Can’t Czech That Off Yet and Weekend Puzzle #378

*clears throat* Ahoj přátelé staří i noví!

A new case means a new language and the sentence above means “hello friends old and new!” in Czech!  *double checks Google Translate* Yep, I got it right! In case you missed it, we recently announced Prague, CZ as the game location of Nancy’s next case, Mystery of the Seven Keys! If you’re like me and don’t actually know anything about the Czech language, you are not alone! The Czech Republic has long protected and honored their unique Czech language which is historically Bohemian, and is the official language of the Czech Republic. So, let’s learn some together!

If you haven’t already seen it, you can enhance your language skills by visiting @NancyDrewGames on our various social sites like Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube and watching our most recent video. You will hear a couple of the most “need to know” phrases from some of Nancy’s new friends and suspects. If you study up, hopefully, there won’t be another Italian stake-out language situation on your hands.

I think I can speak on behalf of the entire team here at HeR Interactive and say we’ve had an absolute blast watching you solve each of the puzzles put in your path. For many of us on the team, we felt like kids again. I personally felt like I was 10 years old, playing games with my best friend during summer sleepovers. Each of you brought your own special knowledge to the clues and only together could you solve them all so quickly.

Since the Clue Crew seems to love puzzles so much, I thought we’d have a good old-fashioned weekend puzzle. It’s time to learn more about Prague before we pack our bags just yet, so it’s time for Weekend Puzzle #378. A group whose mind is like a ravenous monkey gobbling up every banana in its path should find this weekend’s puzzle easy as banana pie compared to some of the monster puzzles that we have put out in the past. 🙂

Weekend Puzzle #378


P.S. This puzzle is inspired by how the Clue Crew tried to unjumble words and letters to create secret messages since day one!

2 responses to “Can’t Czech That Off Yet and Weekend Puzzle #378”

  1. Tamara Baum says:

    the largest castle in the worlds is in Prague.

    The first cafe in Prague dates back to the 16th century.

    Legend has it that. Old Town councilors blinded Hanus Carolinum, the genius who created the world-famous clock tower. They feared that he might create a similar clock tower in another city making Prague’s less unique.

  2. Prague Castle is the third largest in the world.

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