Fayne, the enthusiastic athletic tomboy. Bess Marvin, Nancy’s meek, fearful best friend who lacks the confidence and courage to be much of a help. And of course, Nancy Drew: the bold, talented, strong-willed heroine of my childhood. My admiration for Nancy Drew was no secret and one Christmas a family friend gave me a computer game: Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill. And thus, the obsession was born. The game allows you to play as Nancy Drew cracking codes, solving puzzles, interviewing suspects and ultimately saving the day! For me, it was a dream come true; however, I was not the only one hooked. These computer adventures quickly became a family affair. My mother, two sisters and I played the games together, switching off who got to control the mouse and “be Nancy” first. Although we took our turns, my older sister, Bridget, was always drafted to play out the “scary parts” that the rest of us were too nervous to handle. One night while playing, I was feeling uncharacteristically brave and continued playing through one of the more suspenseful parts of the game. This particular game involved us sneaking into an old abandoned TV station late at night. All of a sudden, Nancy was attacked and I, hopelessly startled, fell off my chair, my face ashen with fright and my heart beating wildly. My sisters had a good laugh at my expense and Bridget, taking control, safely navigated us away from the danger. Needless to say, I did not wish to face another “scary part” again.

Over the years, we have completed all twenty Nancy Drew computer adventures. However, one factor has made the last three games vastly different from the previous seventeen: Bridget has been away at college. At first we were reluctant to play without her, feeling as though we lost a critical team player. Who was going to take over as our fearless leader? I viewed the option of waiting for her to come home unacceptable and stepping up to the plate, agreed to try my best to guide us through. Not only was I able to navigate safely through the perils, but I patiently solved the many challenging puzzles and successfully deduced the proper steps needed to complete each game.

As I approach the pivotal transition from child to adult, from high school senior to college student, the significance of the Nancy Drew analogy comes into sharp focus. The meek timid “Bess” is now transitioning into the independent “Nancy.” Admittedly, the journey lies ahead with many hurdles along the way, but I am ready for whatever life has in store. The “game” has yet to be played, but following in the footsteps of my favorite fictional heroine, I am confident of success in life’s next great adventure.

Thanks so much for these amazing games, Her Interactive! Keep them coming please! (: Even though my sisters and I are all in college now we already have plans to play the latest Nancy game over Christmas Break. It is a wonderful tradition for us that I cherish so much.

Nora Q.

Dear Her Interactive,

I was ten years old when I first learned about the Nancy Drew Adventure Games, and I remember it very well: it was near Christmastime, and my parents and I entered a video game store. Immediately, Danger on Deception Island caught my eye. I was only vaguely familiar with the Nancy Drew series, having read a couple of books in the previous years, and was only truly drawn to it because of the orca whale on the cover, as this was a time when I was incredibly interested in sea life. I showed it off to my parents and they were very intrigued by it, and I begged them to get it for me as an early Christmas gift; of course, they told me to wait. Rather impatiently, wait I did.

Christmas came, and surprise of surprises, I did not get Danger on Deception Island: instead my parents had found The Haunted Carousel and thought I would be more interested in that game because I had a long running love for carousels. Although I was upset, I sucked it up and went downstairs to install it anyway. The first few minutes I played that game sealed my love for this series, and I feel, as a whole, represented my future relationship with them. As a 10 year old, I was an enormously cowardly, and afraid of everything, so naturally I was terrified of a game that featured a creepy carousel that moved by itself, not to mention I was playing it in my basement, which I believed to be haunted. Completely freaked out, I ran upstairs and told my dad about the game; he followed me back downstairs to play me through the beginning, and actually ended up playing through the whole game with me. I feel it represents my relationship with them because I’ve always been rather nervous when the “scary” games came out–they still manage to make me jump!

These games became a beautiful inside joke for my dad and I, and gave us a lot of bonding time. I will always treasure these games and this company for what it gave me in that regard. Of course, I bought all the games I could find, and very quickly acquired the entire collection. I believe The Curse of Blackmoor Manor was the first game I had to wait for, and I’ve been waiting for them ever since! This year was the first year I didn’t go out to Target and buy the new game with my father, as I was away at college!

When I first saw Danger in that game store all those years ago, I never would’ve imagined it would’ve had such an impact on me. These games have bonded me with my parents and with my classmates, and have given me so much joy and delight through the years that I wish I could properly thank everyone at HER Interactive! You’ve really touched my life for the better: I can’t imagine myself without Nancy and these games in my life!

My warmest regards,

Laura Z

Dear Her Interactive,

At about the same time girls were finding the new “Danger on Deception Island” under their Christmas Trees, my older sister and I were being introduced to our very first Nancy Drew game. We had always been fans of the books, my sister had read almost all of them, and my Aunt and Uncle thought a game would be a perfect gift. We quickly opened “Message in a Haunted Mansion” and began to play. We had always had obsessions with computer games, but this one was different. We played day and night and felt as if we had truly jumped into Nancy’s shoes. Despite the “10 and up” sign I, being only 9, still insisted on playing more of the games with my sister. After all, when has Nancy Drew ever stayed away because of a warning sign?

My sister and I began to quickly catch up with the games. “Treasure in the Royal Tower”, “The Final Scene”, and all the way to “The Secret of Shadow Ranch.” Each time we split the cost of the game and took turns being Nancy. It became somewhat of a tradition to get a new Nancy Drew under the tree each Christmas. In fact, one year, we used our Nancy Drew skills to figure out which game we were getting by placing paper up to the box and brushing our pencil across the top (a clever trick from “The Final Scene”). Of course, that tradition has ending because now we immediately buy the game in October, but it was always fun.

Now here we are, 9 years and 25 games later, still eagerly awaiting “Tomb of the Lost Queen.” My sister is halfway through college and I’m about to graduate high school, but the one thing we have never grown out of is our tradition which continues every 6 months when a new game pops on the store’s shelves. Even when my sister lived out of the country for a year, we purchased the games online and played them at the same time, trying to catch the culprit before the other sister did. So you see, Nancy Drew was never just a game. It’s one of those adventures you take on late nights, where you jump into the game and joke about the last time you walked up to a door and said, “It’s locked” out of habit. Nancy Drew games have become a great part of my childhood and I’m saving them for when I’m grown and want to take a quick trip down sleuth street.

A girl who Dared to Play,


Dear Her Interactive,

Nancy Drew games have been such a large influence in the relationship I have with my older brother. He is high functioning autistic, and has very different interests than me when it comes to TV shows, most video games, books, food, and pretty much everything. The one thing that brought us together as we got older was our love for the Nancy Drew PC games. We started playing Nancy Drew when I was 10 and he was 12. Since the original “Secrets Can Kill” we have played through all the Nancy Drew games together, splitting the responsibilities of who does what puzzles and where we should move to in the game. Together, we solve the mysteries and have much more fun doing them together then we would apart. He and I just wanted to say thank you for being a part of our lives. Even now he is 22 and I am 20, and we still play the latest Nancy Drew games together.

Your forever loyal fans,

Salvatore and Kathleen C.

Dear Her Interactive,

My story starts with my mom who had some old Nancy drew books stored away in the basement. I read them; The Secret of Shadow Ranch was my favorite since I loved horses. I was at the store and saw that game and wanted to play it. I got my friends involved too, and we’ve played all of them.

