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Re-releasing Stay Tuned for Danger!

There was no blog post yesterday because I was working hard on making a new trailer for Stay Tuned for Danger. Why? Because of this: That’s right! We have written out a full work-around for how you can get this game to work on newer computers! STD (or STfD) was discontinued years ago since the […]

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Codes & Clues Now Available!

Hey all! In case you haven’t heard the news, we released Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues today in the app stores! The links to each of the app stores can be found on our web page here. This new game app is for new sleuths, young sleuths, sleuths who like casual, easy games, sleuths who […]

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Codes & Clues News!

Ok, here’s what we’ve been working on these past several months, but didn’t share with you the details since we were working on them. Now we have a few bits and pieces to share! Read the official press release here and check out the official product page with screenshots here! I’ve re-embedded the video teaser […]

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Iceland and Weekend Puzzle #273

Hey all! I was out of the office yesterday. Today I am finishing up the first draft of the strategy guide, which is now off for review. So today’s reminder is this: everyone who pre-orders Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness is automatically entered for a chance to win tickets to Iceland. It’s super awesome. 🙂 […]

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Pre-Order Sea of Darkness!

Hooray! You can now pre-order Sea of Darkness today! The first 500 pre-orders will be receiving a Koko Kringle chocolate bar from our office. Unfortunately, we can’t tell who those first 500 are until later, when we count them up and ship them out. 🙁 And HOORAY! The official trailer is now released! Whatcha think? […]

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Previews & Teasers

Did you know we keep our game previews and official teaser videos up on our YouTube channel? Check out this playlist we have here: A lot of viewers get mixed up with these previews and teaser videos. They tend to mistake them for the Official Trailers. These teasers and previews are what we show at […]

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Pre-Order Labyrinth of Lies!

Today is the big day! Pre-orders begin for Nancy Drew’s 31st mystery: Labyrinth of Lies! Surely you must have seen the news because we have shared it just about everywhere online. Still, I’m sharing the official trailer here, too: Whatcha think? Yes, it does appear to be a different style of game, so we show […]

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Teasing ND31

Spoiler alert! Before you read further, I will be talking about the next Nancy Drew game, without giving too much away. At the end of The Shattered Medallion, we teased the 31st Nancy Drew game: Labyrinth of Lies. You can watch the teaser video here on our YouTube channel: In this video, Nancy talks about […]

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Let the Games Continue…

Today marks an important day for us! Our 30th (so exciting!) game, The Shattered Medallion, is now available in retail stores! Can you even fathom? We have made 30 games! That’s a lot of mysteries for Nancy to solve! Can you even think about what game #50 will be like? I sure hope we get […]

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Sonny Joon: Before and After

Now that everyone has seen Sonny Joon in his fully-modeled 3D form in the game, and heard his voice, I have noticed many comments about him. One of the comments I have seen often is about how fans like the box art art version better and are disappointed withe the 3D Sonny. Here’s the comparison […]

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