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Party Day 3 Video

Happy Monday! The last day Twitch party video is up on YouTube if you didn’t catch it, posted here: As for the weekend puzzle, it was in ASCII code, also known as ALT code when you hold down the Alt button and type the number. The result is [“Jimmy, stop hitting your sister!“] a quote […]

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Day Three Twitch – RAN (And Weekend Puzzle #349)

Tonight we complete Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships LIVE on Twitch! We also are going to give away one more prize for the selfie contest – which really isn’t a contest since it’s a random draw of all who participate. In case you missed yesterday’s party, here it is on YouTube: And don’t […]

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Day Two Twitch – RAN

We are about to start the second day party! Follow us here! In case you missed yesterday’s party, here it is on YouTube: -Little Jackalope

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Day One Twitch Party – RAN

Come join our summer party playing Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships, tonight on Twitch! Follow us here to get the alerts and join the LIVE chat! Signing up is free, and if you miss the show, we will upload the “re-run” to our YouTube Channel. In honor of this party, we have the […]

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Traveling to a Vacation Destination

It’s already May! That’s got me thinking about upcoming vacation time. In fact, I’m planning on a little vaca time this Thursday/Friday. I’ll be traveling to Portland, OR to visit Powell’s book store to add some Nancy Drew books to my collection. 😉 Perhaps I will take some Nancy Drew photos if I come across […]

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Talk Like a Pirate Day 2016

It’s that’s day of the year again. Arrrr. Mateys. That’s all I got. >_< And I left my tricorn hat at home because I forgot it. Anyways! If you are missing the Nancy Drew game Ransom of the Seven Ships, you can get it today for 50% off the digital download. Use promo code PIRATE16 […]

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Sand Driving

Today’s Throwback Thursday moment is from Ransom of the Seven Ships (which you can get for 50% off the digital download today using promo code RAN50). I remember driving around in the golf cart – which was hard and fun at the same time (I liked to drive fast, but I always crashed into things […]

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Award Winners (And Weekend Puzzle #253)

Last night, we were awarded the Tech Impact Award for Entertainment by Seattle Business Magazine! You can read the full story here. We are excited that our little company has received this, and we celebrated today with doughnuts. Yum. On a side note, we have a one-day sale happening now! If you don’t have Ransom […]

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Embarrassing Moments

I find this Nancy Drew moment from Ransom of the Seven Ships hilarious: I can only imagine the funny conversation that could happen with someone about this… Friend: So how did your game go? Me: Well… I played against monkeys…which was interesting Friend: Monkeys? Really? Me: Yeah, I had to play them in order to […]

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An Adventure Game

There are certainly different styles in the Nancy Drew game series. Some games are considered “scary” like these:   Some games are “educational” or “historical” like these: Others are international-themed: And some are simply adventurous like these: The Shattered Medallion is definitely one of the more adventurous titles! I find it hard to compare the […]

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