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KEY Production Notes – Roo Edition!

Howdy Sleuths! Last week Brighella answered 34 of your questions and today I thought I would give you a little behind-the-scenes look at one of my favorite moments so far in the making of Nancy Drew: Mystery of the Seven Keys as well as answer more of your questions! View this post on Instagram A […]

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34 Bonus Q&A With Brighella

Hi everyone! Brighella here from HeR Interactive. Last week we posted a video of part 1 of myself, Indy, and Roo answering some of your Q&A about us or Mystery of the Seven Keys! I hope you had a chance to submit questions on our Instagram. We’ll be posting more videos but I wanted to […]

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Pre-Orders for MID: Oct. 15th

Dear Detectives, Pre-orders and the official release date for Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem has been pushed out, but, only by two weeks. Read our official letter here and re-mark your calendars for October 15th to pre-order and December 3rd to release date. Creating  a new game on a new engine with a new user […]

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Spring Break and Billie Wildrick

It’s our big Spring Break sale this week! Get any game for 50% off while supplies last here! Also, check out the podcast episode today featuring Billie Wildrick – she is the one who sang “The Word I couldn’t Keep” from Sea of Darkness. -Little Jackalope

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Bess’s Podcast and Weekend Puzzle #344

There is a new podcast today! Listen to it here on iTunes! This one features a popular and well-loved character: Bess Marvin. Jennifer Pratt has been the voice actress for Bess for many games, and I got to meet her once for the recording of one of our recent mysteries. (I honestly forget for which […]

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Talking About Video Games

Hey all! I got to join Video Game Break in a podcast! We talked about all kinds of video games (including a little bit about Nancy Drew) and some voice acting. 😉 Check it out! -Little Jackalope

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Behind the Scenes of LIE (Weekend Puzzle #244)

LIE is the official acronym for Nancy Drew’s 31st mystery, Labyrinth of Lies, and we have been working hard on it! Two weeks ago I got to sit in on the first official play-through meetings with the design team to check the logic, story, game play and make sense of the puzzle that intertwines it […]

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Recording Sessions in June

In order for our animation team to start work on character dialogue, they need the audio files of the character voices. So we must record our actors’ performances early in the process of creating our games. You may be surprised to know that all of the character’s scripts have been written and nearly all of […]

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A Cold Day for Recording

Today it got really cold outside at the office. While it hasn’t snowed yet, it was frosty, yet sunny and bright out. It was also an excellent day for a field trip to the recording studio! I got to sit in on Jennifer’s session for Bess Marvin. (So excited!) Although I forgot to take photos […]

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Identify That Game!

Veterans Day! A big thank you to all who served! I thought I’d grab a screen shot to share with you to tease what I’m working on right now: Also, it looks like a bunch of you were able to find the secret message in the weekend puzzle! Congrats! Since there were only a few […]

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