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Amateur Sleuths, Trivia, and Nancy Illustration

Remember in the first day Stay Tuned for Danger Twitch party how I was wearing a Master Sleuth magnifying glass T-shirt? Well, I realized these weren’t available for purchase, so we uploaded these to Amazon for you. 🙂 You can find all of our Nancy Drew T-shirts here fore sale! Oh! And do you have […]

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National Video Games Day 2016

We at HeR Interactive pretty much celebrate this (random) holiday every day. I even celebrate this at home, playing games on my own computer. Today, as hinted in the last Twitch party, we have a sale on all of our digital games today! Now is a great time to get Stay Tuned for Danger (digital […]

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STfD Day 2 on Twitch!

Tonight we complete Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Danger on Twitch! This time, Tess will be playing the game. Hopefully we will make better progress than I did yesterday. 😛 Join us tonight for a chance to win some prizes! Reminder: you can now get the digital download here. If you missed yesterday’s stream, you […]

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TBT and Stay Tuned for Danger Party!

We have a great Throwback Thursday sale today on Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower! With the 50% promo code TRT-50 (applied at checkout) you can get this digital download for only $4.99 today only. Enjoy! Also, tonight Tess and I start playing Stay Tuned for Danger on Twitch! Be sure to follow us […]

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Celebrating STfD

Hey all! Yesterday we posted the announcement that we will be having another Twitch party next week. If you are new to Twitch, or don’t know what it is, think YouTube, but live, and playing computer or video games. You can watch the show for free, but if you want to participate in the live […]

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Re-releasing Stay Tuned for Danger!

There was no blog post yesterday because I was working hard on making a new trailer for Stay Tuned for Danger. Why? Because of this: That’s right! We have written out a full work-around for how you can get this game to work on newer computers! STD (or STfD) was discontinued years ago since the […]

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Vintage Sounds

Even though today is National Sunglasses Day (shout out to Margherita from The Phantom of Venice!), I would like to write about something totally different… Are you a classic Nancy Drew fan? As in, you really like the old Nancy Drew games (1-12 or so)? Then you might enjoy this bit: On the Stay Tuned […]

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A Few Things Indy Has Been Working On

Hi Guys, it’s me Indy again.  I just wanted to share with you a few things I have been working on since I last talked to you guys. First, here is my new video I put out yesterday. After popular request for a Nancy Drew craft video that appeals to all fans I created this DIY […]

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Strange Quotes From The Bathroom

Not much is happening around the office today. It was actually so quiet during lunch I read a little bit of Nancy Drew: The Sign of the Twisted Candles at Little Jackalope’s suggestion.  Pretty much the biggest thing that happened today was our windows got washed. But that is not very excited to you so […]

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Jigsaw Puzzles

I went hunting a bit in our archives for a couple of puzzles and came across the Gold Leaf jigsaw tile puzzle in Treasure in the Royal Tower. I do adore these types of puzzles in the games! I grew up solving puzzles on my own table, and I think it is a ton of […]

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