Easter Weekend Memories

Ahoy-hoy Nancy Drew Fans!

Indy here. Let me start out by saying no clues in this post. Trust me, this isn’t some sort of reverse psychology trick. Just a good old-fashioned Amateur Sleuth Blog post like the good ol’ days. 🙂

Easter is always a fun little time for Nancy Drew Games as it gives us an excuse to celebrate all the fun Easter Eggs we hid in all of our games! We have had some really fun eggs over the years. Back in 2020 fellow Nancy Drew fan, Emi, shared with us some eggs she re-created inspired by the in-game Easter Eggs! Three years later and I still can’t get over them! The pirate cat is still one of my favorite eggs. Okay, that egg and the little sheep egg. He is so cute! Have you ever made any eggs inspired by the Nancy Drew Easter eggs? We’d love to see them!

Eggs made by Emi in 2020

I remember when I was a little kid, I always knew the Easter Bunny would leave a Nancy Drew game in my basket. I can still picture the exact location my Easter basket was hidden that contained Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy. Growing up we always got movies or games in our baskets to keep us busy as we made the 18-hour car drive to Florida to visit my grandparents. To this day there is a specific road in the Florida panhandle that will still give me flashbacks to that dang spoon book!

Next time you find yourself bored with cutlery at Waverly, take one of your Easter Eggs to Leela and get a “egg”-cellent surprise!

— Indy


10 responses to “Easter Weekend Memories”

  1. Mel Pisarski says:

    Oh gosh as a person living in the Florida Panhandle, I am dying (easter egg pun unintentional) to know which street haunts your memories!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m weirdly partial to the “Future Omelet of Secrets!” egg in Deadly Device. It’s my favorite game, and I always get the egg first thing so that it’s in my inventory before I even read the case file. The name of it is just wonderful haha

  3. larsie13 says:

    Florida?? Black keys anyone? 🙂

  4. Jesisca says:

    When are we getting another clue?? Y’all are killing us

  5. Sharon Stenmark says:

    I’m glad to see your letter! Happy Easter!
    I was wondering if you were still making Nancy Drew Mystery games. I have not played a game in a couple years- (went back to school) working full time and a half since COVID!
    My sister got me hooked back in 2008!
    She said she found a game to play on her phone?
    Please let me know what games can be done on our phone both her android and my iPhone. She’d like us to play together once again.
    Thank you, Sharon

  6. Madi says:

    I’ve replayed most of the games (excluding the original SKC and the dossier games which I’ve only played once) many times and I still haven’t found all (probably) most of the Easter eggs haha

  7. Oh yes! I loved that in Warnings at Waverly Academy, if you get any Easter Egg, and use it on Leela to enter the conversation, and choose to play Air Hockey, you get a special Easter Egg hand mallet to play. It was pretty. 🙂

  8. Irene says:

    Look at the file names of the image! They spell out… a day! A clue!

  9. SleuthingSavvy says:

    I really like the Easter egg with the lightning bolts on it from Trail of the Twister! Can’t wait for the next game! I wonder if there will be some cool Easter eggs in there. I really love all these hints for game 34, it’s so much fun to get to look around and solve it all!

  10. Laura says:

    Oh, y’all are good! I see what you did there

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