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Error Code 12121: No 32-bit video mode found

You may receive this error message during installation or when you try to run your game: Error Code 12121: No 32-bit video mode found. Card is unsupported. This error message indicates that the video card being used does not meet the minimum requirements, or that the video card driver needs to be updated. Right-click on […]

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Where can I find Patches for Graphics Problems?

Patches to correct graphics problems are found under the Games category of the Tech Support FAQ’s. Click on the Games category (at left), then click the game you are having a problem with. If a patch is available for this game, it will be listed there. You can also search the Tech Support FAQ’s by […]

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Game Screen Flickers or Flashes

If the game screen flashes off and on, flickers, or characters appear and flicker in front of the game screen, it means the currently installed video card driver may not fully support DirectX. Press the Alt and Tab keys together (Alt + Tab) several times. This toggles the game screen on and off. Doing this […]

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DirectX, DirectDraw, or d3dx9 Error

You may receive one of the following error messages when starting your game: • Application failed because of missing component d3dx9_33dll • DirectX error • DirectDraw or INTDirectdraw error These errors occur when DirectX 9.0 is not correctly installed (multiple versions of DirectX may run at the same time), or a newer version of DirectX […]

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Where can I find the System Requirements for each game?

You can find the system requirements for each Nancy Drew game by clicking the Games tab at the top of the page, then click on the game of your choice. For example, the system requirements for game #26 Tomb of the Lost Queen (PC) are: Operating System: Windows® XP/Vista/7 Minimum System Requirements: – 1.5 GHZ […]

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Graphics Problems

Graphics problems are usually caused by outdated video drivers, or by video cards that do not meet the game requirements. Graphics problems can include: • Game exits during puzzle or animation sequence • Mouse cursor flickers or disappears • Blocky text and boxed cursor • Game window is black • Boxes or outlines visible around […]

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Windowed and Full Screen Display Modes

Games from #25 Alibi in Ashes and higher have two display options: – Windowed – Full Screen To adjust the display setting at any point during gameplay, go to the Options menu and check the display setting you prefer. Changing your display setting will not interrupt gameplay and can be done at any time. Games […]

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Tomb of the Lost Queen: Text or Images Appear Distorted

In Tomb of the Lost Queen, text and images can appear distorted when playing on a computer with display resolution set below the game resolution of 1024×768. If the resolution is lower than 1024 x 768 (for instance, Netbooks are often set to 800 x 600), the game graphics are shrunk to fit the smaller […]

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Windowed Display on Screens Smaller than 1024 x 768

Nancy Drew Games from #26 and higher display in 1024 x 768 resolution. On computer screens with a display height of 768 pixels or less, when the Game Option is set to Windowed mode, the game Taskbar may extend past the bottom of the computer screen or behind the Windows Taskbar (on PC). There are […]

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Mouse Cursor Lags, Wanders, or Flickers

While playing a Nancy Drew game, your mouse cursor may move erratically or slowly or seem to flicker. This is usually caused by an outdated video driver. Updating your video card driver can help with this problem. To determine your video card model and manufacturer, please follow the instructions below to run the DxDiag file: […]

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