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Twitch Party with a Crystal Skull

Tonight we are having a party! Come join us live here on Twitch. I will be back to host today, and then tomorrow Tess will host while baby Jackalope sits with me at home on camera. Also, we have a sale on Legend of the Crystal Skull! Shop here! Note: you can get this game […]

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March Madness Winner 2017

The results are in! The fans have voted! Scopa, from Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice is the best all-time puzzle/activity! Click here to see the top voted results. In celebration, we have the digital download on sale for 50% off. You can shop here. As for the weekend puzzle, here is the solution: Basement […]

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Bill Corkery & March Madness Finals (Weekend Puzzle #335)

We have a new podcast live! Thanks to Tammy Tuckey, who interviewed Bill Corkery! Listen and subscribe to Unlocked! The Nancy Drew Podcast on iTunes here, or listen to our YouTube video below: This weekend we vote in the finals for March Madness! Be sure to vote on Twitter each day! Here’s your weekend puzzle, […]

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Words of Wisdom – From Abby

I had a bit of trouble yesterday uploading pictures to the site, so I missed the blog post. Sorry! Here’s today’s words of wisdom by Abby, from Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion. I find it suspicious that she gives this bit of advice when she clearly knows Nancy is a skeptic for ghosts. […]

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Wisdom and Fan Fan Art

Today’s bit o’ wisdom is from Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy. Also, I’m seeing some great fan art come in! Check out the video “Homemade Sounds” posted! And then I saw this posted to our Facebook page by Miriam C. Do you recognize this scene from Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness? Don’t forget […]

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St. Patrick’s Day 2017

We have so many things today! Where, oh where do I even start?! Well, first off, tonight’s the grand finale night for playing Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy! I hope you can join the party and hang out with us on Twitch! In honor of St. Patrick’s Day (we are playing The Haunting […]

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March Madness 2017

We begin March Madness today! This is just for fun. We wanted to hear your vote on what the best puzzle/activity is on this list, check out the updated brackets each day on our contest page here. To vote each day, follow us on Twitter and look for the daily poll! By the way, today’s […]

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Madness Winners & April Fools

The fans have voted Blackmoor Manor as the all-time best Nancy Drew game location! To celebrate, we are offering the game for 50% off this weekend here. okgiLno rowrfad Aaaaaand it’s April Fools! We are having a one-day only sale on The Captive Curse because the character Lukas likes to pull pranks. If you haven’t […]

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Terrible Tea Puzzle

Throwback Thursday sale! You can get Danger by Design for 50% off until the end of today using promo code DAN50 at checkout! Do you remember trying to figure out what tea ingredients combination you had to figure out for Minette, based on her mood? I’m glad I’m not that picky! All I do is […]

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The Madness Final Four!

The voting results today were crazy in the March Madness! I was watching as the poll posted yesterday between Waverly Academy and Wickford Castle was nearly a tie. (!!) Thankfully, Twitter counted the exact number of votes and highlighted the winner. All I can say is “wow!” So intense! And SUCH a close call! Starting […]

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