“Persephone in Winter”

Have you seen this play poster we shared on Facebook? It’s one of the images I’m working on to get into the merchandise store right now. This is the official “Persephone in Winter” poster that is shown in a few places in Labyrinth of Lies. Artist Jayme got to work on this. 🙂 Have you pre-ordered your copy yet? The games starts shipping around next week and digital downloads begin on October 7th!


As for the weekend puzzle, it was a Vigenere cipher. Use the phrase “Labyrinth of Lies” to decipher the letters and get [“Also, I’m into hats these days.“] which is a quote from the game.

We have a couple birthdays!

Birthday_Elsa Birthday_Mike

-Little Jackalope

6 responses to ““Persephone in Winter””

  1. Charisma says:

    CAN’T WAIT TILL THE GAME. i even helped someone with their transactions so i could have enough money for this game. i am only 13.

  2. Jadyn says:

    I didn’t understand the puzzle I used a chart thing and looking for l and l on the row and follow the first letter isn’t an A…. Can you plz help

    • Little Jackalope says:

      A Vigenere cipher is similar to a Caaser shift cipher, but this one has more strings of alphabet. Pretty much you need to make an alphabet grid, A-Z across the top, then A-Z vertically. Each row starts the alphabet with that letter. So the third row would be CDEFGHI… and so on ending, as “…XYZAB” to fill in the entire alphabet.

      Once you’ve made the grid, align the key phrase over the ciphertext as many times as you need to, like this:

      Key Phrase: L A B Y R I N T H O F L I E S L A B Y R I N T (row)
      Ciphertext: L L T M Z U V G A C M L B W L S E T C U I L L (column)

      Find the row letter on your alphabet grid, then pan across until you find the ciphertext letter. So you see the last pair? It’s T and L. Find the “T row” and look for the L in that row. When you do, look up at the top alphabet column to what letter is there: S

      If you’d like to read up on this further, here’s a great web site to check out: http://www.braingle.com/brainteasers/codes/vigenere.php

  3. Nathaniel says:

    My birthday is on October 25th. I know it’s a bit far but I would like a shoutout please! and also please! it should be with a picture of Sonny just like that! I’m a huge fan of his <3 Thank You!

  4. NANCYGEEK says:

    AWESOME poster! that would be fun to get a real poster of it from the merchandise store… hmmm… also happy birthday Elsa and Mike!

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