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Your Nancy Drew Legacy Story

Hey there Nancy Drew Clue Crew, This week after a few long zoom meetings some of us in the office started talking about our Nancy Drew legacy story. This is what we started calling our earliest memories of Nancy Drew, or how we were introduced to the brand.  Back when I was an intern I […]

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Profound Thoughts and Carousels

Happy National Carousel Day! Today we celebrate with a sale on – you guessed it – Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel! Shop here! I was skimming through my notes from last week’s stream of Nancy Drew: The Shattered Medallion, and I am amused by the many “Profound Thoughts” we randomly wrote down, as per inspired […]

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Coloring Page – Moonglow

Some people asked for it, but I had already begun the quick work of editing existing art from Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel. Behold! A coloring page of Moonglow, one of the carousel horses! You can download it here. Color it and then share with us on our social media pages your lovely coloring design! […]

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Get a Fun Pass!

Last December when I made a Nancy Drew Christmas Countdown house, I needed to make a Fun Pass for one of the doors. This Fun Pass was seen in The Haunted Carousel, which you use on the Midway Games and the Carousel ride. Anyways! I’ve put this in a pdf document for you to print […]

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Sleuthing Team Shirts (And a TBT Sale!)

Throwback to the old games! Honestly, I wish there was more need to explore and snoop the roller coaster in The Haunted Carousel — it was just so cool! If you don’t have this game, you can get the digital download for $5 using promo code CAR50 at checkout today only. On a newer note, […]

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Widescreen Wallpapers: The Carousel Edition

Just like yesterday, I went exploring through the archives and found this image from The Haunted Carousel that was used for printing on the physical box. It’s a nice large, widescreen image that is super nice as a desktop wallpaper: You can save this image by clicking on this image below, right-mouse click–> Save Image. […]

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Trivia Tuesday

Hey, guys! Today is a good day to answer a trivia question! This one is from Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel. You can play the game by visiting our website at today! Honestly, if this theme park actually existed and my friends were up for it, I would probably go. I enjoy theme parks, and […]

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The Haunted Carousel, Day 3 (and Weekend Puzzle #312)

Day Two of playing The Haunted Carousel on Twitch is now up on our YouTube channel! Here it is: Join us tonight as we complete Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel on our Twitch Channel! Show time is at 4pm PT. And don’t forget to get The Haunted Carousel (or gift it to someone) for 25% […]

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The Haunted Carousel, Day 1

Tonight’s the night! Tune in to our Twitch channel to watch me and Tess play the first day of The Haunted Carousel! You do not need an account to watch the free stream, but to participate in the live chat and our contest (wink) you will need to create a free account. Our videos will […]

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Trivia, Twitch, and T-shirts

Today’s trivia Tuesday from Alibi in Ashes is any easy one… do you remember the answer to this question? Also, head’s up! We have a surprise Twitch party starting tomorrow! You can follow us here to get the alerts and to join the live chat tomorrow. And for a souvenir from The Haunted Carousel, this […]

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