Cosplay & Pumpkin Contest 2022 Honorable Mentions

Hi, Detectives!

Roo and Brighella here! As we wrap up the fall season, we’re also excited to share some of the amazing contest entries we had in October and November! 

Huge congrats to Lconley, Josie M., Shelby Z., and Anne & Emily G. for winning the main categories! Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for, let’s get into some of the wonderful entries submitted that blew us away and were runner ups in our voting process!

Best of Cosplay Contest!

Roo here! How fun and spooky are these cosplays below!? I do have to say one thing I loved most about these cosplays this year was the CREATIVITY and ORIGINALITY! If you love roaming the halls of Waverly Academy, the Bolet Mansion, and of course just hanging out in the classic Nancy Drew menu as much as I do, you are bound to enjoy these cosplays!

Charlotte M. | Abigail T. | Rachael E.

I have one word and one word only that comes to mind to describe these Minette cosplays: incredibly RUDE!

Jordan K. | Ireland D.

This cosplay of Shorty was absolutely amazing and as I have mentioned before about other things relating to Shadow Ranch, it is my favorite since it is not yelling at me about the vegetables not being ripe 😀 This video of Frances Humber also was so creative and fun! I really felt as if I was in the game again ready to find Dirk Valentine’s treasure.

Annette H. | Avery B.

This cosplay entry for Elinor Penvellyn faced-off in a Makeup SFX category tie-breaker!

Anna Elizabeth G.

Now, how fun are these cosplays of TWO different Janes? No spoilers here, but do you think there’s a conspiracy behind the name Jane in Nancy Drew games?! OOOooooOOO haha. 

Amy K. |Elizabeth G.

But I do have to say these other incredible cosplays of Fiona, Nefertari, and Sonny Joon are making me think one thing’s for certain about Nancy Drew games – we have such fun characters and even more fun and creative fans that continue to WOW us every year! 

Danyell S. | @xoxokaleighw | @danyellethevariant

Best of Pumpkin Contest!

Brighella here! I’ll be walking us through some honorable mention entries! These entries were submitted as winners in our voting process. This year we had our traditional carved category, and we added the new painted category! Let’s check ‘em out!

The Haunted Carousel was very popular this year!

Kerstin N.

These are our two top first-runners up! Congrats to them!

@ILikeRamen | @Shelby78154688-01

Kassandra G. showed up very creatively with these two Nancy Drew book covers!

Kassandra G.

Of course we’ve got to give a shout out to this entry with the HeR logo and other videogame friends!

Alexis C.

Beth H. sent this amazing pumpkin creation, complete with real clay molded pieces! Bet this was a breathtaking beachy decoration on the doorstep! 

Beth H.

Here we’ve got some spooky ladies in the spotlight. All we need is Ethel sliding around the corner to complete the scare.

Madi T. | @Chantillymakes | Frankie M.

Finally here are some mythical monsters! Well, is Malone’s ghost dog Lucy a monster? Sally McDonald certainly thought so…

@KatiePaintie | Theresa N. | @Curlsbehindthecamera

Every Entry!

We had entry after entry of incredible submissions. The creativity of our community never ceases to amaze us! We’re so proud of how well everyone did and really hope everyone had a fun time participating for a chance to win some cool prizes. We put together these videos of every entry we received this year, we hope you enjoy this fun recap!

Excited for our next contest? Not long to wait… our newsletter will tell the latest info! Plus it’s final days for our 32-Game PC Bundle, all our games for more than half off, ending December 15th!

— Roo and Brighella

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