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555-4639 and Other Phone Numbers

Hey, all you puzzle masters! Last week a little group chat was created with our small but mighty marketing department. We figured it was high time since many of us work different hours we do not always cross paths at the same time. I am pretty bad about saving numbers so of course, when the […]

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Twitch Anniversary Party and Pies

In case you missed the fun party yesterday, here it is on YouTube: We continue tonight and intend to finish! More prizes will be given away! Join here! Also, Jai made another fun food video, check it out: -Little Jackalope

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Preparing for the 20th Anniversary

The first Nancy Drew game, Secrets Can Kill, was released November 1998 – which was 20 YEARS AGO! I find this amazing, 20 years and over 34 games made (32 core mysteries, plus one remaster, 3 mobile apps, and 2 dossiers!) This week, we are live streaming the original first Nancy Drew game! Come join […]

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Podcast, Twitch, Soundtracks, and Weekend Puzzle #354

New podcast is up! This features the voice actor for Jim Archer in Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock! You can listen to the Unlocked! Nancy Drew podcast on iTunes, or watch/listen to the YouTube video here: Also, we have a new soundtrack available from Odyssey! Even if you haven’t played the game, I […]

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Party Tonight! Day One Twitch: SCKR

We are having a party, right about now! Come join us at -Little Jackalope

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Video Games Day 2017

Happy Video Games Day! I really enjoy playing video games at home. Most of my games are on the PC, but I also have an Xbox, Xbox One, and the old school consoles like the NES, Sega Genesis, and Nintendo Game Cube. What consoles do you have? Do you have a favorite childhood favorite? Nancy […]

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Secrets Can Kill and School

Hey all! We have set the date for a party! Follow us for free at and get the notifications when we go live at For all those who are heading back to school, I have a few pointers (as someone who survived high school and finished college). Just remember: you’ve got this! Face each […]

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In Between Games & Travel Moments

Here in the marketing team, we don’t work directly on making the games. When a game is finished, we present it in the very best red-carpet presentation that we think befits the game title. We get it ready, tease it out, put sales and holiday celebrations around the older ones, and find every way to […]

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Kicking off the Fall

I love fall as much as I love summer. I’m looking forward to thunderstorms, pretty fall leaves, blankets and fireplaces and books, hot cider, pumpkin bread (which I’m eating as I type this) spaghetti squash, and all the fall foods I haven’t listed yet! Even though it will be summery-warm here in Washington until the […]

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The Long Lost Rap and Throwback Thursday!

Hey, guys! Tess here. So, guess what Little Jackalope, Indy and I did this week? We filmed a radical, 90’s-style music video to the Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill rap song! And it was, by far, my favorite video that we’ve made this summer! We were constantly laughing at ourselves after pretty much every shot, […]

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