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Last Week’s Twitch with TOT

In case you missed any part of the show last week, we save all of the Twitch party videos to our YouTube Playlist here! I also wanted to highlight some fan art we received from watching artist fans… thanks for sharing! This was too much fun! -Little Jackalope

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Twitch, Black Cats, Podcast Episode!

So many things today! First off, you have limited time to appreciate black cats today via our sale on Warnings at Waverly Academy! Shop here! Also, there is a new podcast episode out! Check it out on iTunes or in the YouTube video here: Tonight we finish up Trail of the Twister LIVE on Twitch! […]

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Twitch Day 3 TOT – And Trying New Things

Tonight we continue playing Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister LIVE on Twitch! Follow us here! Today is also the last day to take a selfie of yourself watching the stream (or rerun on YouTube) and post to our Facebook Page here or to our Twitter account with the hashtag #NDtwitch for a chance to […]

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Trail of the Twister Party – Day 1 Twitch

Huzzah! Tonight we start playing Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister LIVE on! Come join us here for free and participate in the live chat. (If you miss the show, don’t worry, we upload the videos to YouTube afterwards. Check out the full playlist of our past games here!) Also, in honor of the […]

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Driving to Class

Who else can relate? When I was in college I drove an old pickup truck to get there each day. Lol. Don’t forget! Tomorrow is the last day to take advantage of our Back to School sale! Get 50% off any game using promo code BTS2017 at checkout. We have a birthday to celebrate! -Little […]

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Wisdom from Chase

Chase Relerford sounds like the guy who was raised right by his parents – and says so in the game. Who’s your favorite character in Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister? -Little Jackalope

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Lollipop Day 2017

Yep, another silly holiday exists! It’s been a long time since I have had a lollipop, or as we call it here in Washington, “a sucker,” which sounds weird to see in writing. However, in Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister we visit a general store that has a huge collection of candies, and is […]

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Groundhog Day 2017

According to Phil, there will be another 6 weeks of winter this year. Just so you know. 😉 We celebrate by remembering the time where we relocated the prairie dogs in Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister. Today’s Throwback Thursday includes a sale on the digital download. Use promo code GROUNDHOG17 at checkout to get […]

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Happy National Suspenders Day!

Yeah, it’s a silly holiday to celebrate. Or shall I say, acknowledge. But it is a Throwback Thursday! So we are dual celebrating Trail of the Twister today. You can get the digital download for 50% off using promo code TOT50 at checkout. Pa is SUCH a trendsetter. Lol. -Little Jackalope

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Shopping for Candy

Today’s Throwback Thursday moment is from Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister. When we were working on this game I remember being excited about seeing the complete line of Wickford candies and getting to purchase and eat them.  Did you ever collect all the candies in the game? If you haven’t played this one, we […]

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