Memorial Day 2021 (And Weekend Puzzle #370)

Hello fellow sleuths! We are celebrating Memorial Day this weekend.

Memorial Day Weekend 2021

We will be out of the office on Monday in honor of this holiday where we remember our fallen soldiers and veterans who are no longer with us.

To kick off the summer, we are having a few sales! This new Summer Bundle is on sale!

Summer of Mysteries Game Bundle Sale


Also, if you use code SUMMER21 over in our Teespring storefront on any Nancy Drew merch there, you can get 10% off.

Teespring Summer Weekend Sale


I really want to buy another Nancy Drew item, but I cannot decide… what would you like to see me showcase in future Twitch Streams or YouTube videos? Also, I would like to work on a T-shirt design that features all of our clever sayings from the past Twitch streams. What were your favorite quotes from our past parties?

It’s been a while since I’ve made a Weekend Puzzle! Let’s have one just for fun! It’s a crossword about this blog. 😉 Enjoy! (Clues are below.)

Amateur Sleuth Blog Weekend Puzzle

  • 2. I did many for the blog in my early writing days. In fact there is an example of one on this page. (Plural answer.)
  • 3. The Hardy Boys are also these.
  • 4. What I loved to share the most on the blog: three words to describe the office activity of HeR Interactive.
  • 6. Occasionally, I would conduct _____ to showcase a team member’s thoughts and their work they have done on the games.
  • 7. Live gameplays on this media channel.
  • 8. The Junior-level difficulty name of the newer games. Also the name of this blog.


  • 1. What I uploaded to YouTube after I recorded myself. (Plural answer.)
  • 5. Every Friday, I used to write/design a _____ _____ for you to solve. This one is an example!
  • 9. My alias, pseudonym, screen name, how I sign off or introduce myself.
  • 10. Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure _____.
  • 11. One season at HeR, a mysterious team member would hide one of these in my desk each week. These are also fun finds in the games.
  • 12. I would often promote _______ for people to aware of to participate and enter in, sponsored by HeR Interactive.
  • 13. I often fulfilled shout outs to fans who asked for this type of request on a specific day.

Little Jackalope Doodle Secret

A girl can have many dreams! If even one can be fulfilled and lived out, that is a blessed and lucky girl.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

-Little Jackalope (Calina Herman)

6 responses to “Memorial Day 2021 (And Weekend Puzzle #370)”

  1. Huw Miller says:

    I’ve missed seeing your drawings! Always loved them and your style!

  2. Jennifer Warpool says:

    When will there be another Twitch Stream?

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hi Jennifer! We currently do not have any plans for a Twitch party yet, but I will let the team know of this wish list item!

  3. Hmm, how about “stay Sleuthy” I always like that quote!

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