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Secret Game Meetings: The First of 2014

Today a few of us went into this conference room…  …to discuss something very important concerning the game we are currently working on. We pretty much brushed up on what the game is about, important elements, the characters and how they behave, the environments, themes, and a few puzzles. Why? Well… that’s kind of a […]

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Jackalopes and Secret Meetings

Yesterday we had a top secret meeting. Only a few people in the office even knew about it. I was one of the lucky ones to attend. My job was to write everything up on the whiteboard. Words. Places. Actions. Themes. Sentences half-formed. Lots of “hmmm…”s were said by the attendees. The rest of the […]

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Random Fan Love and Office Activities

To get you up to speed on what we have been up to now that Ghost of Thornton Hall has released. The artists are working on their first round of environments for the next game, ND#29 (you can watch the preview video on our YouTube Channel now). The production team is working on creating the […]

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GTH is Golden!

Today is an important day in our office! Today Ghost of Thornton Hall has gone gold! This means our final game build is complete, no more changes are going to be made, and it is now off to be burned onto discs, printing the boxes and then packaged. There is a lot that goes into […]

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Last Design Touches

Today we had a review meeting with the leads and design team. Our designer, Cathy, presented to us the results from our testers’ feedback and although it’s top secret information, I may venture to say that this game is looking really good! There were, however, some suggested edits to a few design elements and the […]

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A Sudden Decision

We had another top-secret walk-through meeting today for Ghost of Thornton Hall. I’ll try not to spoil it for you, but a small mention came up of a few second chances that we have done in the past. This instance is where you, as Nancy Drew, must make a quick-second decision to… well… do something. […]

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Top Secret Meetings (ND#28 Name Spoiler!)

It has come to the time where the design team has roughed-out the full story and play-through of Ghost of Thornton Hall, and we have begun our top-secret game walkthrough meetings for it! Ok, since the game is still a work in progress, we are still early in the animations, script, puzzles, and just about […]

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The Deadly Device: Beta Results

Random Jackalope thought for the day: If we can get enough money raised on our Kickstarter campaign, we would start by porting Tomb of the Lost Queen, and then someday The Deadly Device as well…When that day comes, how cool would it be to say “I have The Deadly Device on my device!” or perhaps […]

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A Normal Day…Screaming

It was just any normal day today, we are focusing on Kickstarter, working on ESRB, finalizing Beta for The Deadly Device when suddenly…we hear a man scream! And then again, a little different, and then again! Our ears have perked up and we notice the screams were coming from a room close by. It’s coming […]

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Weekend Puzzle #157

We have a new development in the egg mystery that has been going on. I will catch you up on it next week. Today in the office we are having a kick-off meeting for our next game ND#28. After our designer presents her fabulous PowerPoint, getting everyone  on the same page as we are about […]

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