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Sentimental Pieces

I’m seeing a lot of people on our Facebook page posting their pictures of the Koko Kringle chocolate bars they received for being among the first 500 to pre-order Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness. So many excited fans! All of the Koko Kringle bars have already been shipped from our office, so most everyone who is […]

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Weekend Cookies (And Puzzle #261)

I’ve already made some Christmas cookies with my own family this weekend, but since I work at her Interactive, I can’t win the prizes for the contest (which is ok by me). However, I have the privilege of sharing with you some of the awesome entries we have been receiving, in case you haven’t seen […]

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Office Adventures: Fish and Chocolate

Today a few of the lady artists and I took a short drive to the nearby food truck for lunch and tried something new: bean fish. This is apparently a Japanese treat. I think it was pancake or waffle batter cooked into the shape of a fish, made into a sandwich. The bacon, cheese and […]

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Comparing LIE

Earlier in the season, I briefly compared Labyrinth of Lies to the older games. The two I found to be closest in “feel” and “theme” were The Final Scene and Secret of the Scarlet Hand. This is because FIN had the theater theme, and SSH had the museum and cultural learning themes. But that’s really […]

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Ignoring Signs

Today we take a moment to remember way when we played a now-old Nancy Drew game. Today’s feature game: Secret of the Scarlet Hand. Did you ever pay attention to the signs that said “Do not touch” or “Keep out” or “DANGER”? I know I sure did not… haha. That’s totally a Nancy thing: to […]

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An Adventure Game

There are certainly different styles in the Nancy Drew game series. Some games are considered “scary” like these:   Some games are “educational” or “historical” like these: Others are international-themed: And some are simply adventurous like these: The Shattered Medallion is definitely one of the more adventurous titles! I find it hard to compare the […]

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Tough Old Puzzles

We shared this Nancy Drew moment today: Do you remember the first time you played Secret of the Scarlet Hand? I remember struggling with the HAM radio steps. I always messed up the Morse code and got frustrated since I didn’t know Spanish very well. XD Of course, if you purchase the game from our […]

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What Sonny Says…

Today we posted a photo on Facebook for another Caption Contest! Head over to our page and comment on the photo of me and Sonny with your most creative caption. The prize? A Flying Cow mug from our merchandise store:  Also, the other day we posted this Nancy Drew Moment: Do you remember when you […]

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Weekend Puzzle #233

We have randomly selected a winner from all entries to the Kindle Fire contest! Congrats to Jessica! This weekend we continue our Nancy Drew Marathon by playing Secret of the Scarlet Hand. Join us as we play the first Nancy Drew game that Sonny Joon’s doodles appeared in, which was over 11 years ago! On […]

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If Sonny met Nancy…

One of our fans, Jamie, posted her fan art to our Facebook page, check it out! This is a drawing of Sonny and Nancy, where Sonny reacts towards Henrik’s comment “If he wasn’t losing paperwork, or setting off the fire alarm, he was cornering our visitors with his theory that the Maya were abducted by […]

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