KEY Production Notes – Roo Edition!

Howdy Sleuths!

Last week Brighella answered 34 of your questions and today I thought I would give you a little behind-the-scenes look at one of my favorite moments so far in the making of Nancy Drew: Mystery of the Seven Keys as well as answer more of your questions!

A few days ago, I posted a video describing my experience writing some extra lines for two iconic men in Nancy’s life – Ned Nickerson and her father, Carson Drew, voiced by the talented Scott Carty and Ken Boynton. Fair warning, I was incredibly emotional during the whole process, I mean who wouldn’t be?! It was such a full-circle moment. If you know me personally, you know that I am usually the first to shed a tear in a happy situation(or any situation, lol). Trust me, I was OVER THE MOON getting to hear the voices behind Ned and Carson recording their lines.

On the topic of voice acting and recording lines, we did get plenty of questions asking about how fans (like you!) could possibly become voice actors for a future Nancy Drew Game! After being in on some of the recordings, and experiencing it in real-time, it was clear to me that these actors have trained for long hours to be voice actors. They are really performing when they record lines! All I have to say is you could start by taking some acting classes as well as some classes just for voice-over acting to see how different acting on a stage is from being in a studio. Who knows, maybe one day we will cross paths!

Back to the other wonderful questions we received from you all on our Instagram! I thought it would be fitting to answer SEVEN more questions here about game 34 and some other fun things:

  1. @abbefer  •  What’s been the most exciting part of production so far?

    • Honestly, all of it! From learning what the location of the game was going to be to doing some additional research, creating art assets, providing feedback on puzzles and writing a few extra voice lines and more! I think with each day something new becomes the most exciting part for me! Seeing this game truly come to life has been such a fun experience overall.
  2. @_marymellow_ – Will the game still include hints to the games of the past, such as new Wickford candy?

    • Now I can’t say much for this one in order to not give away anything, but I would definitely keep your eyes peeled when playing Mystery of the Seven Keys! If you are a fan of the past games, you may or may not see a thing or two that look familiar. 😉
  3. @savannahxgrace  •  Team Ned or Team Frank?

    • If you watch my recent video, you will learn that I am DEFINITELY Team NED! NEDANCY 4 EVA!
  4. @18lunachiara  •  What’s the best one-liner you have from this game, no context?

    • “…You are my favorite tourist.”
  5. @_soulux  •  Will we ever get a face card for Nancy?? I’m DYING to see what she really looks like!

    • This is such an interesting question! I say interesting because even though we have seen smudged pictures of Nancy (SAW) and even her hands (SPY) I’ve always sort of imagined her to look like me, or the person who is playing the game (I hope this makes sense!). I think even though in the books she had a classic look to her with the red hair and whatnot, she is one of those characters that the player is meant to see as themselves. So I’m not sure if we will ever give her a “face” and in the meantime, we can say she looks like you! And whoever else is reading this and has played the games! 😀
  6. @a.g.illustrations  •  Favorite nonsense Game 34 theory from when we were all theorizing like crazy?

    • O.M.G. Where do I begin?! You guys seriously are so clever in picking up on the tiniest of details when it comes to the theories you had! Some of my favorites were all the Shakespeare theories because of the Shakespeare article in the newspaper background from CRE we had on a post about our newsletter (and then you guys tied an ND book to it and had a whole plot written out?!?). You are all so brilliant! All the posts, videos, etc. were so fun!
  7. @emily_grace42  •  In one super mysterious word (Or maybe a gif?) what are you most looking forward to in game 34?

    • Not a word or a gif, but an emoji! 📚

Be on the lookout for more fun posts on our social media and of course some more Q&A!

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2 responses to “KEY Production Notes – Roo Edition!”

  1. Brighella says:

    Love your answers, Roo! And interesting emoji 😉 I can definitely relate to Team Ned. Although I LOVE Team Frank, and a lot of the other teams 😀 Our Frank and Joe voice actors are so iconic, too! If you guys ever see this, we appreciate you so much and thank you thank you thank you for all you’ve done in the games! -Brighella

  2. Prof. Hotchkiss says:

    I love the bold SEVEN, this has not gone unnoticed. The question it raises is should we spiral yet?

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