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Day 2 at the Nancy Drew Convention – Ogunquit, Maine and Hammond Castle!

Hey there Clue Crew! In the last ASB, I left you just as my first official day at the Nancy Drew Convention ended. Time to share the scoop on day two! Day two was filled with optional excursions. We started out boarding a bus bright and early that would take us to Ogunquit, Maine! As […]

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World Snow Day 2020! (Weekend Puzzle #368)

World Snow Day is on Saturday, so we are celebrating with a sale on Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek today through Sunday. Shop here! Here in Washington State, we had snow this week, and it was beautiful! However, we don’t often get snow, so most people are not accustomed to the dangers […]

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Comics, PopSockets, and Camera Day!

New podcast is up! This one features the writer of the new Nancy Drew comics, Anthony Del Col! Watch on the video below or subscribe to iTunes here. Today is National Camera Day! We are celebrating with a sale on Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake! Shop here! We have new PopSocket designs up, […]

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Deer on the Grounds!

We had a bit of excitement at the office today. A wandering deer appeared on the grounds: Reminder! Tomorrow we start our Twitch party! -Little Jackalope

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Springtime at the Office

It is a beautiful, warm spring day here at Her Interactive! Today I had to sit outside at this table to just enjoy the sun. Along the path I came across a bunny. Also, the Canadian Geese have been hanging around. They are viscous birds, and so noisy! There is also a collection of daffodils […]

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Holiday Cookie Winners!

Our office reviewed and voted on the cookie entries… congrats to our winners! Since it was really hard to choose only three, we wanted to share with you some honorable mentions and added those to the contest page here. Random: It was a nice, misty day at the office. So pretty! -Little Jackalope

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Bad Cake

It’s Throwback Thursday, the day we remember random good times and silly moments from the past…! Do you remember the first time you baked a cake for Loulou in Curse of Blackmoor Manor? I do! Actually… I better remember my villainous ways: baking a poisonous cake intentionally to see what would happen to the poor […]

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Halloween Preparedness

How are you getting ready for the upcoming fall season holidays? Halloween is just this Friday! I’m shooting a blog video today (no peaking) and that will be edited tomorrow and Wednesday. I’m also studying some of the scary Nancy Drew games for their popular scare scenes. Do you have a favorite scary Nancy Drew […]

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Walking the Trails

Can you relate to this Nancy Drew moment from Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake? I remember playing this game for the first time, and got lost often! Eventually I was able to recognizes little landmarks like fallen trees, stumps, random t-shirts hung up on the branches, and so on. These points helped me to navigate […]

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The Real Deception Island

Over the weekend I went on a real-life Nancy Drew adventure to explore the area that inspired our ninth game, Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island. The San Jaun islands along with Whidbey Island in the Puget Sound of Washington state have beautiful parks and awesome wildlife. (And yes, when I went there the skies […]

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