The Hardy Boys Merch

We shared a few images today on our Facebook page. I’ll share them again here:

THIS EXISTS! A Hardy boys pillowcase is in our merchandise store! Woot. We received this one today at our office to start putting together the Greek Prize Pack for our pre-order promotion. (You can learn how to win it here!) We placed this our kitchen for a little bit so that our character designer, Van, could see his masterpiece in print form. He was pretty excited about this, too.


Also, have you experienced this Nancy Drew moment below? I have. Just about in every game I try clicking on something a gazillion times to see if it will give me an Easter egg… like here in The Deadly Device.


We have some birthdays!

Birthday_Ashlin Birthday_Kyler

-Little Jackalope


5 responses to “The Hardy Boys Merch”

  1. NANCYGEEK says:

    Awesome! i super love this version of the hardy boys… its my favorite. And I have my pre-order in thank goodness. (crossing my fingers for that prize pack) LOL! Awesome ND moment. Happy Birthday Ashlin and Kyler!

  2. Dana says:

    Ha! I’ve been there. I’ve always wondered why the number 20 was chosen to get an egg. All the eggs had the coolest designs. The Hardy boys look great!

  3. Hadley says:

    OMG yes I do that all the time! I will click stuff so many times but then I never get Easter eggs lol

  4. Cynthia Holmquist says:

    Will the Hardy Boys pillow case also be for sale soon?

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