That’s not why I’m writing, I’m writing because I’ve learned so much from these games. For some reason if it was in Nancy Drew, I remember it better. Folklore, mythology, history I know what you’re talking about. I now know a little Italian, at least two Chinese words off the top of my head and I know how to pronounce Glockenspiel. I was the only sixth grader to even know what Morse code was. The Mayan feathered serpent god, “oh you mean the one Sonny Joon was terrified of? Quetzalcoatl”. One day we spent a whole math class learning Mayan numerals, easiest math class ever. I’m 17 and some class mates still don’t know Roman numerals; Iggy, Vitus, Lucy, Xander. I felt pretty smart.

It used to be that we could complete a game in one day (quite an accomplishment) or a weekend if there was a difficult puzzle. Now with our schedules it takes weeks to organize some playing time. But I still have time for Nancy Drew since she is like a mentor to me. I learned patience, problem solving and a little humility at times. (While playing Warnings at Waverly Academy we couldn’t figure out how to sleep, and got kicked out for not respecting curfew, thank you everyone on the message boards, you’re a life saver.)

Thank you so much for creating something that would influence so many people. On my desk in my room I have a framed picture of a Koko Kringle bar next to pictures of my friends.


Dear Her Interactive,

I was eleven years old when I played my first Nancy Drew game. It was Secret of the Scarlet Hand, and I was hooked. I’m twenty two years old and my excitement about the games has never dissipated. I have played and beaten every Nancy Drew game. In my eyes, the thing that sets these games apart from other games is their attention to detail. I have learned many interesting facts from these games, which, as a history minor in college, have actually helped me with some of the topics I have learned in class. Secret of the Scarlet Hand will always be my favorite game. Besides history, I studied Spanish in college, so everything about this game has always been intriguing. I wrote about the Mayan number system and the Nahuatl language in a term paper on the influence of indigenous languages on Spanish; the game served as my inspiration when it came to deciding a topic. When I went to Honduras this past summer, I visited the Copán Ruinas, a site that was mentioned in the game. While there, I recognized some of the number glyphs carved on some of the smaller stone monuments, or stelae.

I have so many fond memories of each game. Many of the games I played together with my little sister. And although I’ve stored pages of notes into each game case with directions on how to solve the puzzles, I still like to figure them out anew each time I play (even though some puzzles I just fly through!).

The Nancy Drew games, I think, really helped me grow into the person that I am now. Even though I don’t solve mysteries, I love being presented with a challenge! Thanks, Her Interactive! Keep on making amazing games!

Semper ubi sub ubi!
Fallon S.

Hi, I’m Kellsey. I’m nineteen years old. I’m a writer and I, of course, adore Nancy Drew.

As a kid, I was very anxious. I suffered from OCD, which developed my personality early on, making it difficult for me to make friends and enjoy the activities that most children enjoyed. I was a very complicated child. However, no one really knew this about me. Not until my late teens did I ever truly open up and let people know how hard childhood was on me. It was the worst time of my life. I have never felt as hopeless and terrified as I did then. There was only one thing that soothed me–the world of Nancy Drew.

When I was eight, I got my first game–Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, which is still one of my favorites today. I can’t really explain how much these games helped me. I’ve always been teased for this activity, but people have really never understood how much each of these games meant to me. It was somewhere to escape to and it allowed me to be someone completely fearless and brilliant. As a child who was afraid of anything and everything, being able to enjoy the world of a girl with untouchable convictions and incredible gumption was paradise. Without sounding too cliché, it made me feel like I was capable of being a person. I will never forget Nancy’s world and how it’s helped me throughout the years.

I love each of these games and I thank, thank, thank Her Interactive for all they’ve done for me.

Love, love, love your most appreciative fan,

Before my 7th birthday, I had mentioned to my grandmother that I would love to play a Nancy Drew video game, if there ever were such a thing. To my amazement, she presented me with “Stay Tuned for Danger” as a present, and it was like no game I’d ever played before. It was so engaging and entertaining that practically my entire family got involved in order to solve the mystery. Over a decade later, I have to say that the Nancy Drew games have been a big part of my growing up. I have learned so much from the series, from Morse code to problem-solving strategies, and the mysteries themselves have provided the inspiration that drives me, as an aspiring writer.

Nancy Drew held my interest in 2nd grade, and now as a high school senior applying to college, I am still captivated by the same early games as well as the more recent ones. The series, too, has grown up with me, progressing in every dimension from graphic quality to plot thickness. There is every indication that I will continue to play these games for as long as Her Interactive is making them. I can only hope that in another ten years, I’ll still be looking forward to the next mystery. Nancy Drew has a way of finding relevance with people of any age, gender, or background: her inspiration is universal.


When I was about 8 or 9 years old my sister got a game from an electronics store. The game was “The Message in a Haunted Mansion”. I watched her play the game for many hours, and felt somewhat scared at times because I didn’t know what was going to happen.

The next time we went to that store it was my turn to get a game so I decided from only watching my sisters that I wanted one of the Nancy Drew games: Treasure in a Royal Tower. These games were fun from the start and I started collecting them as well as more of the books. I did a book report on Nancy Drew in 5th grade because I could relate most to it. When I was about 13 we moved and lost all of our belongings, forcing me to start my Nancy Drew collection over. I am now 18 years old and still play Nancy Drew and read the books on a daily basis. Nancy Drew influenced me with great impact because of how much time I would spend on reading and playing. My family now calls me “Nancy Drew” because I can always figure things out and solve mysteries.

I hope that Her Interactive continues to make such wonderful games that filled my childhood with great memories. Thank you Her Interactive for giving me something to run to when I am feeling down and in need of a mystery!

Much love from a HUGE fan,
Alyssa B.

Dear Her Interactive,

Hi! My name is Rachael, and here’s my testimony of how Nancy Drew impacted my life.

I was twelve when I first began the mystery-thing, and I was pretty depressed about it. It seemed like a lot of guys solved cases, like Sherlock Holmes, the Hardy Boys, Charlie Chan, and a few dozen others.

I really wanted to be a great girl detective, but I knew I wasn’t ready.

That’s when Nancy Drew came into my life.

I saw the newest movie first, then, for Christmas, my brother gave me Nancy’s album-journal of the cases she had solved. I wanted to learn more, so I began reading the books, and I also began drawing her in her mysteries. My favorite subjects were wolves, so I drew Isis. Now, she’s on Facebook and Playlist, and I enjoy showing my relatives and friends on the internet.

I had a dance-lesson before Halloween, and I wasn’t sure if I should dress up, or go casual, so I decided to dress up as Nancy Drew. My hair’s actually brown, but one of my friends said that she LOVES Nancy Drew stuff as well! We talked about Nancy and her friends for a long time after that.

Thank you, Her Interactive! I look forward to getting a Nancy Drew game soon!!!

Your Friend,
Rachael J.
P.S. Facebook, Playlist, and Her Interactive go to their respected owners. Thanks!

Dear Her Interactive,

One day, when I was 10 years old, my mom and I went to the library to check out some books. I was, and still am, an avid reader always looking for something new and exciting to read. As I was walking through the aisles books, my mom suggested I check out a Nancy Drew book. When she was younger, she used to love to read the Hardy Boys, and watch the 1970s Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew TV show. I had heard of Nancy Drew, but didn’t really know who she was or what the books were about, but I decided to give her a chance. I still remember the book I checked out, Clue in the Old Album, and how thrilling the story was. The cliffhanger chapters left me craving for more. After that, I started checking out more Nancy Drew books, and started to buy them, too…Nancy Drew was changing my life – and that was only the beginning!

