2022 Cookie Contest Honorable Mentions!

Best of #NDCookie22!

Happy new year detectives, Brighella here!

It was an eventful holiday and conclusion to our #NDCookie22 Cookie Contest! Big congrats to cather1ne_r0se, Mo_Sisters3, emilie.flood, angieclark8545, and Anne and Emily G. for winning the grand prize and first runners up! We’re so excited to give some shout outs for a few other notable entries, though, so check these out!

First we’ve got these expertly-built entries in the 3D Building category! Building this Secret of the Scarlet Hand jade box in Beech Hill was a highlight of my youth. And who wouldn’t love this ice-covered, or rather, icing-covered fort? A biteful of that would be a much tastier way to earn Toasty Packs.

@NDcontest22 | @Clarkesisters

I think The Secret of Shadow Ranch was the game that made the biggest appearance in this year’s entries. These Shadow Ranch houses were so fun for the 3D Building category! And check out that portrait of Shorty! (This one was my sister’s favorite to win 😉)

@Maris1545 | @Dini.bakes | @Dance._.ballet._.tap_

We had several entries do a mass of coordinating cookies! This Combo Cola one from Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake takes me back to Em’s Emporium and spending forever on that as a kid! “Nancy does everyone else’s chores cliche,” am I right? And this one by Dini.bakes of the Cougar Bend petroglyphs is so creative. The poppy beads are also a nice touch!

@Madijtrandahl | @Dini.bakes

As if cookies are not enough of a sweet treat, we had other goodies make an appearance in cookie form! These cookies of Lilac Inn pies from Secret of the Old Clock means we’ve got some sorting to do! Which Lilac Inn pie would you order? And of course we had to shout out the HeR logo and Koko Kringle! These would be my personal favorite to eat, sprinkles are my absolute favorite thing. And Maris1545 had such a great idea making these Treasure in the Royal Tower hand-painted French macarons! What a perfect French cookie to be French medallions, for the purple-hearted Queen herself?

Isabel R | Rose C | @Maris1545

Another huge thanks to everyone who submitted entries, whether you submitted just 1 or 7! It’s such an honor to see Nancy impacting people’s lives in an every-day way, especially around the holidays! Nancy Drew Games have a big place in our hearts and I can agree that our #1 detective is a deserving figure to have a place in our community traditions. That being said, here’s a compilation of every contest entry we received! A behind-the-scenes note: our first-runners up received prizes, but for the purposes of this video, we labeled every entry that got nominated to win in our voting process with “runner up.” Enjoy!

— Brighella

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  1. Annabeth says:

    Wonderful cookies!

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