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Travel to Cabins

Do any of you vacation in cabins? Perhaps you have a family cabin, or a special place you half-camp, half-board at? I’ve been to a camp that offered a one-room cabin with only electrical lights and a bunk bed and couch. As for the weekend puzzle, the Morse code spells out [“Ghost of Thornton Hall“] […]

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Heading to School – Dorms!

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend! I got to spend time painting some walls, baking peach tarts, going to gaming conventions, and playing more video games. It was lovely. What relaxing or fun things did you do? Over the weekend we shared this animated gif from Warnings at Waverly Academy: […]

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Lego Nancy Drew!

Hey guys! If you like Nancy Drew and Legos… I recommend supporting this fan’s creative design. Andrew created this idea of the Nancy Drew Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake Lego set, and it’s really amazing! Check it out: To get Lego’s real attention into POSSIBLY making this set available in stores, we need to reach […]

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In Between Games & Travel Moments

Here in the marketing team, we don’t work directly on making the games. When a game is finished, we present it in the very best red-carpet presentation that we think befits the game title. We get it ready, tease it out, put sales and holiday celebrations around the older ones, and find every way to […]

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Book 13, Pets, and the Scarlet Hand

I recently finished another Nancy Drew book for my summer reading challenge: The Mystery of the Ivory Charm. Have you read it? It’s about a traveling exotic animal show and a boy in trouble. My favorite parts about the book was at the end when long-lost family members are reunited, and a crazy building that […]

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Traveling to a Vacation Destination

It’s already May! That’s got me thinking about upcoming vacation time. In fact, I’m planning on a little vaca time this Thursday/Friday. I’ll be traveling to Portland, OR to visit Powell’s book store to add some Nancy Drew books to my collection. 😉 Perhaps I will take some Nancy Drew photos if I come across […]

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Nancy Drew Coloring Page: Kate Drew

It’s another travel Tuesday where we remember doing something we had never done before: make Bento boxes in Japan! Features Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water’s Edge. Also, I created a coloring page out of the cover art from Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy. You can download this from the downloads section of the page […]

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TRT Guide, Travel and Ntl Pet Day

Huzzah! I finished the official strategy guide for Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower! It’s free for download when you purchase the game, or you can buy the guide separately here. It’s also National Pet Day! Shout out to all kinds of pet owners! And of course, it’s Travel Tuesday. Who wishes they could […]

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Travel Tuesday & Twitch

This is a classic moment, when I played Scopa with Enrico in Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice, I was often afraid that my disguise wouldn’t work and I would get caught. Had anyone else felt that way? Don’t forget to mark your calendars! On Thursday we start our Twitch party! (And it will start […]

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Time Travel Tuesday

It’s travel Tuesday! Does time travel count? I thought it was a novel idea to pay respects to the original Nancy Drew book, Secret of the Old Clock, by sending Nancy (the player) to the 1930s in the twelfth game. I especially love the music – it’s best for driving around on a sunny weekend […]

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