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Hello sleuths! I’ve been seeing a few requests (wishes) posted to Reddit and on social media for the Copper Gorge banner to be available on merch. Well, here you go! Copper Gorge Merch is on our Teespring storefront here! Do you think Fatima would be proud? This design comes directly from Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon on the hoodies and T-shirts on display on the wall behind Fatima and the counter of the museum.


Nancy Drew Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon Copper Gorge logo Merchandise


And just for funsies, I set the price for the hoodies and the T-shirt prices to match what was in the game. I hope you’ll appreciate that Easter Egg. Also, if you scroll down to see the other options for merch on that web page, you’ll see a whole bunch more options, like glasses, bottles, socks, and even a fanny pack. Now you can sport it like a real tourist. It’s a Nancy Drew nerd life here.

Denied the game design role.

-Little Jackalope (Calina Herman)

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  1. Emi says:

    Hey! Kinda off topic, but I was wondering if HeR could do some twitch streams over the summer! I know a lot of fans would love this, especially since we haven’t heard a lot from you guys!

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