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KEY Production Notes – Roo Edition!

Howdy Sleuths! Last week Brighella answered 34 of your questions and today I thought I would give you a little behind-the-scenes look at one of my favorite moments so far in the making of Nancy Drew: Mystery of the Seven Keys as well as answer more of your questions! View this post on Instagram A […]

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34 Bonus Q&A With Brighella

Hi everyone! Brighella here from HeR Interactive. Last week we posted a video of part 1 of myself, Indy, and Roo answering some of your Q&A about us or Mystery of the Seven Keys! I hope you had a chance to submit questions on our Instagram. We’ll be posting more videos but I wanted to […]

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Meet some of the HeR Game 34 Team!

Welcome to the Nancy Drew Games community, whether you’ve been around for decades or days! If you’ve been hanging out with us here on the Amateur Sleuth Blog for a while, thank you and welcome to today’s post! For those of you who are newer, we thought it was time to maybe reintroduce ourselves. There […]

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Puzzle #378 Answer and Mystery of the Seven Keys Wallpaper!

Omigosh! Did this weekend puzzle finally take the Clue Crew over and hour to solve?! If I had to put money on it, this is not the puzzle that I would’ve bet to be tough. I will say though, many of you figured out the “gist” of the solutions probably within the hour but not […]

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The First MID Screenshots: Parry House

Happy Friday everyone! We have released our first 3D environment screenshots for Midnight in Salem! Here they are: What do you think? And yes, this will be a day and night game. Meaning you will be playing both during the day time and during the night time. I cannot say how the passage of time […]

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Widescreen Wallpapers & Fan Videos (And Weekend Puzzle #317)

Hey all! A big fan, Huw, interviewed me for his YouTube channel! If you have a spare hour and fifteen minutes, we chat about all kinds of things. Enjoy! (And thanks, Huw for the fun chat!) Also, I found more hi-res screenshots! This time, they are from Shadow at the Water’s Edge. There are two […]

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Codes & Clues in April (And Weekend Puzzle #305)

We have been working on the latest game for our younger audience: Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues for mobile devices. I’ve had the privilege of playing and replaying the game to grab updated screenshots and content to prepare and share. (I have the main theme song stuck in my head, which is really cute by […]

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Sea of Darkness Characters!

Hooray! We have officially released the character bios on the Sea of Darkness page! Check them out here. Ok, what is your initial reaction? Do you have an instant favorite? Someone you find most intriguing? Who is your first guess to being the culprit? -Little Jackalope

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Screenshots and Weekend Puzzle #272

We have released the rest of the screenshots of Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness! Happy Friday, sleuths! 😀 I hope you all have a great Easter weekend! (We are currently having a sale on the Dossier games, if you haven’t played those yet.) And here’s your weekend puzzle, enjoy! -Little Jackalope

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The Port in SEA

We released another screenshot today from Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness! Check it out, this is the town you will be visiting: What do you think? We also have some fan birthdays to celebrate: -Little Jackalope

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