Office Adventures: Fish and Chocolate

Today a few of the lady artists and I took a short drive to the nearby food truck for lunch and tried something new: bean fish. This is apparently a Japanese treat. I think it was pancake or waffle batter cooked into the shape of a fish, made into a sandwich. The bacon, cheese and chives made for an interesting and tasty waffle fish sandwich! Here’s to new food adventures! (This makes me think of Nancy Drew: Danger by Design where you can order weird French food, like frog legs. I’m not sure if I would be gutsy enough to try that…)


Today we shared this classic Throwback Thursday from Secret of the Scarlet Hand:


And I re-experienced this in real life today when I located my secret stash of 2-year-old Koko Kringle bars. XD Pry not a good idea to eat any of those now… they are just props and decoration.



-Little Jackalope

11 responses to “Office Adventures: Fish and Chocolate”

  1. ND's #1 fan says:

    Haha that’s awesome…. will you guys ever make more Koko Kringle bars? I think they would be an awesome merchandise item… same with the Lickie Loo lollipops… 😛

  2. NANCYGEEK says:

    Yummmmm…. I’m getting hungry now!
    KOKO KRINGLES!!!!!!! I have forever been wanting to get my hands on one of those… And If I did I would try a bit of it then put it with my other Nancy Drew stuff. 🙂

  3. Karesha2 says:

    That fishburger must taste nice! Mi feel like one hamburger right now.

  4. Tiffany says:

    Ooo! That looks so good!
    So cool, Lickie Loo lolipops and Koko Kringle bars!?
    Has any other ND candy come to life, or are these the only ones?
    Do you think Koko Kringles will ever be made again, maybe even offered to us to buy soon?

  5. NancyDrewjr. says:

    My favorite games:
    1. Warnings at Waverly Academy
    2. Last train to Blue Moon Canyon
    3.Haunting castle of Malloy
    4. Shadow at the Waters edge
    5. the Phantom of Venice
    What are yours? Also, when will you be releasing the voice of Nancy Drew.Lastly, is there ANY chance that WWA will be released on Mac computers. One more thing, when I had an HP computer, WWA had a bug in the game. I ordered it again, but the same thing happened. I was wondering if the game from your website had the same issue. Thank you,
    -Punchy Larue jr. (or Nancy drew jr.)

  6. NDsolver says:

    I have always wanted to eat a Kokokringle bar in real life!
    but sadly it probably will never happen. 🙁

    I think I’d rather have Frog legs then that sandwich!
    but that’s just me

  7. Allison says:

    Well, the edible Koko Kringle bars from Sonny’s various desks would have to be pretty old by now, but so far, Nancy hasn’t gotten any sicker from eating too many. 😀

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