The next year, for my 11th birthday, I received something awesome: A 2-for-1 Nancy Drew computer game! The box contained Secrets Can Kill and Stay Tuned for Danger. I was so excited, I never knew they made Nancy Drew computer games…and there was not one game, but two! How exciting! The next day, I rushed to my computer to install my new game…It took me quite a while to decide which I game I wanted to play first! In the end, however, I decided to play Stay Tuned for Danger (Secrets Can Kill sounded scary. haha). I remember as I waited for the game to load how excited I was, and once the game actually started, I was thrilled. As the music started to play, and Nancy started to speak, I knew I was going to like this. It took me over 5 months to finish Stay Tuned for Danger, but I wished it had taken longer, I wasn’t ready for it to end. To this day, Stay Tuned for Danger has a special place in my heart, as well as SCK, the game I played after finishing STFD.

I also remember how excited I was to find out there were more than just 2 games, and more games were still being made. I am so thankful that to this day, 6 years later, there are over 25 wonderful games (and more on the way), and I am happy to say I have played them all (including the Dossiers and SCK Remastered). Not only are these games incredibly fun, but they’re also challenging, engaging, and I have learned a lot from the games. Thanks to Secret of the Scarlet Hand, I have learned so much about the Mayan culture, and thanks Nigel’s typing activity in Curse of Blackmoor Manor, I am a much speedier typist. I’ve also learned more about clouds thanks to Trail of the Twister and I’ve learned some Braille thanks to the library book in Secrets Can Kill – and those are just some of the many things I’ve learned from these games. I also have a great bonding experience with my sister, because we play these games together.

So, not only are these games entertaining, challenging, and knowledgeable, they are also a great way to bring family and friends together. I am forever grateful for this amazingly awesome series and will continue to play them for probably the rest of my life. I hope you continue to make these fantastic games for a very, very, very long time. Thank you for all you’ve done in making the best Nancy Drew games (and the best computer games) I have ever played, Her Interactive!

One of your biggest (possibly the biggest) fans,

Dear Her Interactive,

I believe I was in grade four when I first discovered the Nancy Drew games. We always had some of the old yellow cover books lying around and I’ve been aware of Nancy for a long time.

One day my mom and I went to Future shop and I was looking through the PC games. I spotted Treasure in the Royal Tower and saw that it was a Nancy Drew game. I hung on to it and showed it to my mom who eagerly bought it for me. When we got home I loaded it up and started to play. I was new to the games and didn’t know what to expect. I remember exploring Nancy’s room at Wickford castle and then going out the door to look around some more.

I’d never seen such a beautifully designed and complex game before. I think I was walking through the halls for about five seconds before I found my way into a dark staircase and couldn’t get out. Of course I ran upstairs screaming. Later my dad got home and I tried to play again. After that I was hooked! At first my dad and I would play through them then I started to just play on my own. I started reading the old books then too, and now I own every one of the old yellow covers and have read them all. They take up a lot of space in my room. Now I go through the games so quickly. My dad gets me new ones once in a while but mostly I just replay the ones I have. I love them so much! I’ve played almost all of them now. The only ones I’m missing are Shadow at the Water’s Edge and Stay Tuned for Danger. I count the days until new ones come out and I’m always satisfied. You guys do a great job and now Nancy has become a HUGE part of my life. Thank you for creating the best games ever, and don’t you dare stop!

A true fan,
Callie D.

Dear Her Interactive,

I first started the games when I was 4 or 5. I remember sitting at the computer watching my mom play Treasure in the Royal Tower. I was TERRIFIED. I can remember having this horrible dream about the elevator and other strange things. Then we tried The Final Scene and I was now scared of Simone…. Well, a few years later I played The Secret of Shadow Ranch and that is really when I started my Nancy Drew life (literally).

I played a bunch after that and I haven’t stopped yet. Nancy Drew games have taken over my life….. I see all these things and I’m like OMG THATS SUNNY BROOK FARMS LIKE IN SECRET OF THE OLD CLOCK! I also have learned a lot from the games, like I learned all about Marie Antoinette in Treasure in the Royal Tower and about wolves and birds in The White Wolf of Icicle Creek. Thanks soooooo much for teaching me and helping me since I was 4 years old.

<3 ya soo much! :) Camryn I.

Dear Her Interactive,

When I was younger, I hated reading books. I considered them to be boring and a waste of time to even bother reading. Once I entered the 6th grade, we had to read a book during silent time in our English class. I didn’t want to, but my teacher grabbed a random book off her bookshelf and shoved it towards me saying “Believe me, I enjoyed these when I was younger and I believe you’ll enjoy them too.” I grabbed the book from her hand and it was called ‘Nancy Drew and The Secret of Shady Glen’. I was skeptical at first, but I sat down and read the book anyway. I’m still thankful to this day for Ms. Abby giving me that book because I have been addicted to Nancy Drew ever since then. Nancy Drew was also the one that got me into reading; when I couldn’t read a Nancy Drew book, I started picking up other books and reading them, thus making my hate for books turn into love.

When I turned 14, I had gotten my first laptop. I started looking up all kinds of things that interested me, especially Nancy Drew. I had found out about a lot more Nancy Drew books that I didn’t even know existed and I was ecstatic. Then, I clicked on something that looked interesting and it brought me to Amazon where it showed me a Nancy Drew game; it was called ‘Message in a Haunted Mansion’. My eyes lit up with joy and I couldn’t contain my excitement. The cover just looked so haunting and spooky and after reading the description of the game, I just knew I had to have it. I immediately brought my Mother’s attention to the game and she looked it over. I wanted the game so badly, but it was nowhere near Christmas or my birthday, so I just hoped that my mom would see how badly I wanted it and get it for me. My mom couldn’t help it, she said “You just look so excited and it does look really fun”.

When the game had finally arrived, I ignored anything else that I was probably supposed to be doing and spent all of my time playing. It was scary and made me jump a lot and it was hard, but it was fun trying to solve the problems myself and I even learned a bit of History along the way. When I learned that there were other games in the series, I couldn’t help but want to play them all and whenever there was a new game announced I would patiently wait until it came out. I’m 22 now and I still love to just have a relaxing day playing Nancy Drew, whether it be a new game or one of my favorite older games.

I also have a younger cousin and she reminds me of how I once was, especially the hating books and having to read them. I decided to bring my Nancy Drew books and games over, we would read them together and then we started on some of the games that she found interesting. She has become a huge fan of Nancy Drew and now enjoys reading books too; though I think she enjoys playing the games more, lol.

Nancy Drew has done a lot for me and I’m still thankful that, to this day, I was able to have her in my life, whether it be in the form of a book or the game. I’m also grateful to you Her, for making these wonderful games and keeping the Nancy Drew name alive and bringing joy to kids everywhere. I’m always looking forward to the next new game and I always will for as long as you keep producing them.

From a loyal fan,
Sarah S.

Dear Her Interactive,

Nancy Drew is such an idol for younger kids. When I first played the Nancy Drew PC games, I was 9. The first was Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. It was amazing. I was really upset, because when my mom bought it, it was a double dare pack coupled with Secret of The Scarlet Hand, and I gave the other game to my best friend. I ended up hating myself for it, because I after Ghost Dogs, I had to have more!

