Collector’s Month!

Hi ND Fans!

We’re celebrating our Collector’s month with tons of happenings! Not only is Nancy Drew 92 years old this month (April 28th!), but we’ve got so many things happening with collectibles.

Collector’s Sale

First, we have re-released the All-Games Collector’s Bundle sale! It’s our 32-game PC bundle, normally a $450 value, including all the strategy guides! It was so popular we’re bringing it back for only $189. You can check out with this bundle here, just use the code COLLECTOR22 by April 25th!



Bundle Giveaway

If you haven’t already seen on social media, we’re actually giving away the All-Games Collector’s bundle to one random person on Instagram! Tag your friend who you think deserves this bundle the most (or beg them to tag you 😉) and we’ll randomly pick one person to win. Make your comment on our Instagram Post by 11:59pm PST on Friday, April 8, and we’ll announce the lucky recipient on Saturday, April 9!

If you miss the chance to win the bundle, don’t worry there are more opportunities! A few of your favorite Nancy Drew creators online are giving away the bundle as well! Be sure to follow Arglefumph‘s Mega Marathon, Vote 4 Holt‘s Kahoot party, Story Retold, and more for other chances to win the bundle and support the Nancy Drew community!


New Merch!



Along with our bundle, we’ll be releasing some new merch in our Nancy Drew Games Official Store. You can collect all of these wonderful “snapshots” of a few of Nancy’s favorite moments. We’ve also got a limited edition anniversary item hitting the store, you won’t want to miss it because it’s gonna go fast! Keep an eye on our social media for the release drops!




Lastly, we’ll be launching another contest this month for a chance to win some of the items mentioned above. How can you win? For now let’s just say to raid your closet and garage, start gathering all your Nancy Drew swag, and you’ll find out soon!

Do you have a collection of Nancy Drew items? What’s your favorite?

— Brighella

One response to “Collector’s Month!”

  1. Madi says:

    I own all the games, I am currently trying to collect all the origianl text books and a few of the spin off series, same with the Hardy Boys books. I also have a few odds and ends from Etsy sellers to sit with my ND games 😀

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