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A Few Things Indy Has Been Working On

Hi Guys, it’s me Indy again.  I just wanted to share with you a few things I have been working on since I last talked to you guys. First, here is my new video I put out yesterday. After popular request for a Nancy Drew craft video that appeals to all fans I created this DIY […]

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An Adventure Game

There are certainly different styles in the Nancy Drew game series. Some games are considered “scary” like these:   Some games are “educational” or “historical” like these: Others are international-themed: And some are simply adventurous like these: The Shattered Medallion is definitely one of the more adventurous titles! I find it hard to compare the […]

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New Her Interactive Web Site!

Surprise! We have totally updated our web site! To hear from our CEO about it, visit the News page. A few things I would like to draw your attention to about this new site: This blog was moved from the old Blogger site. Now that this blog is hosted directly into our new site, please […]

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Ghost of Thornton Hall

Today is the day! Ghost of Thornton Hall has officially released! Check your local store to find it on shelves, or order the game from our site! In my opinion, it’s one of the best Nancy Drew games ever, so I highly recommend playing this one. (~.^) FYI: We also launched the preview video for […]

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Facebook and Social Media

We have a new, small update to our website on the home page. In the lower right side it’s now showing our Facebook feed (our latest posts, pictures and news links). It’s just another way of showing everyone what we are talking about. 🙂 And we will be having plenty to talk about in these […]

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Weekend Puzzle #153 + Exciting Friday!

Boy oh boy, we had a full day today! Busybusybusybusy…but in a very good way. There is a lot to say, so hang tight and don’t hold your breathe; it will be a long read. (~.^) First off, as you may have learned already, we have a new summer intern! Introducing Phoenix! She has a […]

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The Day Before Pre-Orders

Being the day before pre-orders, we have been super busy preparing for Tomb of the Lost Queen. Tomorrow at noon, PST, you will be able to pre-order our Egyptian adventure game, whoo-hoo! In celebration of TMB finishing up here in the office, we had a company lunch meeting. The entire team then got to view […]

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Announcement: Store Updated!

Before I forget: Twitter Quote Contest is going on right now, and the prize is a Koko Kringle candy bar! (My favorite kind of prize). Head over to see if you know who said the famous quote! Also, if you have a Facebook account, head over and post a creative caption to the photo of […]

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