Every time a new Nancy Drew game comes out, I rush to the store to buy it. When I went to get Alibi in Ashes, they were sold out! So, I asked the worker to go in the back and get me one. And they did, and I took it straight home to play it! Amazing!

Nancy Drew was my friend throughout my elementary and middle school years. I was a shy kid, and didn’t talk much. But thanks to Nancy Drew, seeing her put herself out there, and always solving the case, I felt inspired. I became very social after that, and loved mysteries. Whether it was helping my friend find her lost wallet, or finding my missing cat, I always found small mysterious to solve. I used to make my mom come up with clues and hide them around the house just so I could solve them. Nancy Drew is more than just an addicting game, it made me who I am today, and without playing that Nancy Drew in my life, I don’t know where I’d be. I can’t explain in words how much she means to me. I admire her, and hope to one day become a detective myself. She’s helped raised me in a weird sort of way. She’s aught me things, and life lessons. That if you always do good for others, you will always get rewarded. And you do. Please never stop making these! It became so much more than an addiction, I can’t live without these! I hope for my own daughter to one day grow in these games, and have the same feeling I did when I first played.

From a completely obsessed fan,

Dear Her Interactive,

At 18, I’m still in love with your games. I have been playing them for nine years ever since my grandmother gave me Message in a Haunted Mansion for my birthday one year. It still remains my favorite game (unfortunately I can no longer play it, for my disc has suffered a major tragedy and is beyond repair).

For me, they are a security blanket in times of woe. With college and home problems, my stress levels tend to rise to an awfully high amount; but when I feel like I’m just going to burst, I pop in a Nancy Drew game and play the day away. They’re like a toddler’s blanket that I clutch to when I’m distressed.

Some people often laugh at me when they find out I play your games. Usually they find out because a conversation comes up and I know a random fact about the topic. They say, “How in the world do you know that?” I smile and say, “I learned it in a Nancy Drew game!” For Her Interactive, however, I stand against the mockery and peer pressure, because I know these are games I will be playing well into my twenties. These games are not only educational and amazingly fun to play, but you star as every young girl’s idol, Nancy Drew! Playing these games take me back to my childhood, but instead of hunting for fictional clues I’ve laid out for myself, I can submerge myself in a virtual reality; but I still get the same excitement when I discover a clue!

In closing, I would just like to say, bravo Her Interactive. To me, your games are more than just that. To me, your games are home. I hope to see many more games in the future and have no doubt in my mind that your fans will be forever loyal to you. Thank you for everything.

Just another sleuth,

Dear Her Interactive,

I started reading Nancy Drew books when I was in first grade. My Aunt Nancy had every single one of them and I would go over there just to read those books! The Secret of Shadow Ranch was always my #1 favorite though. I’ve read it at least ten times!

When I got a cold one day I was bored, so I looked up “Nancy Drew” on Google, and I found your website! I immediately begged my mom to go down to Best Buy and get The Secret of Shadow Ranch game! I couldn’t believe my favorite Nancy Drew book was a game.

After I finished that one, I was hooked. I got seven others before the computer crashed and my dad insisted we got Mac’s. I wish there were more Mac Nancy Drew games, but I’ll have to contend myself with the few Mac ones. .

I just wanted to thank you for making Nancy Drew come alive, and keep the games coming!

From your #1 fan,

Dear Her Interactive,

I was little when I got my first Nancy Drew game, The Hunted Carousel. After long, tiring hours, I finally completed it with a smile on my face. After that, I got a few more and tried to complete those ones, too. When it proved to be too much of a challenge, I lost the disks and I forgot about it. After a long period of time, I began to read the original book series. I loved to read, so I flew through the series. The name “Nancy Drew” became so familiar, I began looking around for little Nancy Drew knickknacks. I was in a video game store when ‘Resorting to Danger’ got my attention. I begged my mom to let me buy it and when she said I could, I was thrilled! As soon as I got home, I started to play and I was totally hooked!

For Christmas, I asked for a new Nancy Drew game. “Shadow at the Water’s Edge” was what I received. When I started to play, I became so cautious and afraid; I would get my younger sister to come sit with me while we went through the scary parts. And I still do! I play, I read and I check constantly to see updates. Can you believe I’m only 13? I’m even trying to get my younger sister to play, by giving her little Nancy Drew lessons. I still wimp out when I believe scary parts are coming up; I still check everywhere for Nancy Drew knickknacks and I even carry a bobby pin with me in case I get locked up!

I really hope Her Interactive keeps making games for as long as I live and I’m super grateful. Believe me; I couldn’t live without Nancy Drew games. No Nancy Drew game is like the end of the world. Live on Her Interactive, live on! 😀

So much love I can’t even say from a Nancy Drew nerd,
Lisa M. <3 Ps. I’m super stoked for “The Tomb of the Lost Queen”!

Dear Her Interactive,

The first time I played a Nancy Drew game was when my Sister got me Nancy Drew: Trail of The Twister. Since I loved tornados and weather, she thought it was perfect for me, and I agreed. I enjoyed that game and wanted to own them.

Another game in the Nancy Drew series that changed my life was Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill REMASTERED. I had made a custom mystery of my own for my whole family to solve, just like that game. I remember getting Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill REMASTERED on my Birthday, just a few days ago. Ever since I got it, I haven’t stopped playing it. Then just a month ago, I remember getting Nancy Drew: Alibi in Ashes. It was a Super awesome game to play! Since I love Forensic Science, I’ve played this game 20 times.

Not only do I love your games, I love the books as well. When I read one of the books, I fell in love with them. Today I now own 20 to 30 books of the Nancy Drew Series. I also remember when I played a little of Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice. I loved the beautiful city and the mystery. I wrote a review of that game in my newspaper, called the Dallas’ Star Times, that I had in 2010 and part of 2011.

Keep up the good work and I hope you make even more great games,

Sincerely a true Nancy Drew fan,

Dear Her Interactive,

When I was younger, Nancy Drew was just the book series that my sister read over and over again. She would be so excited when she found out that there were 15 more books that she didn’t know about. So when I went to my cousin’s house for Christmas in 2009, her new game Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy wasn’t very interesting to me. That was until we started playing it. My two cousins, my sister, and I were all crowded around the computer trying to figure out the next puzzle. My younger cousin was so excited when we finished it that she called her Dad at work to tell him who the culprit was.

It wasn’t long after that when I became the crazy Nancy Drew fan, and my sister was the one complaining about how I need something else to do. But there was, and is, no hope for me to becoming un-obsessed with Nancy Drew. I claimed to have come down with a serious case of “sliceythingophobia” and even wrote a rap with a music video about the culprit for Warnings at Waverly Academy. My collection of Nancy Drew games got bigger and bigger, and I continued to bring them to my cousin’s house every time I visited. But my favorite game has always been Warnings at Waverly Academy, even though I have played all of them except for just a few.

I love the games because they’re challenging and fun at the same time. I absolutely adore the second chance option, because I mess up the game all the time. What I love most about the second chance is the good news/bad news, because it makes me laugh so much. Sometimes I would go online and show the videos of the various death scenes in the game to my friends, and they loved the good news/bad news too.

