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Happy Valentine’s Day 2020!

Come join us for the finale of Nancy Drew: The Secret of Shadow Ranch LIVE on Twitch! We will be giving away one more prize tonight! Follow us here! Head’s up! Tomorrow only, Saturday, is World Whale day. We are having a sale on Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island for 50% off. Come back […]

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A Good Day for Chowder

It’s Clam Chowder day? Have you ever tried clam chowder in real life? In honor of the simple things like chowder, we have a sale on Danger on Deception Island, today only. Shop here and be sure to use the promo code CHOWDER19 at checkout. 😉 -Little Jackalope

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Beach Vacation…Deception Island?

Today I am not in the office  I’m out having a sort of Nancy Drew vacation: on the beach here in Washington state. Of course, I always think of Danger on Deception Island whenever I’m near the coast, and am always looking for those iconic moments to experience in real life. Tomorrow I am going […]

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Wise Sandwich Thoughts

I know it’s National Hot Dog day, but we barely have reason to celebrate the fact that the hotel menu in Treasure in the Royal Tower mentions chili dogs… I, however, have sandwiches in mind. This is from Danger on Deception Island, where Nancy gets to put together sandwiches and eat them. What is your […]

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Podcast, Convention, and Deception Island

Check out our new podcast! Subscribe to the iTunes podcast here or listen to the video below: Also, if you are in WA State, come visit us at our booth at the Washington Homeschoolers Organization! Today and tomorrow at the WA State Fairgrounds. Learn more about the convention here. Indy went on a little trip […]

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Twitch Stars from Deception Island

In case you missed any part of the Twitch party last week, you can watch the re-run on YouTube in our playlist “Twitch Parties.” Or watch Day 2 of playing Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island below! We asked our viewers to take selfies so we could see all of their lovely faces, and behold! […]

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Gondolas & DDI Day 2 (Weekend Puzzle #336)

This month we celebrate how Nancy Drew & Traveling are a perfect pair! Travel to Italy and ride the gondolas in Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice! In case you missed yesterday’s Twitch party, you can watch it on YouTube here! We hope to see you tonight as we finish up the last half of […]

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Day 1 Twitch: DDI

Tonight’s the night! Please note: we are starting early! Follow us here on Twitch and be sure to login for a chance to win some prizes. 😉 Twitch is free to sign up, and it’s like YouTube, but LIVE, and you can chat with us and ask us questions about the game we are playing. […]

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True Beauty & Twitch DDI

Today’s wonderful words of wisdom is from the lady who tans all day. Featuring Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice. Tomorrow’s the big day! We start early with Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island LIVE on Twitch! There will be prizes, hope to see you there! -Little Jackalope

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Travel Tuesday & Twitch

This is a classic moment, when I played Scopa with Enrico in Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice, I was often afraid that my disguise wouldn’t work and I would get caught. Had anyone else felt that way? Don’t forget to mark your calendars! On Thursday we start our Twitch party! (And it will start […]

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