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Day 3 Twitch: The Silent Spy

Today we posted a fun video. Tess and I had a little fun making this parody of Nancy Drew, a sort of confessional-style documentary on how Nancy does her detectiving. Enjoy! Tonight’s the night! Come party with us for a chance to win some prizes! Follow us at https://www.twitch.tv/nancy_drew_games and be sure to spread the […]

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Anniversary T-shirts and a Fan Interviewer

Today’s daily news includes celebrating Nancy Drew’s 87th anniversary (which is tomorrow, the 28th of April) but we now have new t-shirt designs to commemorate this. You can shop here on Amazon. “Kennerdy” interviewed me for her blog, and the questions were fun to answer. (Side note: I do not have any additional behind-the-scenes fun […]

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Podcast and Twitch Party

Just fyi, we still have some KoKo Kringles up for grabs! Order a Nancy Drew game this weekend and you may get one! We have a new podcast up today! (Thanks Tammy for the interview!) Check out the podcast on iTunes and subscribe here. Or you can watch/listen to the video we uploaded to YouTube […]

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National Bird Day 2017

Remember how all the team names in The Shattered Medallion were named after birds? Well, that was in part of our game designer. She’s really interested in bird watching, so she really likes them and can identify most any species. She’s also the reason why bird names are the code words for people in The […]

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Preparing for Christmas

Today I’m working on a quick Christmas greeting video to share reminders about Christmasy things. 🙂 The office is pretty quiet this week, and just a head’s up: I will be on Christmas vacation December 22-27 and will be back on the 28th. To catch on things, here are the weekend (and today’s) countdown gifts: […]

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Revising a Video

I’m working on a new Christmasy video, but some tweaks are needed. Here’s a behind the scenes look at my oh-so-fascinating screen: I’m hoping to have it done tomorrow, but we shall see! Here are today’s Christmas countdowns! -Little Jackalope

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Day Two on Twitch: ICE

Tonight we continue playing Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek. Follow us here! If you missed yesterday’s party, we’ve uploaded it to our YouTube Twitch Party playlist. Here’s Day one: Fan q33nn3rd shared a picture of herself during our party last night. I love seeing fans’ pictures at the Twitch party! Speaking of […]

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Busy Fridays with Christmas Things!

I missed yesterday’s post since I was SUPER busy with things… and since I’ve been working on a lot of Codes & Clues projects lately, I’ve been busy today too. But I just now have time to stop by for a minute to alert you to all the great things going on! There’s the big […]

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Widescreen Wallpapers & Fan Videos (And Weekend Puzzle #317)

Hey all! A big fan, Huw, interviewed me for his YouTube channel! If you have a spare hour and fifteen minutes, we chat about all kinds of things. Enjoy! (And thanks, Huw for the fun chat!) Also, I found more hi-res screenshots! This time, they are from Shadow at the Water’s Edge. There are two […]

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STfD Day 2 on Twitch!

Tonight we complete Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Danger on Twitch! This time, Tess will be playing the game. Hopefully we will make better progress than I did yesterday. 😛 Join us tonight for a chance to win some prizes! Reminder: you can now get the digital download here. If you missed yesterday’s stream, you […]

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