Indy’s Nancy Drew Party and Weekend Puzzle Solution!

It’s my (Victoria’s) party and we won’t cry because we don’t want to!

Hey there party people!

Earlier this month I threw an absolutely fabulous birthday party for my friend Victoria and it was all Nancy Drew and Treasure in the Royal Tower themed! We played the game, took notes in our very official notebooks, and ate cake fit for a purple-hearted queen! The decor consisted of a banner that read “let them eat cake,” giant ice cubes with purple roses frozen inside, gold and black accents, and even tiny little paper tea cups with Marie Antoinette on them! The best extra of them all was added by HeR Interactive’s very own Roo! She made these beautiful menus a la Wickford Castle style with the actual food we ate at the party! What’s even better, is she made them for me the morning of when I was running out of time and couldn’t do them myself! Credit for these menus come from the idea given to me from a Clue Crew member on Discord! This just proves the power of brainstorming and how insanely creative the Clue Crew truly is. 💜🔍

While most of us played the game hooked up to my TV, another friend Morgan got consumed by my horse puzzle. If this looks familiar to you, it’s because  this is the very puzzle that the infamous otter puzzle from Castle Malloy is based on. Morgan came over early to help me set up and once we were done she picked up that puzzle and refused to set it down until well past midnight when she finally got with with no hints OR spoilers! She was so excited! Pure joy!

Now last week we Roo put together a phenomenal puzzle! If you didn’t catch it, beware, spoilers below!

Social Puzzle Answers


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With the solution being magnifying glass, I guess that can only mean one thing! Drumroll please…

Our latest reveal video for Nancy’s Prague packing list!

I think the only magnifying glass that’s missing from the roundup is the tiny little one that was included in one of the special edition game boxes. The only thing is, I can’t for the life of me remember which game Her Interactive included these in. I guess it’s a mystery only the Clue Crew can solve! Does anyone have this HeR Interactive relic or remember what box included them? Brownie points to whoever comments with the correct answer. I’m dying to know!

Do any of you lucky sleuths have one of these?


2 responses to “Indy’s Nancy Drew Party and Weekend Puzzle Solution!”

  1. Huw Miller says:

    I have one of those magnifying glasses! Mine came with a weird bundle (SSH strategy guide, STFD+MHM “double dare”), but I’m pretty sure that it was originally sent with copies of TRT and FIN and maybe a couple others!

  2. Prof. Hotchkiss says:

    Indy did you make the otter puzzle-based puzzle you mentioned here? Or did you get it somewhere? I would love one!

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