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Celebrating Nancy’s 93rd Birthday

Hey Nancy Drew clue crew! Hopefully everyone had a great weekend celebrating all things Nancy Drew! I saw some fans baked beautiful cakes, played the games, or even went and visited the Nancy Drew and Mildred Benson exhibit at the Toledo Library. That is one item on my personal bucket list! This weekend was pretty […]

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Easter Weekend Memories

Ahoy-hoy Nancy Drew Fans! Indy here. Let me start out by saying no clues in this post. Trust me, this isn’t some sort of reverse psychology trick. Just a good old-fashioned Amateur Sleuth Blog post like the good ol’ days. 🙂 Easter is always a fun little time for Nancy Drew Games as it gives […]

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Weekend Puzzle #224

First things first: just giving you all a head’s up about our message boards this weekend. Some minor maintenance will be happening on the boards for a bit, so the forums will be temporarily down. You won’t see any changes at your end after the work is done, so no worries! How’s the start of […]

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Merry Christmas 2013!

We have a lot to share with you today! First off, we will be out of the office these days: The winners of the cookie contest have been announced! Visit the Dare to Play blog here to see who won! (Thanks everyone for participating!) Today is the first day of snow for us here in […]

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The Silent Spy Press Check

Once the cover art for the latest game has been finalized, we send the box design off to print. Our Marketing Director flew out to Chicago to review the final result for The Silent Spy‘s art before we begin printing all DVD case inserts. This was the press check. We always want to make sure […]

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Old Secrets Lead to Scotland

With all the excitement we had over our last game, Ghost of Thornton Hall, it was quite easy to forget the old secrets hinted at for this year. Remember the old post 13 Hints for 2013 in January? There was one hint that I forgot to answer for GTH… Next Hint #7: Talent. This vague […]

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Summer Fun at Her Interactive

It feels like I haven’t written a blog post in forever! Technically only a week, as we enjoyed our Independence Day weekend out and about and families and friends. Although yesterday I got sick. Eh. Summer here at Her Interactive can be quite fun! We play hackysack together outside more often, ice cream trucks come […]

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Revealing Office Secrets…

Ok, if you“are keeping track, we revealed two more items onGthe 13 hints for 2013 notebook list this week, here’s the update: #1 Rhyme referredhto the lyrics inothe “I’m Nancy Drew” music video weslaunched this week on our YouTube Channel.#10 Bonustrefers tosthe BONUSdEDITION contestowe are having for those who pre-order the game… Voila! That’s right, we […]

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Long Time to Wait

We posted this Nancy Drew Moment to our social media sites, and I find this rather funny. From all the teasing we have been doing of Ghost of Thornton Hall, this holds so very true. Perhaps it would be really nice of us to share more information, huh? Well, I can say we are getting […]

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