I’ve noticed over the years how much I really love Nancy Drew games. I even started writing a show about what happens next at Waverly Academy after Nancy Drew left. Even at school, we were learning about Edgar Allen Poe in English class, and while everyone else complained about how boring it was, I was so excited and talked about how playing Warnings at Waverly Academy made learning about him so much fun.

Nancy Drew games have also sparked the artistic side of me. I never really did that much artwork in the past, but one day I decided that I wanted to draw the entire cover of Warnings at Waverly Academy. After that I drew the phantom horse from the cover of The Secret of Shadow Ranch, and the hand from the cover of The Captive Curse.

I’ve read two Nancy Drew books. The Secret of the Old Clock and The Secret of Shadow Ranch, but I plan to read more. The games were different from the books, but I loved spotting the similarities and I got overly excited about it.

If I had to summarize what said, I would say that Nancy Drew games have sparked my imagination in so many different ways and I love them a lot.


Dear Her Interactive,

My Nancy Drew experience began when I was in 6th grade. I was always into video games, ever since I was little. One night, my mother took me to Gamestop just to browse around. While browsing the Wii Games section, I noticed a game titled, Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek. As I was a fan of mystery I decided to test the game out. About halfway through the game I got completely stuck on the famous Fox and Geese game. I was stuck for numerous days on end and I even asked my dad for help. But I still hadn’t solved the game. I was about to give up when I saw the little flyer about Her Interactive telling me there was a website for help on the games. As stressed as I was, I was willing to try anything.

When I first joined the boards, I used it strictly for help on that puzzle. After I had finished the puzzle, however, I found myself going on Her to talk to more Nancy Drew fans. With the help of some people, I discovered the PC games and was instantly hooked. I am now a proud member on Her and still (whenever I find time) play the games.

So thank you for these amazing games and for entertaining people all around the world!


Dear Her Interactive,

As an avid bookworm, I’ve spent hours in libraries over the years. But there’s one visit I will always remember: the day I borrowed my first Nancy Drew game: The Final Scene. My Mom had read the series when she was little and was thrilled when she saw the game. I wasn’t that into computers or games, so it took her a while to convince me, but eventually we checked the game out. We played it together and I loved it, even though we couldn’t finish the last bit.

Now, over five years later, I’ve solved every mystery, including The Final Scene, Secrets Can Kill Original and Remastered, Secret at Shadow Ranch Mobile, and both dossiers. I’ve read the entire classic Nancy Drew series and dozens from the other series, plus tons of Hardy Boys. To say I’m obsessed would be an understatement; I’m in love. I found more than just a hobby, but a life and a dream with Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, mysteries, and computers because of the magic you’ve created.

Thank you so much.

A girl not afraid of a mouse,
Jo H.

Dear Her Interactive,

I became a huge fan of Nancy Drew on Christmas when I was 8 years old. My mom and dad bought me a collection of 4 games, and one of those games was The Haunted Carousel. I never heard of Nancy Drew before, and I didn’t realize the game was a mystery adventure at first. A few things I loved about this game was ordering room service, the use of Nancy’s cell phone and laptop, and just the fact that the game took place in an amusement park! The next time I went with my parents to the store, I saw The Secret of Shadow Ranch game on the shelf, and I knew I had to play it. I thought that it was just as fun as The Haunted Carousel, but riding Bob, feeding chickens, and collecting vegetables, and not to mention making the cake were some of the most fun parts of the mystery.

I also remember buying the 3-pack collection of Stay Tuned for Danger, Message in a Haunted Mansion, and Treasure in the Royal Tower in a book-order form for school. I could never solve any of the games because they are pretty tricky, but I always like going back and trying to complete them.

The first of the games that I solved was Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, and I love the ending! Ever since I’ve seen the teaser trailers for the next games, I’ve been buying each and every one. The games I didn’t have before then, I’ve gotten from stores, the website, and as presents for the holidays. I also love the Dossier series. Although they are different from the Adventure series, they are a nice, unique addition to the Nancy Drew franchise. Lights! Camera! Curses! was my first game and my favorite. It has a nice detective feel to it.

All in all, Nancy Drew truly is my hero. I have so many memories with the incredible games, and they really have improved each game up. Thank you for your time, and keep up the great work, Her Interactive!


Dear Her Interactive,

Before Christmas 2003, I had no clue who Nancy Drew was until my Nana bought me the first six books. I started reading them; they really intrigued me even though I was only eleven years old. One day I got mad at my Nana, forgot my reason why, and tore one of the books to shreds. I felt really guilty. April 17, 2005 My Nana passed due to complications through cancer treatments. Anyways she got me into Nancy Drew, and I’ll never forget that. March 13, 2011 I went to spend time with my Aunt who has had on-going cancer since 2001. I told her about the games. She and I worked on Treasure Royal Tower. I think she liked it, 🙂 even though she was into Resident Evil games. Lol.

April 23, 2011 I went to stay with her again. She had just got done with chemo. We played The Haunted Carousel together. April 24, 2011, 8pm: my Aunt passed due to complications, through cancer treatments. 🙁 So my point is Nancy Drew has influenced me in good ways, and some bad, but one thing is for sure Nancy Drew is like a mole. It’s with me forever!

Oh ps: My Mom apparently had all the Nancy Drew Books ever published, but got ruined in basement flood. Bummer 🙁

Renee P.

Dear Her Interactive,

About five years ago, my cousins were just moving to my family’s city. It was a little bit awkward because I haven’t seen them in awhile. When they came we talked for a few minutes and then we got bored. I decided to show them this Nancy Drew game I got for Christmas, but haven’t yet played. We beat it that night. And soon enough, they started buying games (and beating them before I even got a chance to play it with them). The last game we ever played with them was The White Wolf of Icicle Creek.

Anyway I just wanted to thank you guys. Your games really have impacted my life, as crazy as it sounds! I really got a chance to bond with my long lost cousins through every mystery!

Can’t wait to play Alibi in Ashes with my friend Joanna! (You are NEVER too old for Nancy Drew!) 🙂

Cameron D.

Dear Her Interactive,

It may seem absurd, but I owe a lot more than my childhood and free time to your games. Nancy Drew and her adventures have shaped me, brought me old and new friends, and supplied me with skills and knowledge I have used in real life. I’m 15 years old, and the first Nancy Drew game I ever completed was Message in a Haunted Mansion. I am holding you all responsible for the scares I received when I happened to glance in a mirror in that game, and see a woman floating by that was most definitely not there. However, I finished the game, and in the end, thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I solved that game with one of my best friends at the time, and we were instantly hooked on solving mysteries from the mysterious kidnapping of Maya Nguyen to the terrifying appearances of a ghostly horse.

When we played these games, we would play for hours, and even though we had to hide our eyes at points (for instance, the moment after Nancy exits the fireplace in The Haunting of Castle Malloy), and struggle through even the most tedious puzzles, we loved Nancy and the amazing people she met and knew (Bess and George, Frank and Joe, and Ned were constant sources of our amusement).

I learned sleuthing tactics, sure, but what I didn’t think I would take away from the games was a love for the world, and international and basic knowledge every girl and boy should know. I’ve learned about Germany and the mythology around its more traditional roots, I’ve explored France and picked up foreign words, and most importantly, I’ve learned that no one can do everything alone, and hard work most certainly pays off. Your Nancy Drew games inspire me to go out into the world, and solve my own mysteries, and find a boy as supportive and faithful as Ned Nickerson.

