Weekend Puzzle #377 – Castle Malloy Puzzle!

Hey everyone, Brighella here!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Hope everyone had a fun Friday! It’s extra warm and sunny for me this winter weekend and I’m dog-sitting. How has everyone filled their time with Nancy lately? I’ve enjoyed watching StoryRetold stream Nancy Drew: The Final Scene on Mondays! We have a lot going on at HeR Interactive this week, so as I mentioned a couple weekend puzzles ago, I’ll give an update with what I can share from this week!

  • We’ve had so many messages regarding tech support in the past few weeks! Many issues on Mac computers for our Mac-compatible games. After the 2019 update when Apple pulled support for 32-bit games, our Mac-compatible games – with the exception of Midnight in Salem – just don’t run on any Mac computers updated past macOS Mohave. For Windows users, have you experienced any issues with your older games in the past month? We’re not sure how a recent update is affecting gameplay. If you’ve experienced new issues, share below!
  • We’re busy with lots of things, including preparing for April, our fan-favorite month, and Nancy’s birthday! We’ve got lots of fun things planned… what do you hope to see?

In honor of the holiday we’ve got a puzzle for you straight from Castle Malloy, Ireland! Can you solve for the 4-leaf clover? 🤔 If you’ve got it, comment the answer below! And we’ll post the answer on Sunday. 🍀

Weekend Puzzle #377

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— Brighella


14 responses to “Weekend Puzzle #377 – Castle Malloy Puzzle!”

  1. EagerSleuth says:

    ☘️ = 16

    I hope April brings an update on the next game!

  2. Madi says:

    Yay zip up hoodies!!! So excited! I think the only issues I’ve had on Windows was with Stay Tuned for Danger (not surprising, I know), but the weird thing is it works just fine on my laptop, but won’t work on my desktop computer (something sound related I think), and both are Windows 11. I’ve heard that some don’t think they can play STFD just because it is such an old game, but I’d suggest to give it a try (that is if you can find a used copy). Any other problems I’ve had I’ve been able to troubleshoot.

  3. Katie says:

    I have a new Samsung laptop with windows 11. I’ve been trying to play the newer nancy drew games but the screen keeps flickering and I’ve tried raising the refresh rate to 144 HZ but it’s locked on 60 and won’t let me change it. Please help.

    • Light says:

      Sounds like your laptop cannot run the Nancy Drew game in general. Most Samsung laptops can run about 8GB of RAM but some of them run off of 4GB of RAM. The latest Nancy Drew requires at least 8GB of RAM. If the screen is flickering that’s an indication that it is most likely a strain on your computer. If you do not know the specs of your computer you can Google it to help find more information and even find the required specs for the game on the Her Interactive website. This will also help you solidify if the hardware on your computer is the problem. One more thing, if you have 8GB of RAM on your computer and running a game that runs half of your RAM at 4GB. This is not good for the laptop in general as this will slowly wear out the hard drive. Which means the life span of your laptop will be shortened. Hopefully this was helpful to you.

  4. Elizabeth Mullins says:

    I’m hoping April brings a new game update, especially as my birthday is on April 28th!

  5. Joni says:

    Hi can we still buy the racoon ugly mug outlaw root beer shirt I’m not finding it on tee spring. Will you be adding any new t-shirts to your Amazon store?

  6. Danielle says:

    Were there Switch cases available as merch at some point, or am I misremembering? I’d love to see them again!

  7. StandingHaiku says:

    Please make a post about the newsletter. Was that an actual announcement about the 34th game or was it an April Fools prank? If it was a prank, poor taste.

  8. JD says:

    Hello, is there any update regarding the Nancy Drew games for MacOS Ventura?

  9. Madi says:

    Think HeR would ever sell art books? Like maybe Nancy’s scrapbook or a book of past concept art? That would be so cool

  10. I appreciate the variety of topics covered on this site. There’s always something interesting to read.

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