Strange Quotes From The Bathroom

Not much is happening around the office today. It was actually so quiet during lunch I read a little bit of Nancy Drew: The Sign of the Twisted Candles at Little Jackalope’s suggestion.  Pretty much the biggest thing that happened today was our windows got washed. But that is not very excited to you so today I made another list for you guys.

The Phantom of Venice is definitely not the first time Nancy can be heard mumbling random thoughts in the bathroom. However they may not be as random as you thought. They are actually all previous quotes from games or spoofs off of previous quotes! Here is a list I made of the possible bathroom quotes in this game.

  • Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill- “Hi. i’m Connie.” (Reference to Connie Watson)
  • Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Danger- “BLT Kaisurr…BLT Kaisurr Where have I heard that name before?” (Some of the notes written to Rick Arlen were signed by BLT Kaisurr) “Don’t take any wooden quarters!” (Millie Strathorn  is known to say “Don’t take any wooden nickles!”)
  • Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion- “I’ll sing a Yerba Buena song in a house high about the sea.” (This is a line from the Bandit’s Tower)
  • Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower- “Did you come out here for the…cheese?” (Nancy says this to Jacques Brunais)
  • Nancy Drew: The Final Scene- “Fight the shower!” (Spoof of Nicholas Falcone’s catchphrase, “Fight the Power!”)
  • Nancy Drew: Secret of Scarlet Hand- “Behold! Out heroine emerges from the tomb like a manatee!” (This is a spoof of the quote by Alejandro del Rio, “Behold! Out heroine emerges from the tomb like a mermaid from the sea!”)
  • Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake- “Money won’t get flushed down this toilet!” (When Nancy reads the article about Emily Griffen after sorting the envelopes, this quote is included in an advertisement for solid gold toilets.)
  • Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel- “No high heels, spurs, or peg legs please!” (This is located on a sign outside the carousel)
  • Nancy Drew: The Secret of Shadow Ranch- “You got a steady back home?” (Dave Gregory says this to Nancy)
  • Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor- “Hmm. I wonder what a num num is?” (Mrs. Drake tells the plants she is tending to that she will feed them “num nums” or “nummies”)
  • Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock- “Of course it tastes bad! It’s a squirrel!” (This is a combination of two quotes by Mrs. O’Shea “Of course it tastes bad, Clarence. It’s a pine cone. and “Your’e not a squirrel, Clarence!”)
  • Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon.- “Cheeseburger.” (Joe Hardy says this to correct Nancy when she says that he wants a hamburger)
  • Nancy Drew: Danger by Design- “You are rude, Nancy Drew, oh so rude.” (Minette uses the word “rude” when something is cool)

Did  you ever hear something from the bathroom and have no idea where it is from? What is your favorite quote from Nancy in the bathroom? My favorite is when she says “B.S. has B.O.”. However, that quote is not said in this game.



15 responses to “Strange Quotes From The Bathroom”

  1. Nancy Drew jr. says:

    Hi, I’m a Tesla enthusiast and an ambitious engineer. I know that the lab in The Deadly Device is fictional, but was it based on a real place? If so, could you please tell me anywhere that inspired the setting? It wouldn’t have to be based on Tesla or anything, just a lab that the DED lab was inspired by.
    Thank you,
    Nancy Drew jr.

    • Indy says:

      Hi Nancy Drew jr. The lab was completely original and done by a really creative artist here. However there are a few different objects and things (like the Tesla Coils) inside the lab that references or are modeled after Wardenclyffe Tower.

  2. Isaac Tamez says:

    Hi Indy I was going to ask any news about ND33 yet?

    • Indy says:

      Hi Isaac, I have no more news at the moment that I can share about MID. Stay tuned and check our website and Facebook for more updates soon.

  3. The Red Wolf says:

    I loved the quote (I think it was said in White Wolf) where Nancy says “Like a bullet from a gun, she arrives on the scene”. I only recently found out that that line is from the song of the original Secrets Can Kill game, but those lyrics weren’t actually used for the game.

  4. Joan says:

    The first time I played Creature of Kapu Cave I heard the Wiki Tiki game theme. For some reason I recognized the song even though I never played the game or watch any videos on it online. I then realized Nancy sang a bit of it in the bathroom in White Wolf of Icicle Creek :P. We need another game with a bathroom in it lolol

  5. Joni says:

    Hi can I get a birthday shout out for June 7th.

  6. Isaac Tamez says:

    I am so exited I just bought Danger by Design and I have never played it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. NancyDrew16 says:

    Lol 🙂 The squirrel quote is so funny! My favorite one is when Nancy sings, “Call 1-555 Mistico and prepare to be amazed!” in the Icicle Creek game. I’m not sure if I’m missing any words, but I love that part!!! It’s the only time I remember Nancy singing in a game.

  8. Katelyn says:

    To my knowledge that last quote you put had to do with Warnings at Waverly Academy when Nancy had to disguise her name as Becca Sawyer. When she went into the bathroom she would say, “B.S. has B.O??” Then in a few later games she said it too 🙂

  9. Tori T says:

    I was playing WAC and one of the quotes she said in the ladies room was “Coucou want fruit”. I about died, Coucou cracks me up.

  10. Kenneth says:

    That Secret of the Old Clock quote is killing me.

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