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In one of the best scary games on PC/Mac, Nancy Drew unexpectedly finds herself in Salem, Massachusetts investigating an arson on the Hathorne estate.

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Please be advised that Apple's latest operating systems, such as Catalina and Big Sur, no longer support our 32-bit games. This change does not impact Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem or future titles. Please see our FAQ for more info and options.

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I love each of these games and I thank, thank, thank Her Interactive for all they’ve done for me.


So, thank you for your games! Thank you for allowing my sister and I to have so many memorable moments together. And thank you for making Nancy Drew part of our family as our third sister!

Jessie H. and Allie S.

Even though I’ve been playing ND for 8 years, I’ve never tired of the games. I strongly believe that all 25 games, along with the Dossier games, have replay value.

Janice M.

Not only are these games entertaining, challenging, and knowledgeable, they are also a great way to bring family and friends together. I am forever grateful for this amazingly awesome series and will continue to play them for probably the rest of my life. I hope you continue to make these fantastic games for a very, very, very long time. Thank you for all you’ve done in making the best Nancy Drew games (and the best computer games) I have ever played, Her Interactive!


To me, your games are more than just that. To me, your games are home. I hope to see many more games in the future and have no doubt in my mind that your fans will be forever loyal to you. Thank you for everything.


This game is laying out my future. Since I loved this game and the graphics so much, I am considering studying video game design. I am a nerd who knows computers more than anyone my age! When I’m bored or melancholy, I pop in one of these games and they instantly cheer me up. Thanks for brightening my childhood and bringing my family closer. I never get tired of these games! Keep on going Her Interactive!


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