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Day 2 at the Nancy Drew Convention – Ogunquit, Maine and Hammond Castle!

Hey there Clue Crew! In the last ASB, I left you just as my first official day at the Nancy Drew Convention ended. Time to share the scoop on day two! Day two was filled with optional excursions. We started out boarding a bus bright and early that would take us to Ogunquit, Maine! As […]

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2021 Cookie Contest Honorable Mentions!

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a wonderful week! In case you missed it, we announced the winners of the 2021 Holiday Cookie Contest! Our talented winner’s masterpieces can be seen here:  Announcing Our 2021 Cookie Contest Winners After going through all of the AMAZING entries you all submitted, we wanted to showcase some honorable […]

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Announcing our 2021 Cookie Contest Winners!

Happy January, Clue Crew! I hope you are all having a wonderful start to your 2022! Today we have announced the very talented winners of our Holiday Cookie Contest! I wanna preface this by thanking EVERYONE who sent in submissions and participated in this contest. Every submission was wonderful and made all of us here […]

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Your Nancy Drew Legacy Story

Hey there Nancy Drew Clue Crew, This week after a few long zoom meetings some of us in the office started talking about our Nancy Drew legacy story. This is what we started calling our earliest memories of Nancy Drew, or how we were introduced to the brand.  Back when I was an intern I […]

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Indy is Back with Weekend Puzzle #371

Hey there Nancy Drew Clue Crew! It’s me, Indy! It’s been a long time since I’ve last posted. For those who are new or just genuinely wondering, “who the heck is Indy?” let me introduce myself. My name is Indy, my favorite game is Secret of the Old Clock, I absolutely love Frank (although I […]

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Blackmoor Memories

I was digging in the archives for some graphics inspiration and came across another great piece. Well… it’s not THAT great, but it is pretty cool! This was one of the concept ideas for the cover art of Curse of Blackmoor Manor. As much as I like it, I really like the final version much […]

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Winter Solstice 2016

Happy first day of winter! It’s winter solstice today (meaning it’s the shortest day of the year, when we are tilted furthest from the sun.) To celebrate, Curse of Blackmoor Manor is on sale for 50% off, since that game mentions the solstices and equinoxes. (It’s also a great game!) I was having computer trouble […]

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Animated Art and Fan Art

I made a cool thing! As mentioned in an earlier blog post, I’ve been working on an animated gif. This one is from the cover art of Curse of Blackmoor Manor, which is on sale for 25% off this month using promo code TREAT16. It’s a short animation, but that’s because I spent so much […]

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The Silliness of Graphics

Today’s a rather slow day for me, I wrote a script, updated a web page, and worked more an the CUR animated Gif I have planned for this Friday. There are a lot of bats on the cover of Curse of Blackmoor Manor! I needed a method to keep track of them and their movements, […]

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High-Res Widescreen Wallpapers: CUR

Yesterday I missed a blog post because I was having computer troubles with the web site. Today it has been fixed and I can upload pictures again! So here I am, uploading a high-res widescreen wallpaper from Curse of Blackmoor Manor! I found this in the packaging files for the game — it was made […]

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