Amateur Sleuths, Trivia, and Nancy Illustration

Remember in the first day Stay Tuned for Danger Twitch party how I was wearing a Master Sleuth magnifying glass T-shirt? Well, I realized these weren’t available for purchase, so we uploaded these to Amazon for you. 🙂 You can find all of our Nancy Drew T-shirts here fore sale!


Oh! And do you have a sharp memory? Do you know the answer to this Trivia Q from Stay Tuned for Danger?


Check out this Nancy Drew fan art by Julia S!


-Little Jackalope

16 responses to “Amateur Sleuths, Trivia, and Nancy Illustration”

  1. Huw Miller says:

    Hey LJ! Could you give my friend Hannah a shoutout for her 14th birthday? Thanks!

  2. Kit says:

    I bet you could make a lot of money off of selling cover art as wall posters. Nancy Drew fans like their cover art!

    • Little Jackalope says:

      We once had another merchandise store that had the posters with the cover art, which were actually not that big of a hit. :-/

  3. Will says:

    Mr. The Man Has No Talent.. AKA Dwayne Powers~ ;D

  4. Kevin says:

    I was wondering if I purchase one of your games from Amazon, do you guys make the same amount of money? Like, does Amazon take some of the profits for itself, or do you receive all of it?
    I’m asking because I would like to support Her Interactive as much as possible, but I have to admit, it’s more convenient to order games with my Amazon account.

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hi Kevin! Thanks for asking, the best way to support HeR Interactive is to buy directly from our own web site. Thanks!

  5. Shoshanna says:

    Is it David? No, Daniel? Darren? Darwin? Derek? Dewey? Dick? Drake?!? Oh wait! Dwayne Powers!!!

  6. Nancy says:

    Matties agent is Dwayne Powers!

    You should ship the t-shirts to Canada. I want one but have no way to get one!

  7. Jackson says:

    HI LJ,

    I read that you are now going to be a TV show company. Does this mean MID is the last PC game?

    You said before you are not working on any game after MID, but before HeR worked on many games at the same time. This makes me think there will be no more games, or not very many, because you want to do TV shows and apps now.

    Thank you!

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hi Jackson! We are not turning into a TV show company — we are still a game-making company. Codes & Clues is going to be featured on the Kid Genius channel. 🙂

  8. Abby says:

    Ohhh that picture is BEAUTIFUL!!

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