I owe a lot to you guys, for shaping me, for leading me through my childhood, and the tough years when I felt like there was nothing there for me in the future. I’ve never felt ashamed of playing Nancy Drew games. No one can take all I’ve learned from them, and even the boxing of the games states “10 to Adult.” Overall, what I’m trying to say is thank you for creating these games; I’ll never cease to wonder and replay them, and love Nancy.

Thank you,
Kristina K.

Dear Her Interactive,

I didn’t know the Nancy Drew games existed until I caught my Mom playing Message in a Haunted Mansion. The floor tile puzzle in the kitchen is what drew me in. I watched my mom swivel pieces around and lock them into place, simultaneously in awe of her skill and itching to see if I could do better. Ten minutes into loading my own game, I was hooked. I’ve been the kid who gets just as excited about ND game releases as I do about summer vacation. Every Tuesday when the games came out, I was in the stores looking, sometimes even before the games were put on the shelves. On more than one occasion I’ve sent the employees digging in the back to restock the shelves because I moved slower than other avid fans.

The creepier games used to scare me so much that I had to jump out of my chair, stand as far away from the monitor as I could without wrenching the mouse out of the CPU, and cover my eyes with one hand, peeking through my fingers a few seconds after each click. I’ve screamed long and loud at pretty much every scare the games had to offer, and after a certain someone led me on about a monster behind me, I had to kill her with a cake made of avocado and chocolate. Now I’ve (thankfully) overcome my crippling fear of 3D animation, so I can appreciate the nuances put into creating the eerie atmospheres in each game.

Nancy Drew games brought me closer to my cousin. When I was ten and she was seven, we really didn’t have that much in common until Nancy Drew became a link. Ever since, we’ve played the games together, sometimes beating the newest release and other times revisiting old favourites. Now she’s like the sister I never had, and I can’t imagine how our relationship would have been different without these games. So thank you, Her Interactive, for changing my life.

With love and thanks,
Elizabeth C.

Dear Her Interactive,

I remember when I first got my hands on a Nancy Drew book. My grandparents, both teachers, have an endless collection of books that they rifle through, finding fun things for my younger sister and me to read. I remember this night so vividly…my grandpa and grandma came over for dinner. I must have been about nine years old. I was sitting in my favorite red loveseat, and my grandmother came over to me and handed me an old book. It was the twenty-sixth book in the original Nancy Drew series… Clue of the Leaning Chimney. To this day, I can still imagine the smell of the old book – that scent of well-loved pages printed long ago. I was immediately captivated by the story of a girl detective who solved mysteries with her best friends all over the world. I picked up the book and began to read. Needless to say, I couldn’t put it down, and finished it within two days. And so my fascination with a certain girl detective was born.

Soon I had read over half the series, which consists of sixty-something books. I got my friends hooked on Nancy Drew Mysteries as well, and every time we would go to my elementary school library, all of us would seek out our favorite yellow-bound books. Around a year after I started my marathon reading of Nancy Drew, my friend brought me the most recent Nancy Drew PC game. She knew how much I loved the series, and thought I would enjoy the games which she played with her older sisters, who were girl-gamers before her. Ever since I was little, I always loved computer games, so this was a great challenge! I got to solve a mystery while playing as my favorite book character! Awesome! It was in the middle of December when I began playing The White Wolf of Icicle Creek. I stepped out of my warm house and into the snow of the Canadian Mountains, hot on the trail of a mysterious wolf. I actually played the game with my friend, and whenever there was a suspenseful scene, we would clutch each other, hardly able to breathe! In three days, I had solved my first-ever mystery, and was eager for more. Next came Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, a favorite of my friend, and even though she had already played the game, we still screamed, covered our 11-year-old ears, and hid behind the computer chair when we saw the “ghost” of the old train outside the window. Then I flew to France, and discovered the danger of design. Danger on Deception Island followed that, where I tamed the orca and deciphered coded messages.

Today, my group of teenage friends – whom I’ve sucked into my obsession – all eagerly await the new Nancy Drew game twice each year, taking turns buying the game, then trading our complete collection among our avid detective group. We’ve graduated from asking our parents to buy the games for us in the store and squealing at every intense moment, to saving up baby-sitting money so we can pre-order the special edition from… though we do still occasionally scream when we spot the monster in the darkness of Germany, or when the old Town Hall bursts into flames before Nancy’s eyes! Nancy Drew PC games have been a big part of my childhood, and I am not ashamed to admit that I am often caught re-playing old favorites at odd hours of the night. I can’t help it… Her Interactive creates such loveable characters in such exotic settings, I just have to revisit them! Keep your magnifying glasses polished, and never stop making the best video games on earth, Her Interactive!

From an appreciative mystery enthusiast,
Maddie M

Dear Her Interactive,

I was 8 years old and I was at Target shopping. I loved to go to the game isle to look at games. When I went to the game isle the first thing I saw was Nancy Drew printed on a box. At first I was curious about the front cover (Danger by Design) I was wondering where the theme would take place so as I reached out for it my mom told me we had to leave. I was sooo disappointed I never got to see the back. I kept whining to my mom “Please let me buy it, please!” but she said “no”. I was crying in tears all day.

One day I went to a place named Fry’s. I told my dad to take me to their game isle and see some games. When I got to the game isle I saw Nancy Drew, but the thing that got me curious was it had a train on it (Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon) so again I wanted to see the back. I reached out to get the game and when I looked at the back I saw amazing scenes!! My dad was very fascinated where the scene was, too. I was so happy I finally got to see the back of a cover of a Nancy Drew game. I asked my dad to buy it and he bought it for me!!!!

Once I got home I went right away to my laptop!!! The game was very scary, adventurous and so much fun!! The puzzles were really hard so I got my mom and dad to help!!! From that day on I have been telling my friends about Nancy Drew, reading books about her, writing about her as my story!!!

I love Nancy Drew and I hope you keep making Nancy drew games!! I love you Her Interactive and don’t give up!!! You have inspired me sooo much to do new things and not to be scared like how Nancy Drew isn’t scared!! I love you Her!!!

From: Nadia Manuel T.

Dear Her Interactive,

I am a BIG fan of Nancy Drew!! My favorite cousin and I want every single one of your games (which is hard because I spent all my money on them)! I let everyone know about Nancy! I watch the movie, read the books, play the computer games, and I have it on my iPod! Last year for my birthday party I had a Nancy Drew-themed birthday party. I was Mel (in Warnings at Waverly Academy, which was very odd) and Minette, (in Danger by Design). Now I love playing detective and my favorite Nancy Drew game is Alibi in Ashes!!!

I can’t wait until The Captive Curse game comes out on the iPod!!! Unless it already has…
(I’m not sure)

Rebekah G.

Totally, rude* ~Minette

Dear Her Interactive,

My cousin gave me my first Nancy Drew game when I was eight. My first game was Message in the Haunted Mansion. It scared the crap out of me – what with the ghost’s reflection flying by the mirror, the ghost voices saying, “I see you,” and shadows – but I was obsessed and I had to finish it. Ever since then, I’ve preordered every game.

Not only are the games a lot of fun and challenging, but I learn so much! For example, one day in the seventh grade, we had a busy-work assignment on the Mayan number system. I was the first one done thanks to Nancy Drew and the Secret of the Scarlet Hand.

