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Movie Theatre Day 2019

Today is World Book day, as well as Movie Theatre day – but what’s most popular is “Talk like William Shakespeare day.” So if you felt like quoting “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” from Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock, be our guest! However, non-Nancy Drew fans might think you are weird. 😀 Anyhow, we […]

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Memes and Poster Art

We shared this picture over the weekend from Nancy Drew: The Final Scene… It was mentioned in the last podcast with Max Holechek. Our artists at the time had a sense of humor and created their own masterpieces. I dug these out of the archive for you to see them up close and enjoy the […]

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Theatres and ND Book Summer Reading

Today’s Travel Tuesday features one of my favorite games: Nancy Drew: The Final Scene. I really enjoyed this game because I an a fan of theatres, and the hidden rooms and passages were intriguing! On a new topic, I’ve been re-reading the yellow Nancy Drew books this summer. It’s been many years since I last […]

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Turkeys and Turkey People

Today we have words of wisdom from Joseph Hughes. Quoted from Nancy Drew: The Final Scene: And then we crazy animated gifs of terribly mean turkeys, shared by @RiarkleEndGame via as an example: I shouldn’t laugh. -Little Jackalope

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Strange Quotes From The Bathroom

Not much is happening around the office today. It was actually so quiet during lunch I read a little bit of Nancy Drew: The Sign of the Twisted Candles at Little Jackalope’s suggestion.  Pretty much the biggest thing that happened today was our windows got washed. But that is not very excited to you so […]

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Touching Dangerous Things

I’m a terrible Nancy player! Guilty. I often like to make Nancy do terrible, dangerous things when I play. Why? Because there’s always a second chance! I will make Nancy jump across dangerous chasms, fall off balconies, touch hissing cobras, and eat terrible food. Can you relate to this? This one below is from The […]

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Twitch Party! Day Three: The Final Scene

Tonight’s the last night of our Twitch party, featuring Nancy Drew: The Final Scene! In case you missed it, you can watch Day 1 and Day 2’s show (with chat replay) on our Twitch Channel here. Or if you simply wanted to watch the video of me playing and talking, here’s the YouTube upload: Will […]

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Twitch Party! Day One: The Final Scene

Hey all! We are starting our  first day in the Twitch LIVE party in 30 minutes! Head over to Twitch and join us as we play The Final Scene tonight! -Little Jackalope

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Actress Cast As Nancy Drew

Have you heard the news? CBS has cast Sarah Shahi as Nancy Drew in the upcoming TV show “Drew.” What do you think? Here’s the full article. Also, it was announced that Vanessa Ferlito will play George Fayne! That article is here.   As for the weekend puzzle, it was braille. Translated it says [If […]

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Party Alert: The Final Scene!

In the weekend puzzle I clued you all into this, but today we are officially announcing that we are having another Twitch party! This next 3-day event will take place next week with The Final Scene (which also takes place in 3 days.) To get the alert, and to participate in live chat, login to […]

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