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Early Editing Work

Here’s what my computer screen looked like most of today: I’ve begun the process for editing the video content that will someday become the official trailer for Sea of Darkness. Someday… 😉 I also studied a few other trailers on our YouTube channel to see what we have done in the past. Yep. That is […]

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Assembling the Art

This week I am working on gathering the art for the characters in Nancy Drew Sea of Darkness. I have already requested the art team to render out some high resolution images so that I can start work on merchandise images later. Today I am looking through the concept art and 3D models while trying […]

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A Peek at SEA (And Weekend Puzzle #271)

We have released a new screenshot today from Sea of Darkness! Here’s our released collection so far: I’m looking forward to sharing the rest with you soon! Until then, here’s a little puzzle for you: …YM OVEL LTLSI ESLI REHTE DREIBU NRUDE NTLESI EIC NDA PESLE… We have a fan birthday to celebrate today! -Little […]

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Chicken Moments

Remember the days when we didn’t know any better… and we tried to collect the chicken eggs from the coop… and a particular chicken was, how shall we it? CRAZY!? Yeah, those were the days. Today we know better. If the white chicken is present in the coop, leave her alone. Do you recall this […]

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Official Page and Soundtrack!

SO much excitement today! We launched the official page for Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness! The full game description can be found there, as well as the game specs, and all the info we have shared so far. On another note, we are also now selling the official soundtrack, which includes the sheet music and […]

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Creating the Pages

Today we were working all day on creating the pages on our site for Sea of Darkness. There are a lot of elements that need to be made before putting it all together. I like this part of the game release season, it feels like a puzzle! The banner goes there, the thumbnail goes there, […]

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SEA Cover Art! (And Weekend Puzzle #270)

Ta-da! We have finished the cover art for Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness! What do you think? This time, we went with a yellow spine to match the classic books. Here’s your weekend puzzle, without any clues. But I will say this: it is cryptogram… We have a birthday to celebrate! -Little Jackalope

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Fan Merchandise and Secret Projects

There is a secret someplace around here… Since I was out sick yesterday (boo!) I got a little behind on a few projects… but tomorrow will definitely be a busy-filled, exciting day. 😉 I can’t talk about my current projects until tomorrow. So in the meantime, I shall talk about what our fans have been […]

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St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s day! We have another sale this year on The Haunting of Castle Malloy! I forgot to wear my green today…whoops.   -Little Jackalope

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Koko Kringles with SEA

We updated a little part of the pre-order information for Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness! Check out this little note at the bottom of this image: Yep! We saved some Koko Kringle chocolate bars for this. The first 500 pre-orders for SEA will get one sent from our office. Yum. Spoiler…there are Koko Kringles somewhere […]

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