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Searching for Medallions

Did anyone play Treasure in the Royal Tower this weekend? I sure did for our first marathon in preparation for The Shattered Medallion! Somethings that I noticed for the first time: Professor Hotchkiss never tipped Nancy for all the work she did! Also, even though I know where everything is in Wickford Castle, it would […]

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Marathons in the Spring

I’m super excited because today is the first day of spring! Here’s a sample of what our spring here looks like during lunchtime at the office: On a new note, I’ve seen questions from you come up inquiring about Nancy Drew game marathons in preparation for our next game release. There are three types of […]

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World UFO Day

Did you know that today is World UFO Day? Sonny Joon is likely somewhere at an event or something enjoying today as a holiday. As for us, we are having a Facebook special in honor of this. Tomb of the Lost Queen mentions Sonny Joon and the convention of sorts he speaks at. His book […]

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When Sonny “Showed Up”

Hey all! I’m currently in San Diego off on an adventure with flat Sonny (see the summer contest we have going on here.) I will try getting some fun photos taken of Sonny and me to post on Facebook (unless you’ve seen some already!). Until I return to really talk about my travels with Sonny, […]

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Nancy’s Second Chances

Hope you all had a great 4th of July! One comment in response to the previous blog post said: And I thought “This is so true. Nancy is always destroying things or blowing stuff up…on accident that is.” I totally didn’t mean for you to go and blow up a bunkhouse or photo lab, set […]

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Monday Discoveries

First off, the contest has closed and we have picked a winner, which we will announce tomorrow with the puzzle solution, so hang tight! It has been a super busy start to the week today. While the rest of the office is working hard on Tomb of the Lost Queen, I’ve been making preparations for […]

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