All throughout my life, I spew out random facts to my parents and friends when certain things come up in conversation. My parents make fun of me because my response after I rant about the fact is, “I learned that from Nancy Drew!!” It’s a phrase often said in my house.

Nancy Drew has changed my life. I’m now 20 and in college, studying English and Musical Theatre. It’s on my bucket list to do a voice over for a Nancy Drew game. That would complete my life. Haha! I’m also about to get the Nancy Drew silhouette tattooed on my foot.

Nancy Drew will always be a part of my life. And I owe it all to you. I’ve read the books, but only after I discovered Nancy Drew by your computer games. You’ve changed so many lives by these games. Please, keep up the good work. I hope to play these games with my kids so they can love Nancy just as much as I do.

Allez bye bye, 😉
Cana H.

Dear Her Interactive,

Mya (my cousin) and I listen to all the Nancy Drew music and I think we have it memorized! Our record is like 6 hours straight of Nancy Drew!! I think I started Nancy Drew when I was 9 or 10 and I’m sure I will like it until I’m dead! If we didn’t have Nancy Drew to watch, play, or if we got bored of listening to music then we would watch scary trailers that scared us to death and we would hug each other until it was over. We are TERRIFIED of the ghost in the ryokan! It was so much fun though, if we got to a scary part we would make my 15 year old sister do it for us! Can’t wait for new ones!

A HUGE fan,
Rebekah G

Dear Her Interactive,

I first became a fan when, at the age of 23, I came across Treasure in the Royal Tower at my local store. At the time, I was balancing a full-time job and full-time undergraduate studies in Sociology. I wanted a nice escape, and Nancy Drew had been my childhood heroine. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to have found a game based on her. I was pleasantly surprised to find the game was a real challenge, even for an adult! Ever since then, I have been hooked. These games have kept me company through thick and thin.

As I complete my Master of Arts in Sociology this coming May, I’ll fondly remember how Nancy Drew provided the much-needed relief from my long study sessions. My studies have focused on women’s issues, specifically the need for girls to be encouraged towards scientific thinking, independence, and for them to believe they can achieve anything they want. While my other classmates would argue there are no media companies out there that support this positive view, I was able to counter with the fantastic example of Her Interactive.

Now that I teach my own Sociology classes, your company is mentioned every time I teach about the progress women are making with the support of healthy and intellectual entertainment. So thank you very much not only for the support during the years I have worked 80-hour weeks and just needed a little pick-me-up, but also for the encouragement to reach my goals because Nancy Drew could! I have often hoped that your company remains successful and true to this image, because when I have a daughter someday, I want to be able to share these games with her.

Stefanie L.

Dear Her Interactive,

I completely love Nancy Drew! My mom used to buy me the games and we would play them together until I was old enough to understand how to play on my own. Once I played Secrets Can Kill on my own my mom said that if I want the next Nancy Drew game I would have to read the books and she strongly encouraged my reading so she bought me the books and made me read one entire Nancy Drew book before I could get the computer game.

My mother also thought the puzzles were good brain challengers for me so then after I completed one game she’d let me watch the old Nancy Drew movies and TV Shows. To this day I’m still so in love with Nancy Drew and there are so many books I can’t stop reading! Thank you so much for the Nancy Drew games, they’re so much fun!!!! Please don’t stop making them; I want my Kids to grow up playing this game too!

Raina Marcia H.

Dear Her Interactive,

Hi! My name is Meagan 🙂 This is my testimonial! Hope you enjoy it!

Okay, so my niece had just talked with me and my sister about these “Nancy Drew PC Games” when I was in second grade! I remember it like it was yesterday! She had the Message in the Haunted Mansion game… I remember being SUPER into it! Haha 🙂 I would like start to shake and tremble because it was SO interesting! When we would turn any corner of the game I would hold up a pillow to cover my eyes!!!! I was enjoying every second of it! I was so amazed at already how many games there were and when another game came out almost instantly I was so excited I HAD to play it that second!

From that moment on, I’ve played Nancy Drew games all my life! I have shown all my friends and family and they enjoy the anxiety of them too! My second game was The Final Scene! It was simply incredible! haha 🙂 I am now a freshmen and still play them 24/7.. When I heard that The Captive Curse was in stores, I asked my mom to drive me to Target ASAP! I didn’t even have to explain to her why! I just want to thank you guys for all the games and all the fun you have given us! If it weren’t for you guys, I wouldn’t be writing this! You guys have actually inspired me to write my own book about my own character! Of course it has to do with sleuthing!! These games were like my “childhood”. 🙂

I have played every single game and have almost all of them boxed and in my house! I would never dream to stop playing them! They inspire me and I have learned SO much, like how to make mint chocolate chip cookies from Danger by Design or how to make a fire from The Secret of Shadow Ranch, and also, I tried gumbo for the first time recently!!!!!!!!!

When Bess had the gumbo in Legend of the Crystal Skull it looked sooooo good! I had to try some for myself. 🙂 Also, in physical Science, they asked us about clouds and I knew all the answers because of Trail of the Twister! Nancy Drew games are fun, inspirational, and educational!!! I’ve read all the Nancy Drew books and trust me, they are worth every minute. (; My sister and I have worked together on solving the tremendous crimes forever now and I can’t wait for the next game! 😀 These games have brought my whole family closer and closer every time we work together… Thank you 🙂

Someday, I wish to be just like Nancy Drew, she is my role model and my idol!! She has inspired me to do more in life and that’s just what I am going to do! 🙂 Thank you again for all you have done to change my life and many others as well 🙂 Can’t wait for the new game!

One of your biggest fans,
Meagan J. (:
Hugs!!!!!!!!! (>^_^)>

Dear Her Interactive,

I have been playing the Nancy Drew PC games since I received Message in a Haunted Mansion as a birthday present back when it first came out. I remember when I got it because I had always been a huge Nancy Drew fan but had never heard of the games before. And ever since then I was instantly hooked!

Fast forward some years down the road and I am now on my final year at university and I still look forward to every new installment of the series (in a twist of irony when The Captive Curse came out I was actually slated for a trip to Germany but I ended up having to back out due to health reasons. So instead of going to Germany I got to play the game set in Germany. This cheered me up immensely).

I find that no matter how stressed I may be from the day’s work or amount of essay writing when I play one of them I get absorbed into what is happening in the game and am able to relax and just have fun. There are so many good memories attached to this game series that I cannot help but smile when playing (and naturally replaying) them. Thank you Her Interactive for creating such wonderful, fun and intelligent games. Keep up the good work!

From a long time fan,
Linny M. K.

Dear Her Interactive,

I know my letter probably won’t be picked among the many others, but I just wanted to share my story with you.

When I got my first ND game, I was around eleven or twelve years old. It was at my grandmother’s Christmas celebration that I received them. When I opened the gift my cousins had given me I found two Double Dares staring back at me. They were The Secret of Shadow Ranch, Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, Secret of the Old Clock, and The Curse of Blackmore Manor. My life has never been the same since!

I liked The Secret of Shadow Ranch best because I simply LOVE horses and it was based on the book, I mean a mystery – great! Horses – great! Combine them and you get one awesome game! So I have my cousins to thank for introducing me to the wonderful games you all make. My little Brother and I have learned so much from your games. We now know so many secret codes and historical facts that half the time our parents have no “clue” of what we’re talking about! In every game there’s something new we learn, even if it’s just little factoids about carousel horses!

