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Winners, Prizes, and fans!

The Caption Contest winner on our Facebook page has been announced! Congrats to Julia Manns! Here’s what Julia wrote: “Ellen: You may want to check your grammar again.Nik: Oh, I’m sure it’ll be fine, no one will notice.Ellen: Come on, Nik! Being groovy is no excuse for abandoning basic grammar.” Aaaaand, *insert drum roll here* […]

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The Round Keepsake Box

I really wanted to highlight this item from our Merchandise Store: The Round Keepsake box! This box is really nice, and it fits DVDs and CDs in it nicely…hm…Nancy Drew game CDs, maybe?I have fun taking a look at how many different images can go on this box. Have you tried looking at the Moon […]

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All About Buttons!

Now that the Merchandise store has launched *deep breath* I can slow down and breathe, and then get all excited about the fun things to talk about, like buttons! Ok, perhaps it is a little less exciting to read about, but none-the-less important. Have you noticed a change to our home page? There are new […]

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Merchandise Store + New UI!

Aaah! Awesome day today! Besides the craziness of the weather here (snow flurries for 15 minutes, then bright sunshine the next), we have had an amazing day. ^_^ Ok, perhaps the snow flurries can be counted as amazing, too. First off, we introduced to you a brand new UI (User Interface) on our Dare to […]

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