Nike, Winged Victory

One of our artists, Jami, brought in a miniature desk statue of Nike. Artist Josh used this desk statue to model a 3D version into Labyrinth of Lies. Check it out! On the left is the game version, which is located in the museum. Another, complete version of Nike is found in another secret location within the game. Are you ready to learn about more Greek art in the game? Pre-orders will be released next week!!


-Little Jackalope

14 responses to “Nike, Winged Victory”

  1. Charisma says:

    That is a little creepy since it doesn’t have a head. Don’t get me wrong I have Greek mythology, but that sort ruined it for me. PERCY JACKSON IN A WEEK!!! You know who you are…

  2. Will L. says:

    I love Greek myths, so this is super cool! I can’t wait to see how you guys have incorporated it in!

  3. ND's #1 fan says:

    Cool!!! I’m so excited! Haha for a second I thought the one on the left was the real one… the graphics are unbelievable! October 14th, hurry up!! 😛

  4. Audrey_Joon says:

    What percentage of the way are y’all to the 10,000?

  5. Connie says:

    I’ll be honest, whenever I heard of the statute of Nike I thought of the golden snitch. When do pre-orders ship?

  6. Hadley says:

    Where is its head? Lol 🙂 I preordered the game!!!! I can’t wait to play it!!!

  7. Lily says:

    How wonderful! At least, in your game, she’s finally accommodated in a Greek Museum..! 🙂

  8. Emma says:

    Unrelated to this post but I really miss the easy *go to previous/next entry* buttons that were on the blogspot blog

  9. Masha says:

    Nike of Samothrace is my favourite statue ever, “complete version”? You definitely have my attention here!

  10. audrey_joon says:

    what percentage of the way are yall to the 10,000?

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