Everyone who has come into my household has now become addicted to ND games thanks to me! (Even my brother’s old baby-sitter, not to mention my brothers!) Thanks to the practice I have had from your games, I have solved some of my own cases! (My favorite was when I helped the police catch these teenagers who were robbing houses in our community.) I hope you continue to make more Nancy Drew adventure series games!

Katherine H.

Dear Her Interactive,

When I was 11, I went to Barnes and Nobles with my mom. I’m not much of a reader but we were bored and just browsing around. We came up to a desk with a bunch of games on top of it and below. We looked around to see if there were any interesting games. Then something caught our eyes.

Before I tell you the rest; my mom and I are very big fans of mystery. Anyways, I went down to see what game that was, and it said Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor and I’ve never seen a Nancy Drew game. I’ve seen movies and books but never games. We immediately knew that we wanted to get it. We bought it and played it. My mom didn’t have patience I guess and my dad and I started to play it and yet again my dad and I could not figure it out. I asked my sister and… another failure. So I tried playing with my mom again and we both could not figure it out. We put it in the closet.

Now I’m 13. I opened the closet one day to play a game. There it was, staring at me. I had to play it. I’m not a quitter. I took it out and put it in the DVD player and started playing it with my dad. WE played for days and then… We won! We finished! I was sooooooo happy, but then… REALLY SAD! I was sad because we were finished. The next day we went to Target and bought Nancy Drew: The Captive Curse and the same thing happened. We played it and finished! So of course, it’s getting towards Christmas time and I heard that Nancy Drew: Shadows at the Water’s Edge was the scariest so I asked for that. So for now… The rest is a mystery.

Angela L. P.

Dear Her Interactive,

I still remember the moment when I bought my very first Nancy Drew game; it was my first family holiday to America, I was about 9 and my parents were taking me and my little brother to Disney Land, Florida. During our visit we stopped by a Toys ‘R’ Us, where we were each allowed to buy one item from the store. At this age I was just becoming interested in video games so I went straight to the games section, and that was when I saw it; Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill. It looked like no other game I had seen before back home in the UK; plus my mum had mentioned how she had been a fan of the Nancy Drew books when she was younger, and thought that I would like the storylines. I had to wait until we got home from our holiday to play it, but it was definitely worth the wait; I remember the excitement of wanting to catch the culprit, and getting my mum to help me with some of the puzzles when I got stuck.

Every year after that when my parents would go to the New York Toy Fair, I would ask them to bring me back the latest Nancy Drew game; I remember getting super excited around that time every year, I couldn’t wait to see what the next one would be like. Running up to my room to install it as soon as they came home, and continuously running back and forth to ask for help with the riddles and puzzles and telling them what was happening.

As time went on and I got older, I started following the Her Interactive website to see when the next one would be released so that I could order it online. Still to this day at the age of 21 I constantly check the release dates and order as soon as I can, still getting super excited to receive it and continuously telling my boyfriend what’s happening when playing it!

It sounds cheesy but I do think of Nancy Drew as someone to look up to, with her courage and the way she carries herself. She’s a very unusual game character, unlike any of the other female characters in most games these days. I like the way she hasn’t been ‘updated’ to fit with today’s modern society and that she’s happy just the way she is. I have even recently started to read the books to get even more of a sense of her and her life!

I am also now studying Computer Games Production at Lincoln University in the UK, and I do genuinely believe that the Nancy Drew games are partially responsible; I love the storylines in games and getting to explore the awesome environments. One day I hope to be able to make a game that has such an impact on people, just like Nancy Drew has with me! So thank-you for continuing to make these games and I hope you do for a long time coming J!

From a life-long Nancy Drew fan,
Emily P.

Dear Her Interactive,

I was probably about 8 years old when I my dad gave me Danger on Deception Island, Treasure in the Royal Tower, and The Final Scene. First I played DDI and TRT, not even solving it on my own, just using the walkthroughs I was smart enough to find at my young age. Then I decided to play The Final Scene. Five minutes into the game when Maya screamed for help, I was terrified. I immediately quit the game and never played a game again.

Then six years later this summer, I went to the library to help volunteer there for service learning hours for high school. On my second day there, they asked me to check and make sure all of the software games were in order. It was a slow tedious task, but then I worked my way up to the Ns. Needless to say I rediscovered the Nancy Drew games. I eagerly waited noon when my mom would come to pick me up to go home. When I got home I raced to the computer to try to find any of my old Nancy Drew games. Luckily I found TRT. I immediately installed it on my own computer and remembered again the joy and I excitement I felt whenever I played a Nancy Drew game, even when I was 8 years old.

Ever since that Monday I would go to the library and pick up a Nancy Drew game from the software section. I would always feel a little silly though, checking out a computer game at 14 years old, but it was worth it and I still love the games.

For Christmas this year, the number one thing I am asking for is a bunch of Nancy Drew games. Thank you so much for giving me hours of fun and excitement that I will cherish forever.

Detective Jackie W.

Dear Her Interactive,

Hello! My name is Aubrey, I am currently a freshman at the University of Texas at Tyler and I would like to thank Her Interactive for helping me get here!

I have always struggled in school and I would try very hard to do my best, and I would always do my best. I can’t tell you how heartbroken I was that no matter how hard I tried I seemed to get nothing but below average. Something had to be wrong. I was spending 5 hours on homework and through all the tears of trying to understand I still could not make the A I was striving so hard for.

In sixth grade I was finally tested for a learning disability and was diagnosed with an auditory processing disorder, which is a form of dyslexia. Now being dyslexic does not mean I have trouble reading. I can read and write no problem but my brain processes auditory commands differently than most others. Meaning verbal instructions alone are hard and take a while for me to fully comprehend. I was placed in the special ed program and stayed in it all of my school years. Just because I knew what the problem was didn’t mean that my grades shot up overnight. I had to work harder than I ever did before on my school work. I had to figure out how I learn and apply it to every single one of my classes.

My cousin introduced me to the Nancy Drew games. She would bring them to our grandma’s house and we would play them together for hours. Once I started to play them on my own I realized how difficult it really was. My brain was being exercised in a way it had never been before but it needed to be. I learned problem solving strategies that I wasn’t taught in school. I learned to think out of the box and to be more creative. Playing those games helped me with my learning disability and how to overcome it. And I still apply the skills I learned in the games to my college classes today!

As a senior at Diamond Ranch High School in California, I “graduated” out of the special ed program because academically, I now show no deficit, however I still have the possessing disorder. I owe a lot of my “graduation” to Her Interactive’s Nancy Drew Adventure and Dossier games. All the puzzles in those games have helped me to be sharper with my problem solving skills which has helped me be a better test taker. They have also helped me to be patient and think on my toes. The games have helped my listening skills as well as helped to develop my ability to find context clues, which is really helpful. But most importantly, they have taught me to never give up. When I finish a game, I feel the same sense of accomplishment that I do when I pass a test.

I am nineteen years old and have played and solved all twenty-four adventure games as well as the two Dossier games. I cannot wait to play Alibi in Ashes! I know it will teach me new skills that I can apply to learning.

I just wanted to say thank you for making such educational games. I very much enjoy solving them. If there is a possible scholarship let me know, I would be very interested in applying for it.

Thank you.


Aubrey Lauren B.

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