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Popular Fan Quotes

Some of the t-shirt design entries that we have received are popular sayings among the fans, including from me. What is your favorite quote?   Also, we still have two and a half weeks for you to submit your t-shirt design in our contest, but don’t forget about it, or else the end of the […]

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Captions, Countdowns and Weekend Puzzle #274

Hey all! we have a new Caption Contest featured on our Facebook page starting today! You have until Monday to participate for a chance to win a KoKo Kringle 4-pack! Head over to our Facebook and keep an eye out for when we post this. The countdown continues! Only 4 days left to pre-order Nancy […]

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Xenia vs. Niobe

Head over to Facebook! We have a great caption contest happening this week, featuring Thanos and Sonny Joon… and the prize is AWEsome. Post your most creative caption to that post! On another note, I’ve noticed some people mention the similarities between the female characters in Labyrinth of Lies. I, too, thought this when I […]

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Weekend Puzzle #234

We have lots of things going on this weekend! Let’s see if I can cover all of them… First of all, don’t forget about the Facebook Caption Contest that is still going on until end of day Monday. Secondly, the official soundtrack for The Shattered Medallion is now available here to purchase and download! Thirdly, […]

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What Sonny Says…

Today we posted a photo on Facebook for another Caption Contest! Head over to our page and comment on the photo of me and Sonny with your most creative caption. The prize? A Flying Cow mug from our merchandise store:  Also, the other day we posted this Nancy Drew Moment: Do you remember when you […]

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Weekend Puzzle #228

Friday has come at last, and doughnuts were brought in to celebrate at the office.Today, many of the artists were in a meeting, planning out their schedule and new ways of working on the next game. Production department is building up The Shattered Medallion, fixing bugs and puzzles and logic. The marketing team is busy […]

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Cookie Love in SPY

Looks like a few of you solved the puzzle! Congrats! The two clues provided (puzzle = keyword, and “no q”) refers to a Playfair Cipher. Using the letters given, it decodes to these words [Creating a Character on Monday]. I especially like one person’s theory on the message boards to what this means…he/she is spot […]

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Arena and Character

Looks like a few of you solved the weekend puzzle! The answer is “An Unmentioned Character“. Which may or may not be what you think… you will just have to wait an play the game. By the way, we showed this character, just not clearly. Today we released another wallpaper from The Silent Spy:   […]

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Going Through the Trash

Can any of you identify with this Nancy Drew Moment? How excited we get when playing a Nancy Drew game when the opportunity arises to rifle through a character’s trash! There is often something of interest in there, and it is an excellent skill to be observant in every area of an environment. Thankfully most […]

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Videos, Contests, Sonny Joon

So today is filled with a bunch of random notes. First random note: Today’s the last day to post a caption to our Facebook Caption Contest photo (we pick a winner tomorrow). Second Random note: We are working on a new employee interview video for this week. Who do you suppose will get the spotlight […]

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