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There are certainly different styles in the Nancy Drew game series. Some games are considered “scary” like these:

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Some games are “educational” or “historical” like these:

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Others are international-themed:

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And some are simply adventurous like these:

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The Shattered Medallion is definitely one of the more adventurous titles! I find it hard to compare the different style games with each other. Like if I compared Ghost of Thornton Hall with Warnings at Waverly Academy… how shall I decide which is better? GTH certainly had more scares…but WAC had some fun puzzles and excellent snooping! Wouldn’t it be best to compare the games within their proper genre or category? Scary games best compare to other scary games, and international games compare best with other international mysteries.

I bet you have a favorite genre, right? I sure do! But I also appreciate the other genre games for what they are worth.

How would you rate The Shattered Medallion? How does MED compare with the other games you would define as “adventurous?” MED couldn’t compare to GTH, because MED isn’t in the “scary” category…

Tell us your thoughts! Write a review on our message board, or directly into the Customer Reviews section on the MED product page!

My favorite parts about MED is the awesome combination of puzzles/activities, and of course, Sonny Joon!

Tomorrow I get to work with someone on a really fun project… and I can’t wait to see how it goes!

-Little Jackalope

9 responses to “An Adventure Game”

  1. ND's #1 Fan says:

    I so agree! I personally think that the more educational games are my favorite ‘style’ of ND games…but I love all of them! 😀 I’m the hugest Victorian-Era fanatic ever, so I love games like GTH and TRT! VEN is my personal favorite game though, I love that game! I’m SOOO excited to get MED, too! 😀

  2. Katie says:

    I think this has to be a difficult day at HER Interactive, because I have been seeing a lot of negative reactions to the game. That has to hurt. I am a loyal fan, and I don’t like to criticize these games. Usually when I read the “I don’t like this game” posts on the message boards, I wonder why people are being so picky. No game is perfect, but I usually find myself loving them, warts and all. This time around, I decided you needed to hear some game feedback from me, because this is honestly the first time I’ve ever been disappointed in an overall game and not just a few aspects of the game. I left a very honest review of my thoughts on the game on the Nancy Drew FB page and on the product page here for MED. (

    I thought I would respond here to your point about comparing it with like games.

    I think it’s only fair for you to ask people to do that. In my case, if I compare MED only to RAN and TOT I think it is still my least favorite game. This is sad, because I love a good adventure. RAN is in my top 5 of Nancy Drew games. The long running and well known American reality show that this game likely has drawn some inspiration from is one of my favorite shows of all time. (And no, I’m not ashamed of being a reality TV fan, nor am I making it up 😉 ) I enjoyed the adventure/reality competition aspects of this game for the most part. They were fun and often funny. However, I don’t think the ND style of game play is really conducive to that kind of reality program. One of the most fun aspects of those shows is watching the competitors compete with each other. At the same time. In this game, Nancy competes by herself, alone, and then we see that the other competitors have also been participating, just not in our view. That takes a lot of the fun out of it for me, and it made the reality competition results feel anticlimactic. I think that would have been a minor downside to this game if everything else had been great. But as I pointed out in my review, the game had many other issues which really left me feeling disappointed. Going back to the adventure aspect, it also lacked a sense of danger or suspense. I’m not talking about scares, like you’d have in a spooky ND game, but thrills. I can think of a few times in MED when Nancy was placed in any danger, and they just didn’t get the blood pumping. To sum it up, while I think the adventure aspects of the game were fun, and I enjoyed the tone set by the reality competition, they were not good enough to save the game from it’s other, serious flaws, and were in fact flawed themselves.

    Overall I am disappointed in the game, because it didn’t live up to my expectations. Putting that aside, I found enough about it to be able to say that I liked it. I’ll probably re-play it. Being at the bottom of 30 really great ND games is still better for me than most games out there. But I hope that Her Interactive takes these reviews to heart so that future games will benefit.

    Let me give you guys a big kudos on Sonny. I love the voice acting, the art and the quirkiness. While there was a lot ABOUT Sonny in the game, I couldn’t get enough of Sonny HIMSELF. I hope he returns!

  3. Natalie says:

    Hey, LJ! It was actually my birthday today, but I forgot to ask for a shout out. Could I maybe get one tomorrow? Thanks! ~Natalie

  4. SpyGirl says:

    I totally agree! It would be better to compare games within their genre. My top games are within multiple genres, so it would be hard to say what my favorite category is.
    It’s nice to hear MED is adventurous and has fun activities ( I’m a big fan of activities such as cooking in ICE and scopa in VEN to name a few)
    Can’t wait to play MED! 🙂

  5. I am in the middle of playing MED with my mom,but have failed the first stage and am now stuck. I guess that’s why you included a guide!

  6. Emily in Wisconsin says:

    My favorite game is probably TRT because it was SO fun and it takes place in my state

  7. Firestone2430 says:

    I haven’t played The Shattered Medallion yet, but from you posts about it being adventurous. I piques my interest. My favorite genre about the games. I cant really decide. I like adventurous games like, Ransom of the Seven Ship. But I am a historical nut, who loves all these old and historical. Like Treasure in th Royal Tower or Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon. Anyway, Iwould have to go with adventurous. That’s what Nancy Drew is all about.

  8. Joe says:

    MED wasn’t the “worst” like some people in the forums say it is. I think some people were just disappointed because there wasn’t too much of a connection between Nancy and Sonny in the game. I was really hoping for a conversation that involved the two of them talking about past games (without spoiling anything) and gave fans closure. Instead, he seemed like a brick wall. Honestly, the game felt like Willy Wonka, and Nancy was Charlie. I don’t want to spoil anything for people who haven’t played it yet, but I just wish there was more of a division between “solving the mystery” and “trying to win the game show”. It felt like a bunch of plots all trying to have their own direction but no finish line in the end. Don’t be like the TV show, Lost, please!
    Overall, I had a pleasant experience with MED, and I recommend fans and new sleuths to get it.

  9. MysterySolver09 says:

    I completely agree with putting it in it’s own genre. I don’t think this was a “terrible game” like everyone says it is. I hate all of the negativity flowing around on the message boards, especially when you guys put your all in it. HeR, you’ve not lost a fan in me, I’ll always love these games, and to be quite honest, talking to everyone was hilarious! I loved Sonny’s attitude and Patrick’s simpleness. While I lean towards more of the ND games with suspense and “danger around every corner, I don’t mind playing the adventurous ND’s as well. I did buy MED and I will more than likely play it again.

    I hope the negativity stops. I know you guys give your all when making these games! And PLEASE bring Sonny back again! Maybe a phone a friend or another appearance. And i MUST say it’s been a while since I’ve heard from good ol’e Miss Rutherford!!!! Maybe even Professor Hotchkiss as well? 🙂

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