Tough Old Puzzles

We shared this Nancy Drew moment today:


Do you remember the first time you played Secret of the Scarlet Hand? I remember struggling with the HAM radio steps. I always messed up the Morse code and got frustrated since I didn’t know Spanish very well. XD

Of course, if you purchase the game from our site now, you get the strategy guide download for free with it. The guide let’s you “not think” too hard and gives you the step-by-step directions, which is super helpful for tough puzzles like the HAM radio. Although I personally only use this after I have solved it on my own the first time.

There is always that one puzzle or activity in each game that you have the most struggles with. What puzzles do you remember being super hard the first time you tried solving them?

-Little Jackalope

17 responses to “Tough Old Puzzles”

  1. Emily in Wisconsin says:

    I remember getting stuck on the minigolf “puzzle” in Secret of the Old Clock. After 2 years I finally found it out!!!!!!!!

  2. Emma says:

    I used walkthroughs for my first playthroughs of all the early games when I was younger, but as for the later games that I solved on my own, I remember being so confused by the box in SPY where you have to put the wheels in a certain order. I had no idea what to do! 😛

  3. Anabell says:

    Shadow at the Water’s Edge, picture frame puzzle, I spent a few months on that one!

    • Little Jackalope says:

      A few months? Wow! Sounds like you persevered, though, good work! I’m a nerd, I actually LOVED that puzzle. XD

  4. Isis4ever says:

    Ah, yes, that HAM radio puzzle! That’s such a tricky one – I get it wrong at first every time. xD Another one that was really tricky for me was the USB puzzle at the end of SPY. When I first played I played on Master Detective, and I’ve never been good at sudoku, so considering that puzzle was like sudoku but harder…let’s just say I used a spoiler in the end. 😀


  5. Teagan says:

    I remember really hating fishing in The Creature of Kapu Cave game! I spent all night with 3 of my friends going back, in forth, back in forth, fishing not stop!!!

  6. Firestone2430 says:

    When i first played Danger on Deception Island, the puzzle with finding the male crab. Looking back, its pretty simple now. When I was playing it then…Anyway, then in The Captive Curse where you had to figure out the Glockenspeil. That’s sounds cool. I’ll type that again. Glockenspeil. Anyway, it took a while to figure out how to so it. I have many, many “moments” where the light bulb doesn’t flash on until I’ve asked for help. Then its like, so thats how it goes. I remember playing The Curse of Blackmoor Manor. (You guys need to create games like this again, favorite game) when you got in to the underground chamber and you went in the turning room where you go in one door and the whole room moves. Anyway, I finally figured it out. I dont like using hints and answers because it isn’t any fun that way. Like the new Nancy Drews where you can push the little question mark on the task list. I dont like that because now when i get stuck, it tempts me into wanting to click it. And eventually I do. Anyway, there’s just some of my moments. Caio!

  7. Wheatley says:

    Oh there are so many to choose from! The fox and geese game from ICE (SOOOOO painful), morse code from Deception Island, I could go on and on! 😉
    I’ve played every single game and I think the worst one (in my opinion) was the final puzzle in SAW!! It took me FOREVER to figure out with my siblings help! hahaha!

  8. shadow_ranch says:

    LOL! There are lots of puzzles that take me multiple tries to solve! The hardest ever has got to either be connecting the pipes to get out of the sauna in ICE or the puzzle at the end of VEN where you have to keep from drowning.

  9. Victoria says:

    The Bento Boxes in SAW Were Definitely The Hardest For Me.

  10. Abigail says:

    I know it’s not a puzzle, but it took me literally months of playing FIN to find the projector room. I didn’t even know it was there until I saw something about it on the message boards. Finally after I found out about it, I still had to get help in order to find it. It was so exciting to finally progress in the game after that point! 🙂 Thankfully, I enjoyed that game so much that at the time I didn’t mind the hours spent wandering around the theatre before I found it. As far as actual puzzles go, Fox and Geese has always been a hard one for me, and I still have yet to figure out the ending puzzle in WAC.

    • Isis4ever says:

      Ohhh, yes – the FIN projector room! It took me forever to find that too! It’s amazing how sometimes the most obvious things can go by unnoticed.

  11. Allison says:

    Oh, the toughest “puzzles”, if you can call ’em that, for me would have to be those arcade games in TRN! You can imagine the sense of immense of relief I felt when I finally won the horse game and got the guy up the mountain! 😀

  12. Calli says:

    I am so horribly stuck on the fox and geese game in ICE right now. The worst part is you can’t even look up a walkthrough. Hardest puzzle I have seen!

  13. Donna Allee says:

    The pieces don’t match the box cover or is this a mystery puzzle

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