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Nancy Drew LIE Marathon!

Each Nancy Drew game fits nicely into one or more of these categories: Scary Adventure Cultural/International Historical/Educational Some examples of these games: Scary = GTH, MHM, SAW Adventure = MED, RAN, TOT Cultural/International = VEN, CAP, SSH Historical/Educational = WAC, CLK, DED (If you are unsure what each of these abbreviations mean, click on each […]

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One More Week to MED!

There is only one week left until you get your copy of The Shattered Medallion! We start shipping the physical pre-orders soon, and on Tuesday the digital downloads become available. It will come soon! Are you preparing in any way? Making room on your computer? Re-playing related Nancy Drew games? Participating in the marathon? Do […]

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Sonny Speaks #1 + Weekend Puzzle #235

Today we shared this fun picture: We’ve got some more great “Sonny Speaks” episodes to come, because there are some excellent still shots from all his animation clips… which I had fun grabbing. 😛 Anyways, will you be playing The Captive Curse this weekend in our Nancy Drew marathon? Don’t forget to try out the […]

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Real Enigma Machine

For those of you who are following along with our Nancy Drew marathon, the next game we will be playing is The Captive Curse. Now is a good time to download and install it to get ready for the weekend. Guess what I learned today? The enigma machine in The Captive Curse was a custom-built, […]

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The Characters of The Shattered Medallion

We recently released the character profiles on our page! Check them out here! What are your first thoughts about these characters? Is it still too early to become very suspicious of any single character? There is no weekend puzzle today. Instead, we continue our Nancy Drew marathon! This weekend’s mission: to watch ALL of the […]

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Weekend Puzzle #233

We have randomly selected a winner from all entries to the Kindle Fire contest! Congrats to Jessica! This weekend we continue our Nancy Drew Marathon by playing Secret of the Scarlet Hand. Join us as we play the first Nancy Drew game that Sonny Joon’s doodles appeared in, which was over 11 years ago! On […]

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Weekend Puzzle #232

It’s the weekend! Most importantly we begin a game marathon building up to the release of The Shattered Medallion. In this blog post here I list out the schedule of the games I will be playing. This weekend we begin with Treasure in the Royal Tower, for the fun of searching for missing medallions! A […]

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News & Medallions

There is a lot going on this week at Her Interactive! We just finished the Caption Contest on Facebook (congrats to our winner, Avery!), and we are getting the product page ready for The Shattered Medallion. There is a lot to do! Also, just a head’s up: we will be working on the Message Boards […]

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Marathons in the Spring

I’m super excited because today is the first day of spring! Here’s a sample of what our spring here looks like during lunchtime at the office: On a new note, I’ve seen questions from you come up inquiring about Nancy Drew game marathons in preparation for our next game release. There are three types of […]

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Getting Ready for Ghosts!

I wish I could say that I’m caught up on the Scary Games Marathon, but I’m not. Tonight we finish up playing Shadow at the Water’s Edge (of which I got terribly distracted with trying to solve all of the puzzles from Rentaro…as well as playing Pachinko at the parlor over and over and over […]

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